morning farmers, I have acknowledged that modern technology and genetics have
changed the way you grow your food. GMO (genetically modified organisms) are
crops that are composed from organisms that had some changes in their DNA,
using the help of genetic engineering techniques or transgenic technology. They
are organisms that are not found in the environment and in nature or through the
common cross-pollinate methods, because it creates a combination of animal,
plant, bacterial and virus genes. It is performed by scientists and farmers to
genetically modify their plants for many different uses and purposes. GM food thereupon
role a serious hazard to the farmers and also to the national food security for
the country where they are grown in. Genetically modified crops will affect the
products we buy in our daily basis


Why are
genetically modified crops not good? They are not. They just are not, certainly
not bad for your health. We have been eating genetically modified crops for years
and years with no bad ill effects to us the humans. Which make sense, because a
GMO is simply an organism just like any other organism. It outcome a lot of different
types of proteins. Without regard to, one or two of them are proteins that were
chosen specially by humans. Genetically modified crops can produce more crops with
smaller area. Therefore, you are making much more profit. You will be able to
have much more crops if it is planted with genetic modification, rather than
with the accustomed way. For that reason, GMO’s increase yield, we get to save
on land. Think about it, you need less area to produce the same number of crops.
GM crops are making farmers grow more without using larger land/area. It is
helping small farmers grow bigger.


Juicy apples, sweeter fruits. Yes, some of them were planted
using the method of GMO through artificial selection, what we humans have been
doing for decades. Still that is GM and it produced crops with better flavor,
texture, nutritional value and just easier to eat. A perfect example is a
seedless banana! It is way easier to eat than a banana with seeds. These GM
crops also last longer than the naturally planted crops by
enhancing the natural qualities of the food itself. Genetic
modifications do not only add pest resistance nor weather resistance to the
crops. The nutritional content of the crops can be modified as well, providing
a thicker nutritional profile than what generations before were able to enjoy.


GMO’s has beneficial effects for us but, there is the other side
of it which is the disadvantages. These disadvantages are not that harmful. Farmers
growing GM crops have a greater legal liability. Crops/food will build seeds
that are genetically modified. Cross pollination is possible between crops that
are genetically modified and crops that are not genetically modified as well,
even when particular farming practices has been followed. As a result of that, a
lot of the seeds and crops that outgrowth GMO crops are patented. Farmers that
are not involved in growing the “GM” crops are also subjected to a higher level
of legal liability. Farmers who grow genetically modified crops also may face
liabilities for allowing seeds to go to other fields or allowing cross pollination
to occur.

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