Demographical dissolution of the vandals that are tincting Los Angeles metropolis edifices and expressway constructions will let a more elaborate and clear analysis of the motivational factors behind their Acts of the Apostless. This will let better scheme devising and supply a clear apprehension of the ways to make consciousness among these groups that hooliganism is a offense and that they should non be engaged in such activities. The different demographical factors on which research was done are as follows:
? Age
Age Group
Under 15 4 %
15-19 46 %
20-25 38 %
25-35 9 %
Over 35 3 %

The pie chart displays the information contained in the tabular array above left. It can be seen really clearly that the general age group to which most of the vandals belong to is the 15-25 age group ( uniting the two most populated age groups: 15-19 and 20-25 ) . The 25-35 age group accounts for 9 % of the vandals in Los Angeles. There are negligible figure of vandals in the under 15 and the over35 age groups. This determination strongly suggests the fact that there are a big figure of high schools and university pupils ( preponderantly undergraduate pupils ) involved in these Acts of the Apostless of hooliganism. The merriment and force per unit area portion is likely the chief influence in the 15-25 age groups. Childs in this age group are besides likely to be influenced by equal force per unit area and local groups of mischief-creators.

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The under 15 age group contributes 4 % to the entire vandal population of Los Angeles. When farther research was carried out. it was found out that this group consists chiefly of the hapless kids booming about in slums or on waysides. It was found that these kids were paid to transport out these activities of graffito crop-dusting. Therefore. money was the most of import factor in actuating the people in this age group to go on hooliganism. It should be noted that there is a comparatively little per centum of vandals in the 25-35 age group which preponderantly suggests that this age group is composed of the professional vandals.

These professional vandals may be groups of people who may be involved in street offenses and mischievousness. It is possible that these people may non be enrolled in any schooling or university plan. Similarly. for the over 35 age group comprising of 3 % of the entire vandals. it can be estimated that most of these people are either mentally sick or belong to mischief groups. ( California Vandalism Charges )

The age is an of import demographical feature of the vandals since it will act upon the selling schemes greatly. However. the business of the vandals is besides an of import factor due to the fact that two different people belonging to the same age group may hold to be appealed to otherwise depending upon their business. Our following research will supply a item into the business of the vandals researched above.

Students 44 %
Labor Industry 7 %
Professional Workers 1 %
Federal Servants 1 %
Unemployed 37 %
Others/Undisclosed 10 %

( California Vandalism Charges )

As suggested by old demographical determination. the occupational dissolution of the vandals besides conforms to the fact that there are a bulk of pupils and unemployed people involved in these arch Acts of the Apostless. This gives a strong support to the fact that the schemes that will be used to battle these activities should be directed chiefly towards high school and undergraduate pupils and people belonging to the 15-25 age groups without any records of registration in any school. college or university.

This is due to the fact that there is a really negligible presence of professionals or federal retainers in these activities. Furthermore. the 10 % vandals with unrevealed businesss look like chiefly the hapless and the underprivileged people. These people have no business and hence they thrive either on charity or by making Acts of the Apostless such as these in return for money. The following feature. income group. will further attest to the above findings.

Income Group
Weekly Income
$ 0- $ 100 66 %
$ 101- $ 250 23 %
$ 251- $ 400 1 %
$ 400- $ 800 1 %
& gt ; $ 800 0 %
Others/Undisclosed 9 %

The suggestion in the old findings that a big part of the vandals are either pupils with lone pocket money as their beginning of income. or they are the hapless people booming on charity. is supported strongly by the income dissolution tabular array.

There is a strong indicant of the fact that the people involved in these activities are hapless people motivated by the pecuniary wagess for perpetrating these Acts of the Apostless of graffito crop-dusting and there are other pupils and mischievousness shapers who either do it for the “fun” of making it or under serious force per unit area from other troublemaker groups. The distribution of the vandals with respect to the country they thrive in will finish the image of the nature of the vandals and will enable us to suggest more accurate selling schemes to restrict the arch activities of graffito crop-dusting. ( California Vandalism Charges )


Area-wise Breakup
Downtown 15 %
East and Northeast 14 %
Echo Park & A ; Westlake 8 %
Greater Hollywood 1 %
Harbor Area 11 %
Los Feliz & A ; Silver Lake 1 %
South 23 %
San Fernando Valley 22 %
West ( The Westside ) 2 %
Wilshire 3 %

( List of territories and vicinities of Los Angeles )

The research carried out on the area-wise demographics of the vandals population has led to the same decision which was repeatedly being observed in the old research workers. As the graph shows. the bulk of the vandals either belong to those countries which house the largest figure of skyscrapers and freeway constructions or belong to the most populated and hapless countries ( meaning the fact that the graffito sprayers are hapless people paid to make the occupation by other people ) . Therefore. the general image of a vandal can be sketched to be either a college pupil or a hapless individual threatened with the effects of poorness without any agencies of endurance motivated by pecuniary additions to make the graffito crop-dusting.

Selling Scheme

Since the demographical research has led to the decision that a great bulk of the people involved in these Acts of the Apostless of graffito labeling belong to the 15-25 age group and they would by and large be either enrolled in a school. college or university plan or would be booming the streets of Los Angeles. we would wish to suggest a double selling scheme. ( From Vandal to Artist )

The first crease of the scheme would be targeted towards the pupil population and the college graders for whom graffito crop-dusting is a affair of merriment or it is due to the “joining the bandwagon” consequence. We propose that this class of graffiti sprayers should be treated otherwise with different selling schemes since they are rather different from the other class. This group preponderantly consists of pupils of assorted ages and registrations: from in-between school pupils to undergraduate pupils. There is a possibility of there being graduate pupils as good. But for simpleness. we are sing that the general scope of this class is from the in-between age pupils to undergraduate pupils.

The selling scheme to utilize with this class is simple yet effectual. Forming concerts and mass consciousness plans at campuses are possibly one of the most effectual ways in undertaking out the jobs in this class of graffiti sprayers. Since the motive factor behind their activities is majorly merriment and the “bandwagon” consequence and there is no existent intent behind their activities. we believe that if they are provided alternate platforms to expose their creativeness and ability to blend and fit colourss. they will non fall back to hooliganism on Los Angeles edifices. It is likely the deficiency of outpouring chances that has fuelled their activities to such a great tallness.

Using mass advertisement runs within the campus will be an effectual advertisement scheme that will pay off in the long-run. Since. it is the campus where pupils spend most of their clip off from place. changeless exposure to streamers and hoardings reprobating hooliganism and sing it as a flagitious offense will transfuse in the graffito sprayers a grade of shame and discourage them from perpetrating the same activities the following clip. ( Graffiti Removal )

Since we can non be certain as to the figure of schools and colleges in which pupils involved in hooliganism are spread a good selling scheme would be to publicize on books. stationary and all those points that are connected with high school and college pupils. Ad may non be a batch if done intelligently: placing hoardings and streamers at the entrywaies of java stores and locations where tonss of pupils gather may be an effectual manner to pass on the message that “vandalism is a crime“ . Furthermore. it can be ensured that college principals and influential instructors in schools and colleges reinforce this message in their treatments repeatedly. It will function as a hindrance for pupils to stay involved in graffiti crop-dusting and in the long-run will turn pupils involved in graffito crop-dusting into critics of hooliganism themselves.

Competitions can be arranged to invite pupils in graffito competitions where they can vie against each other in graffiti picture and colour matching. ( From Vandal to Artist ) This will be an chance for pupils involved in graffito crop-dusting to set their energy into these competitions so that their attending can be diverted to more productive work. It is no uncertainty that a pupil holding graffiti accomplishments will demo up when such competitions will be organized. Offer awards for outstanding pictures and graffiti work will give a encouragement to their ethical motives and a promise of perennial competitions in the old ages to come will do them eager to pattern their graffito accomplishments personally and fruitfully instead than on the walls of Los Angeles edifices.

For the following set of graffiti sprayers – the hapless people paid by others to make the occupation. since money is their lone motivational factor – we propose a different selling run. These people do non hold any agencies of work and so they resort to whatever work they can acquire in return for money. Therefore. their chief motivational factor is the money being provided to them by other parties for spraying graffito.

The local metropolis council can garner these people under one roof and form an consciousness run which should besides supply work and labour chances for them. Since. their unemployment and poorness leads them to fall back to such activities. guaranting that they are engaged in respectable work will extinguish their inclinations to go on with hooliganism and will automatically control the per centum of people with such demographics involved in graffito crop-dusting. ( Graffiti Removal )

It is possible that networking amongst this class of vandals will acquire the message across more easy and strongly. Therefore. we strongly recommend that the Los Angeles council should utilize viva-voce communicating to emphasize upon the immorality of hooliganism. They should give wagess to the people who give inside informations about the people involved in hooliganism and should take the emotional entreaty to selling as their tool to curtail hooliganism in this class.

These people can be provided the agencies to populate a respectable life and bask a future one can look frontward excessively. Even though the population of such people may be big – since Los Angeles is already a large metropolis with a population of 13 million people – to be supported by the metropolis council on its ain. seeking is better than non making anything. On the whole. we believe that these selling schemes. if implemented manus in manus. will be a greater success than if implemented one after the other.

Since these two classs summarize 89 % of the graffito sprayers. there will be merely the demand to battle other professional and troublemakers through the local constabulary and jurisprudence enforcement bureaus. We believe that the above schemes have great potency in cut downing the sum of graffito on Los Angeles edifices and expressway constructions and that proper communicating scheme can ever be effectual in pass oning the message across. We believe that the described selling schemes will cut down graffitos spraying on Los Angeles edifices by at least 89 % which will be a important decrease in the graffito on Los Angeles edifices and freeway constructions. ( Graffiti Removal )

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