Good Bye 2017 – 2018 Here We Come With The New Plan!

2017 has almost come to an end.
Like most of the people around it was a roller coaster ride for me as well. The
passing year brought an equal amount of happiness and sorrows in my life. To
start off with 2017, my youngest brother got married and is not father to a
daughter. I lost my mother due to a life long illness of Polycystic Kidneys
which later resulted in multiple organ failure. My freelance work wasn’t doing
well and in the last quarter of year I got the opportunity of working for a
very good organization with cherry on top being working for a very good boss
too. My point, life is a ride of up and down hill, sometimes you are at the top
shining with no worries and sometimes you are hitting the rock bottom with no
way out. Sometimes, you path is paved for you and sometimes you have to struggle
very hard to get out of a situation but eventually everything sorts out because
nothing lasts forever.

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I made a list of my new year
resolution and maybe you can relate to it too.

1.       Practicing Meditation: Believe me
or not but meditation is scientifically proven to have numerous benefits.
Starting to list down a few, it helps you improve and maintain a good mood, it
is a very good practice to reduce stress and at the same time it helps on in
reducing anxiety. At the same time, it helps one with improving the function of
the brain resulting in decision making and self-control. Practicing meditation
is quite simple and can easily be learned by doing a little research online.


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2.       Book Reading as New Hobby: Besides
listening to music, watching every new movie that releases, playing games on
Facebook, late night snacks and many more, I plan to choose to have at least one
new hobby. I do have book reading in mind. It’s been over a decade since I lost
touch with my reading side. I am only focused to reading what’s related to my
profession but I plan to change this. A good book is a good companion and a
good learning experience. I bet most of you will agree with me with making book
reading in the new year resolution list.

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3.       Stay in Shape: Alright, this one isn’t as
important to me as it is for some people since I already have a routine of
going for brisk walks which helps in maintain a good physical shape but some of
us need to put this in the new year resolution list on a very serious note. In
my very personal opinion, our body is a gift from the Lord and we have a duty
of taking good care of it. In the long run, exercising helps the body in staying
away from multiple diseases, especially cardiac diseases, keeps the skin young
and as some would say, delays the aging process. So, to keep looking good, we
must have this one on the list.

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Be Grateful
for What I Have: The human race is an ungrateful creation. Some might
disagree but I have witnessed people and at times found myself being very
ungrateful about how blessed our lives are. Unfortunately, blessings these days
are weighed with the amount of money we have. Peace of mind, having a family
and other related blessing is taken for granted. We should be able to see from
the perspective of the person who owns less than what we have, only then we
will be able to realize how blessed we are and we should be far more grateful
than we normally are.

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Be Nice to
Everyone and Spread Happiness: Everyone is fighting a battle of
their own. The battle can be financial, emotional, with the family etc. Wining
or losing doesn’t matter since these battles never tend to end and if someone
tells you that they have a perfect life with no worries then they are
definitely lying to you. We just have no idea what is happening in other people’s
lives and for the same we need to be really nice to other people. I would say be
extra nice to people you don’t know. You have no idea what they are going through
and your kind act may just brighten just a few moments for them. We have heard
the saying “Tit for Tat” or “What goes comes around”, in simple words, being
nice to people will result in people being nice to you and that I can guarantee
because no good action is ever wasted. Let’s make it one of the resolutions for
new year that we will spread happiness everywhere we can.

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Fix the
Broken Relationships: We all have some unfinished business with our
relationships. This could be with family, friends, colleagues or neighbors etc.
No matter what, there is always someone who we aren’t talking to because of
maybe a misunderstanding or a genuine mistake from us or their side. There is
no point in bringing a long pause in repairing the relationship. As stated by
the wise, forgiving or asking for forgiveness shouldn’t make you feel less of
you, a human being able to do this carries a big heart. It’s the virtue of the
brave. Let’s all take a look back and see if we have left any friends along the
way, if we have any family member we’ve cut ties with, do we have an unhappy colleague
or is there anyone who need to go speak with? If Yes, then we shall do that
within this year and very soon.

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The above is a few from my very
long list of the new year resolution and I am sure they are common with a lot
of people. What is on your list?

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