GLOBAL BUSINESS Thenature of global business environment guarantees that no matter how hard wework to create a stable and healthy organization, our company will keep onchange dramatically far beyond our power of control. Globalisation is a processof dealing and incorporating with people, organization and government ofvarious state/ nation operated by international trade and investment andsupported by information technology.

It affects people, organization, theirworkforce and customer, not just of common world but generally cultural andtransactional relationships which define word of our age and affect how welive, communicate/connect to each other no matter where we are. There are fourlevel in the phase model of globalization and they are: Exporting, cooperativecontracts, strategic alliances and wholly owned affiliates.  The purpose of this essay is to understand theword global business and Analyze all four stages in phase applying Australianorganization who appear at each step of the problem and their major strengthand weakness will be figure out and outlined1.

Insimple language global business is an organization or company running businessacross the world. World is dynamic and is changing constantly so, is thebusiness. Advance in technology leads to flowing of data and information inaddition political alliance shift and activities implemented by the globalinstitutes come up with vast change in global market. Therefore, who want tounderstand global business landscape have to study all these aspect in order toknow global business and future trends clearly. For the reliable plan of higherand sustainable growth of country it is important to being known of fullpotential of the single market in order to overcome the economic shortage. AsIn Europe antitrust policy help to support the single market and the EUeconomic growth and examines challenges for the implementation of antitrustpolicy caused by changes in the dynamic and complex economics environment, atnational and international position.  Global completion, imperative quality 2and free trade areimportant factor that go with global business plus business landscape are themajor driven point that contribute creating great jobs and growth inbusiness/market. Whereas some other found it in different way, by testing twonormal international activities the law of semi globalization and the law ofdistance by empirical meth ology It is found international market seldom gobeyond 30% Even though importance international business is continuing so, insome degree world is semi globalized by it.

And also assume that differenttypes of distance harm the growth of positive business activities.3The yearly value ofglobal trade in form of export and import is expected to cross $12 trillion. Accordingto current data world trade is continuously rising at rapid rate than the worldproductivity. Export refers to sell the domestic goods and service to foreigncountries. Globalisation increases the annual value of global trade in the formof export and imports. The reason for company supporting exports are Increasein sales and profits, improving and enhancing domestic product, rise in globalmarket share, Low per unit cost Gain new knowledge and experience, Increase thelife cycle of item whereas the main risks with export are trade barrier, largelegal, political and cultural complexity and mostly high financial risk as it 1Stanley J.

Paliwoda 2009  2 CartelsRevistade Economics Vol6, Iss3, Pp 36- 50(2014)3 ENGSIG,Julian [email protected]@ement 2017, Vol20 Issue 3, p287-297

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