I would further discourse some of the negative impacts globalization has on the industry. Whether it be through devastation of the natural environment, addition in offense rate and even the seasonal employment which plays a really of import function in the cordial reception industry.

The aims of this paper are to edify the readers as to what is globalization and how it has impacted the cordial reception both negatively and positively and how it is reshaping the cordial reception industry. I will besides give recommendations on how they can assist better on the negatives impacts it has on the cordial reception industry.

Today the word globalization is used by so many companies and industry, that it is really hard to give a precise significance to the word harmonizing to how it is being used. Harmonizing to Tricia Ellis-Christensen globalization refers to the tendency towards states fall ining together economically, through instruction, society and political relations, and sing themselves non merely through their national individuality but besides as portion of the universe as a whole. Globalisation is known for conveying people together from all states particularly through a common medium as engineering.

The chief focal point for globalization to take portion in is the cordial reception industry. Harmonizing to Roger S. Cline the cordial reception industry is known for using the most sums of people in the universe and is besides known for being the largest bargainer for foreign currency. The cordial reception industry is a really of import industry that brings people together in planetary community. Hospitality is non merely an industry but it is besides a major driving force that helps in the rapid growing of the planetary market. Globalisation would touch all facets of the cordial reception industry.

The impact of globalization in the universe today has forced many directors to look at civilizations in different states. They have realised that globalization is really of import in this modern twenty-four hours and that in order for their concern to boom they need to set up companies in different parts of the universe. By making this, they are forced to larn about those states civilization and ethical motives.

It is really good to hold knowledge on different states civilizations because you would automatically cognize if it would be a good investing to make concern within that state. Besides by presenting new merchandises to the state, can do you larn even more about their civilization and they manner in which they behave to certain merchandises and besides you would be deriving a better advantage over your rivals if you are already knowing on the civilization.

These companies would besides acquire to societal with these people who besides help in deriving cognition on their manner of life and how things are done in their state. You would desire to cognize these things before come ining into another individual ‘s state because you do n’t desire to diss or pique anyone before you even start presenting a new merchandise.

Larger Markets

Due to the debut of globalization, the markets have increased besides because you are now aiming more people from all around the universe. All of this will take to an addition in client cross the universe. By broaden your markets you are giving your company the chance to acquire more clients than you would usually acquire if they are remaining in the same state. Peoples travel for many different things such as leisure, to see household and friends, for concern intents and even wellness intents.

When you introduce your company to different states you are giving yourself the chance to do more foreign currency, pull more people to the state to come visit will increase the tourer reachings, so they would necessitate a topographic point to remain and one time your companies trade name is known to them they would automatically travel their because that is the lone hotel they know approximately. This will besides assist in increasing cognition on the civilization and history of the state. Due to the market being larger it helps the cordial reception industry bring in more income because they are chiefly depending on these people for their income.

Boost in the economic system

Globalization allows visitants from all over the universe to come and pass their foreign exchange which will assist in hiking the economic system. There would be new substructures and developments taking topographic point. These new developments would help in conveying in more visitants to the state and bring forthing more foreign exchange. All of these new substructures would take to more occupation chances and the criterion of life in the state would besides increase. There would be more competition that would besides be introduced due to the new developments and substructures. Which means that companies have to work excess difficult to do certain they keep their existing clients and seek to acquire new clients.

Technology Promotions

If you are looking to pull as many tourers as possible you would hold to upgrade on your engineering package that you would be offering in the hotels. Technology is everyplace in the universe today. It is one of the most consequence tools that a batch of concerns use because it is economical, easy and even less clip devouring. With engineering everything is merely a click off. An illustration of engineering promotion is the Hilton Hotel, being one of the hotels that have introduced the booth system to their visitants in the United States of America. They are now puting this booth system in all of their hotels that bring in the most sums of visitants because it makes it so much easier for invitees to look into in to the hotel. It might be interpersonal but it is a fast service and it is really easy to utilize.

With engineering everything is so easy accessible because it is all stored in one topographic point so you can happen it easy and they have made it even simpler by come ining the name of invitee or the information you are looking for into a hunt engine and it would happen all the files that are associated or has that name. With the promotion of engineering many of these hotels would hold a better advantage over their rivals and they would besides be able to derive more clients due to the promotion in engineering.

Promotes Creativity

Administrations would invariably hold to believe of new thoughts to come up with to assist in pulling visitants. Depending on which states you are aiming you would hold to make advertizements to accommodate that state. This is where the cognition on the states civilization and norms comes in to play which is a really of import tool in advancing your hotel because you do n’t desire to put an advertizement that might diss the people of that peculiar state because they do things otherwise. You have to believe of tricky subjects or vocals so you can catch your audience ‘s attending and do them desire to see your hotel. The publicity must besides stand out from all other advertizements so it can be distinguished from the other hotels. You want when a visitant looks at your advertizement they automatically feel like they would wish to travel at that place and could in vision themselves at that place.

With the proper publicity of your hotel you can easy acquire an addition in your invitees and at the same clip larn more about the different civilizations and backgrounds of these different visitants. Promotion is a really of import tool because if you do n’t advance your hotel or your state decently it can do tourers to travel elsewhere which will do you lose net incomes and you wo n’t be able to set up your company or you hotel into the invitees ‘ heads.

Addition in Job Opportunities

With the debut of globalization to the cordial reception industry it has created many occupation chance for occupants in that state. Due to the addition of globalization, there would be an addition in foreign exchange because more visitants are cognizant of the state and would wish to see someplace new. That foreign exchange that would be coming into the state would assist in developing the state. Since the state is being developed they are traveling to be constructing new companies and those companies would necessitate to employees. This is where occupation chances come in for these local occupants. As occupation chances increase so would the criterion of life of the state.

In the cordial reception industry there would be more occupation chances because it is in that industry that is assisting in conveying in these new visitants. So fundamentally with an addition in visitants, the occupation chance will besides increase because you would necessitate to function these invitees and do their stay gratifying and memorable so they can come back once more. That is why it is said that the people of the state are the 1s that market their state.

Assortment of International Services/Cuisines

Due to globalization, the visitants that come to a state have their ain gustatory sensation in nutrient and how it should be prepared. For illustration, in India, they chiefly eat curry and in the Caribbean we like fig and saltfish. As you can see many states have their ain gustatory sensation of nutrient and manner of cookery. When these visitants come to a hotel they expect you to hold your local dishes but besides you must integrate some of their culinary arts in that bill of fare every bit good. It helps in making assortment on your bill of fare.

When a chef introduces a new culinary art from another state onto their bill of fare it is giving the local people a opportunity to savor the different types of nutrient that are available in different states without even sing that state. They would even derive cognition on that states civilization and norms through the nutrient, by making research on the state and by even pass oning with these invitees from those states.

A simple thing like presenting new culinary arts from different states on your menu list can, do clients value your eating house more than others because the bill of fare alterations and there is a assortment of different dishes from different states that are being used so they get to see different culinary arts and that is what many invitees like when they come to a eating house.

Negative Impacts Globalisation has on the Hospitality Industry

Language Barriers

Language barriers are a chief concern when it comes to globalization and the cordial reception industry. In different states there are people that speak different linguistic communications and some of those linguistic communications do non include English, this is why it is really of import to cognize the civilization of the state that you are aiming. For illustration if you are aiming Venezuela, from making research you would cognize that they are a Spanish speech production state. If you decide to aim them so you must hold some in your hotel that speaks fluid Spanish or else you would be in some major jobs because you would non cognize how to pass on with them and you would non be able to understand a word that they are stating. How would experience if you are in a Spanish speech production state and you can merely talk English and you are seeking to pass on with the employees and you are unable to understand what it is they are stating? I would decidedly acquire irritated and defeated because I am unable to understand them. This is how invitees feel when they are unable to show themselves due linguistic communication barriers.

This is why it is really of import to make research on your mark markets before you go and aim them because there could be a linguistic communication barrier. Besides working in the hotel industry it is really of import if you are able to talk a different linguistic communication besides English, because it will profit you and the company in the long tally.

Events/Disasters in other States

Due to some events and catastrophes, it can impact everyone in the universe. For illustration the fiscal crisis that is traveling on right now in the United States of America is impacting everyone worldwide including the Caribbean. This is so because the United States of America is where some of our tourers come from and if they are unable to afford to come to the Caribbean we are traveling to endure because we chiefly depend on foreign exchange. Another illustration is the volcanic eruption in Iceland. This catastrophe has caused many flights to be delayed and people stuck in states for longer than they expected. This means that hotels can non suit some of these people because they already have the room booked for another invitees that would be geting the twenty-four hours they are suppose to go forth and this now inconveniences some of the hotels and the invitees. Even the terrorist onslaught in the United States on September 11th, when the plane flew into the twin towers, this catastrophe affected everyone worldwide but the United States of America felt it more because people were afraid of going by plane due to that prier event. Many of the air hose companies suffered loss and the hotels because people were naming to call off their reserves due to the terrorist onslaught.

Thesiss events/disasters might look as though it would merely impact that state in which it is happening but because we are the 1s making concern globally it will impact us to. We might non see it straight off but it will impact us bit by bit depending on the type of event or catastrophe.

Seasonal Employment

In the cordial reception industry there is a extremum season which is from December to April where you would happen many tourers sing the state, this is so because during that clip it is winter and many of the visitants want to get away from the winter season. The slow period which is from mid April to September where there is barely any tourer sing the state because it is summer and they might be acquiring better trades in their state instead than coming to a different state.

During the peak seasons there are many occupation chances available for local occupants because the hotels tenancy rate is rather high and they need all the aid they can acquire during that clip to fulfill and pleas their invitees. After the extremum season is over, the slow season starts and this is where many people tend to lose their occupations due to a deficiency of work, which in bend would do an addition in the figure of people being unemployed.

Increasing usage of Technology to Communicate

Due to the addition in international barriers, it has caused many people to utilize engineering has a agency of communicating which ignores the human tiouch. Some people might prefer to pass on through engineering while others prefer to pass on with a human. For illustration, when you call Lime to happen out about a figure a ego automated machine comes on and inquire you if you are looking to happen out your cost of your measure imperativeness one, if you are looking for a figure in the directory imperativeness two. All of this is because of engineering. Sometimes these things self automated machines can be really bothersome and thwarting particularly if you are unsure as to which section your job lies.

These sort off systems are non best for some companies because you do n’t desire your client acquiring annoyed at listening to a ego automated system when it would be so much easier to speak straight to a human being so you can acquire the replies you are looking for without holding to travel through the fuss of pressing all these Numberss before you get what you want.

Addition in Crime Rate

Due to a deficiency of unemployment, some people are looking for ways to acquire money. Some bend to harlotry, smuggling and even stealing to acquire money. Since the debut of globalization the offense rate in many states have increased. Some of the tourer that comes to the states even promotes some of these things. For illustration harlotry, some people come to the state and they want to hold a good clip and at the same clip they would pass money on these adult females to kip with them. So the tourers are besides doing these offense rates to increase because they are willing to advance it.

Some of the people even smuggle drugs into the different states to sell. They might hold a specific trader in that state and they would go with the drugs to acquire it to that trader. The chief ground there is such a drastic addition in the offense rate is because of the publicity of the tourers. If they were non willing to take portion in the offenses at that place would non be an addition in the offense rates.

Bad Habits

Some of these tourers that come to your state convey along with them some of their bad wonts and the people in that state particularly the young persons tend to pick it up. For illustration, some tourer might be drug runners and the young persons of the state might hear about it and hear that they tend to do a batch of money out of making that and they get the chance to go, would take up the offer and get down smuggling drugs into the state.

When you are ask foring tourer to come into your state it is really of import to hold regulations and ordinances in which they can follow because they would merely come into your state and do whatever they like and they do n’t care who it affects in the procedure. One of the chief set of people that tend to acquire influenced the most, is the young person in the state and they are besides the 1s that would one twenty-four hours hold to run that state, so you do n’t desire them traveling down the incorrect way.

Environmental Depletion

Due to globalization, it has caused an instability in the eco system because people are littering everyplace, trees are being destroyed and mills are being built doing pollution in the ambiance. All of these things are destructing the natural verdure around us.

When visitants come to a state they tend to through their refuse on the floor alternatively of puting it in the bins which can do gnawers and diseases to distribute doing the state to be polluted and destroyed. No 1 wants to see a state that is non clean. Even the people populating in that state do n’t desire to populate in a contaminated state. With the addition of tourer reachings, there would be more traffic in the state and the fumes that is being given off by these vehicles are destructing the ozone bed and fouling the air. Besides the new developments and edifice that are traveling up because of an addition in reachings are utilizing lands that should be left for wild life animate beings and saving.

Due to the addition of tourer reachings, the environment we are populating in today is traveling to be affected in order to back up these demands of the tourer and so there would be no more animate beings and trees to go forth aid maintain us cool and to separate us from other states. Then eco touristry would non be in being.


In decision, globalization plays an of import function in the cordial reception industry. Without globalization there would be no addition in occupation chances, new development and foreign exchange. Globalisation has impacted our state and our lives as a whole and would go on to make so. There would ever be negative and positive impacts of globalization.

The cordial reception industry is the chief industry that benefits the most from globalization. Without globalization there would be no alteration and there would be no cognition on different civilizations and no new culinary arts to be placed on the bill of fare. Globalisation ahs made a drastic impact on the cordial reception industry and would go on to do an impact as clip returns.

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