Globalization is about the interconnectedness
of individuals and organizations over the world that in the long run prompts
worldwide social, political and financial incorporation. It is the capacity to
move and discuss effortlessly with others everywhere throughout the world
keeping in mind the end goal to direct business universally. Globalization is a
critical idea for understudies in advanced education to comprehend and
acknowledge in light of the request in business and industry to contract
individuals who can work with individuals of different countries and societies
and if require be can fly out freely universally to advance their business or

administration will authorize the senior secondary school program in 2016.
However most guardians and understudies can’t understand its embodiment. The
K-12 program enables understudies to enter the workforce in the wake of
completing senior secondary school (SHS) or sets them up for additionally

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are ways that K to 12 program can help ensure SHS graduates will look for some
kind of employment, as for example,K to 12 will be sufficient to get ready
understudies for work. It will bear the cost of abundant learning time for
understudies to ace investigation territories and concentrate on their
interests. Consequently, graduates will pick up work particular abilities even
without a higher education. What’s more, with the additional two years in secondary
school, they will graduate and be 18 years of age, the legitimate age for all
day business. SHS understudies can procure a senior secondary school
confirmation, Certificate of Competency, and national accreditations that take
after TESDA’s preparation controls. This will enable them to increase mid-level
abilities and offer more odds of getting an occupation or turning into a
business person.

more, the administration will frame joins with numerous organizations for
specialized and professional courses to empower understudies to pick up
understanding while at the same time considering. This progression will allow
them to work for the accomplice organizations. DepEd united with the Commission
of Higher Education or CHED and the Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE.
This move intends to offer more shots for and ensure that organizations will be
open and kind to K-12 graduates and working understudies.

discovering occupations effectively the senior secondary school understudies
additionally will enhances their diverse angles especially in Health and
Physical Education is worried about the physical, passionate and mental
improvement of understudies. Understudies figure out how to settle on educated
choices about the wellbeing and physical prosperity of themselves as wellas
other people. They likewise create social and physical aptitudes that will
empower them to be associated with physical action.

Wellbeing and Physical Education educators try
to; Provide understudies with chances to learn in an assortment of settings,
empower association and test amid learning exercises, show 

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