, Research PaperThe Golden Age of Athens was one of the most superb epochs in Athenian history. Yet this glare did non reflect adult females? s functions during this clip period. The Golden Age of Athens was a low point for adult females ; through society? s sentiment of adult females, the metropolis? s political relations, and their family lives.The Athenians viewed all categories of adult females as an unimportant distraction to society. The most changeless position of adult female in the Golden Age was that they were merely necessary to bring forth kids.

Euripides from his book? Medea? writes: ? If merely kids could be got some other manner without the female sex! If adult female didn? t exist, human life would be rid of its wretchednesss? ( www.angelfire.com/ca3/ancientchix ) . Womans were viewed as extremely sexual existences who could non command their sexual impulses and hence had to hold restricted rights for their ain benefit.

Men besides believed that adult females represented the forces of pandemonium, and should be treated as they are depicted of, as animate beings. Based on society? s point of views, three categories of adult females formed in Ancient Greece. The work and freedom of a adult female depended on her societal place in society. The categories of adult females consisted of hetaeras, cocottes, and married womans.

The hetaerae and cocotte categories were both seen as sexual? comrades? of work forces, and were paid to make sexual favours unto them. This shows that work forces had small regard for these categories of adult females and treated them more as animate beings, than of human existences. Ancient Athens besides consisted of a big slave population of adult females. These adult females slaves had no rights and were ever at the clemency of their maestro. On history of society? s sexism of adult females, unfair political rights were enforced specifically for them.Athenian adult females had virtually no political rights and were controlled by work forces throughout about every phase of their lives. Legal rights of adult females were really few, which farther denounced their place in society. Women had no rights to vote or take portion in the operation of the province.

They besides were non allowed to ain belongings in their ain right, because of their limitation to commerce, and so the control of ownership belonged to either their male parent or hubby. These illustrations reflect society? s belief that adult females were non capable of rational affairs, merely because they were considered more as belongings than as human existences. The politically unintegrated civilization of categoryical Athens caused Athenian adult females to go privy in public society. State jurisprudence did non allow adult females to any type of public events. While adult females had no political rights, could non go to dramas or festivals, and blue adult females were confined to their places. Staying out of sight was a basic life style for the Grecian adult females of the Golden Age.

Women? s exclusion from political relations and the populace caused them to go? captives? of their ain families.Womans had really small influence on society and were extremely disregarded until they could bear kids, and carry through their family responsibilities. The Greeks believed that the lone intent that adult females possessed were to conceive kids. The author Simonides stated that? adult female is the consumer of work forces, their sex, their strength, their nutrient, and their wealth, and the provoker of all immoralities in the universe ; yet without her, society can non go on? ( www.angelfire.com/ca3/ancientchix ) .

Although society invariably degraded adult females, they acknowledged their one importance of kid bearing. The adult female of a Grecian matrimony would merely go a full member of the new family when she produced her foremost kid. Household responsibilities and duties became official for married womans at the reaching of their first born. As Aristotle one time wrote, ? A good married woman should be the kept woman of her place, holding under her attention all that is within, harmonizing to the regulations we [ work forces ] have laid down? ( Aristotle ) .

Womans supervised the day-to-day running of the family, under her hubby? s regulations. Since work forces spent most of their clip off from their houses, adult females dominated the Greek place life. The duties of the adult females were to raise kids, spinning, and run uping household apparels. Yet, some adult females who chose non to follow her hubby? s instructions, were so divorced. In the society of Athens, the far most well-thought-of occupation that a adult female could make was run a family.

During the Golden Age, the cultural accomplishments of Athinais were extraordinary, yet Athens might hold become even more powerful, if society had accepted adult females. Through Athenian society? s beliefs, this epoch became a low point for adult females in history. The adult females of the Golden Age of Athens were capable to strong sexism that caused them limitless debasement of their gender. If lone adult females had been appreciated in early history, so the development of suppressing bias boundaries for them, might non hold taken so long.

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