The Czech Republic is frequently called a smaller version of Europe because it represents about all the geographical and cultural characteristics of the full continent. The state ‘s capital every bit good as its largest metropolis is Prague. It is one the most of import centres of civilization and heritage in the universe.

Prague has long been the meat of European history as it has witnessed the reign of the Holy Roman Emperors, the Renaissance, the universe wars and the formation of the European Union. The first characteristic of the metropolis is its alone architecture, which is a blend of about all manners from Baroque to Gothic. Even a few of the metropolis ‘s hotel are situated in edifices of architectural beauty and historic significance. The first among them is the Residence Nosticova, a edifice from the seventeenth century, which serves as a resting topographic point for travellers from the universe over. Tourists can besides take a trip in to the state ‘s yesteryear at the Hotel U Zlate Studne and the Questenberk. Most historic hotels in Prague are classed as three-star adjustments and by and large cater to merely a few invitees at a clip. They require anterior reserves and norm at about $ 120 for a dark.

There are over 15 sole five-star hotels and 64 star hotels in Prague, which offer the visitant the best in luxury and comfort. They include comfortss such as casinos, conference suites, day-care centres and wellness watering place to heighten the experience of travellers. Hotel ironss like the Marriott, the Four Seasons and the Novotel besides make an visual aspect on the lodging scene in Prague with big hotels and resorts for vacationists. Tourists must anticipate luxury hotels to bear down any where from $ 150 to $ 350 for a dark. The three, two and one-star hotels are priced far more frugally and offer the same degrees of service although the comfortss are far less in figure.

The option of guesthouses, hostel and wayside motels cost far less in Prague, but those of good quality is difficult to happen. Experienced travel bureaus carry a listings and guided to Prague hotel for the convenience of clients.


The Czech Republic, which came in to existence in the twelvemonth 1992, has become a popular travel finish because of its natural beauty and long historic bequest. Prague or Praha is the state ‘s largest metropolis and is besides its capital. It is besides the site of one of the most ancient colonies in the history of humanity.

Prague is situated on the Bankss of the river Vltava in the cardinal fields of Bohemia. The metropolis suffered minimum harm during the universe wars that wreaked mayhem through the remainder of Europe, go forthing it with all the glorious yesteryear it has accumulated over the old ages. Prague is recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and flocked by visitants that come to soak up the diverse architecture and legendary civilization. Despite its position as a tourer hot spot, Prague remains a comparatively cheap finish with an mixture of housing and embarkation adjustments. The hotels are designed to run into the demand of every type of visitant from twosomes backpacking through Europe to international very important persons seeking for solutions to universe jobs.

As is common with travelling, the quality of a hotel in Prague determines its duty. Most of the big hotels are five or four-star constitutions, supplying comfortss such as conference halls, casinos, swimming pools, watering place and fittingness centres. Chain hotels such as the Hilton, the Ibis and the Radisson besides feature on the list of luxury resorts in Prague. The rates for these hotels range anyplace upwards of $ 150 a dark and suites by and large have to be booked good in progress. Reasonably priced hotels include the three and two star constitutions that can put traveler back by about $ 100 to $ 200 a dark. However, the existent deals for remaining in Prague are the unrated hotels, motels, hostel and guesthouses, which make up bulk of the metropolis ‘s staying options. Although they might be low on comfortss, the comfort and cordial reception of the hostel and guesthouses is applaudable and most even serve home-cooked repasts. They cost between $ 30 and $ 100 a dark and can be easy located through the metropolis ‘s hotel listings.


The aureate metropolis of Prague, known as the ‘Mother of Cities ‘ , is the capital of the Czech Republic. It has been the location for human development, with the earliest hints of civilisation in the parts dating back to the 2 billion old ages ago. The metropolis has emerged from the bonds of the Iron Curtain to go a cultural and historical landmark in the universe.

The first characteristic of Prague history is its architecture, which has managed to last the universe wars. It is a glorious mix of manners from assorted epochs runing from the Renaissance to the Ultra-modern and has ever succeeded in capturing visitants with its beauty. Many of the historic edifices were preserved when the metropolis was declared a World Heritage Site in 1992, nevertheless visitants can see history in the edifice that have been converted into hotels. The most popular among them is the Residence Nosticova, a little three-star hotel made up of 10 self-contained flats. The Nosticova is located in a seventeenth century edifice and self-praises of possibly the universe most fastidious service. Other hotels on the list include the Domus Balthasar and the Questenberk, both of which have astonishing narratives to state.

About 80 hotels in Prague have been classified as luxury hotels with every conceivable agreeableness for visitant comfort, from watering place and gyms to conference suites and Internet entree. The international star evaluation is the best manner to determine the luxury position of hotels in Prague. Many online travel companies besides have their ain evaluation system based on client reappraisals of the hotel ‘s service, comfortss and monetary value. These on-line companies in certain instances besides provide client testimonies, which can be utile for first clip travellers to Prague as they include first-hand information and experiences. The major per centum of Prague ‘s housing options is unrated, but these little obscure hotels and guesthouses offer great comfort at moderate monetary values. Review on these hotels might non be available online but every web site can urge at least a few of them.


Although the part of cardinal Europe has been associated with political convulsion, in recent old ages it has developed in a popular travel finish. One of the biggest metropoliss in this part every bit good as the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in the twelvemonth 1992.

Praha is considered as the architectural Mecca of the World and is frequently called the ‘Golden City ‘ of Europe. It has witnessed habitation and development of all time since the early Paleolithic epoch and is one of the universe ‘s most historic metropoliss. The Czech Republic is located in the bosom of the Europe, surrounded by mountains and exuberant green vale. Although the clime is by and large mild, it can acquire cold in winter and is capable to changeless foggy conditions. As a consequence, the best season to see Prague is summer when the hazard of bad conditions destroying a holiday is minimal. There 1000s of tourers sing this cultural hot spot every twelvemonth and therefore, the affair of happening adjustments in extremum periods becomes a fuss for some holiday-goers.

The are legion remaining options in Prague. These include epicurean five-star hotels and resorts that take attention of the travellers ‘ every demand, while giving them amenitiess such as swimming pools, sweat rooms, conference suites and conveyance installations. These hotels are comparatively moderate in pricing, averaging about $ 150 – $ 250 for a darks stay. However, travellers need to book suites good in progress, sometimes over six months before they make their trip. Smaller, less elegant adjustment such as hostel and guesthouses have no such issues about reserves and normally, visitants can merely walk in and acquire a room.

Since Prague is popular among travellers, many web-based travel organisations provide installations for on-line engagement of suites in Prague. Online reserves of hotels in Prague besides come as portion of travel bundles and online fining strategies. Some hotels in Prague besides give clients the opportunity of reserving suites through their Internet portals in order to simplify the procedure.

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