Green Finance is a proponent that combines money and business with environmental friendly behavior. It is a regional, individual and business consumer, producers, investors, and financial lenders for many participants. Green
Finance can be expressed differently based on the participant, and it
can be driven by financial incentives, a plan to preserve the planet or
both may be managed in combination. Contrary
to traditional financial activities, green economy emphasizes
environmental benefits and provides greater attention to the
environmental protection industry 1. Green
Financing is not in the interest of investment through the systematic
checklist under Environmental Risk Management (ERM); Rather it is sustainable for financial reasons. Under
green banking, green financing can contribute to transistors for the
efficient and low-carbon industries, such as green industries and green
economics. A green economy can be thought of as an alternative vision for development and development; One
that can increase and improve the lives of people in a consistent way
with sustainable development; A green economy promotes a triple low
line: Maintaining and advancing economic, environmental and social
well-being 2 Environmental protection and economic development The
main objectives of sustainable development, all in the world Focus on financial instruments for the development of environmentally friendly environments so that 3 is provided for allocated environmental standards and reasonable resources. There
are market-based methods and financial products on the Green Finance
Market which can control the emissions of pollution and realize the
interconnected system and avoid enterprise from unexpected changes; Existing
emissions are represented by trading and later there are various types
of environmental funds, weather derivatives, nature-linked securities
and environmental options. Green Finance Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use Resources 1

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