Global warming is something we shouldn’t take lightly.

It’s a problem on our earth today.  If we don’t do anything about global warming within the next ten years, the damage will be irreversible. If the world’s population doesn’t change the way it takes care of our environment, we will soon be lifeless.

One of the problems on this earth today is that people don’t care enough about what’s going to happen to the future. People are not afraid about what could happen to our planet, or to us as well. We need to start taking action to make sure that we have a planet to live on in the future.I have come up with a solution to this problem.

I know how to save the world. I have been noticing that people are very sluggish, and just don’t care about our world. We need a person who knows what they are doing to take charge. What we need is an absolute ruler to take full power of the whole world and make us switch our ways.

The ruler needs to create a whole new set of laws, whose purpose is to reduce pollution and stop the effects of global warming. One thing our ruler should eradicate is the use of all cars, except public transit and vehicles that operate for the public gain. It’s something no one would agree to, I know, but a tremendous amount of our pollution comes from vehicles. Just  Imagine the world and the impact it will make if we stopped driving for our own personal use altogether. Not only would this law reduce the pollution in our fresh, like febreze, air, but also it would force people to get there big, lazy selves up and to walk to their destinations. This means people will get more exercise. More people will be active and it would be rare to see an overweight person.

People will live longer. If we didn’t have dangerous, speedy, and heavy vehicles there would be fewer accidents and fewer deaths. Even more money  in the buyers pocket. No more buying or leasing cars. Most importantly no more paying for gas which is also something that contributes to pollution.

 The punishments for not abiding by one of these laws should be very rough and harsh. Basically if a person is caught polluting or throwing something out in the garbage that could be recycled, they should either be asked to pay an huge fine to the government or to spend one to three months in prison. These punishments are very exaggerated, and not to mention very unfair, but that’s the point.

The point is that to instill fear in people, and to get them used to treating our planet with the respect it deserves, because in the end, we are the ones that will suffer. This is what people think is going to happen if we don’t take care of earth. Here, I’m going to tell you that’s not the truth. Global warming is not a problem at all.

I believe that everybody should think that global warming is helping in a lot of ways. Ocean levels are rising, The environments temperature is rising, and carbon dioxide levels are increasing. These are all beneficial to the environment, economy, and humanity in general.When the temperature rises, people wouldn’t have to wear long sleeve clothing anymore.   People would not have to warm up their houses. This is beneficial because it will use less natural gas, which can be stored and saved for other things. Most importantly power plants would not have to produce as much electricity as they usually do.

Fossil fuels consumed by power plants will be reduced. With the temperature increasing, icebergs and polar ice caps will melt. This is a wonderful act.

Most of the coastline will go inland a bunch of miles. People who have property along the new coast will have increase in property value. Mainly because their property is in front of a beach. In addition fruits will develop close to the coastline, such as citrus fruits. Would come close to the new coastline. This would lead to fruits coming closer to other places and lowering the cost of shipping the fruits. With icebergs and polar caps it would be easier for ships to get through. Crew members and captains would not have to worry about smashing into an icebergs, and recreating another titanic experience.

Ships over sea for shipments wouldn’t take as long because they wouldn’t have to avoid any icebergs. Global warming will most likely end world hunger because global warming will stop winter. When it does take into effect. It will allow us to have an extra season  for growing crops. With that extra season of growing crops we can send it to continents that really need it. People who care so dearly about animals and how global warming is going to affect them. Penguins will be affected.

To me they are just black and white birds that huddle together in the cold. They can’t even fly. What is their purpose in life anyways? If anyone is sad about the polar bears and how their ice caps are melting. Get over it. Polar bears are vicious and heartless animals. Including the brown bears.

They are destructive and will chomp on any human if provoked. When polar bears die off. There will be more humans living. There will be no more polar bear killings.

Which seems fair. Who’s ready for global warming? I sure am.  

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