Everyone has his or her ain thoughts about what happens in life and everyone lives in the same world. However everyone’s perceptual experience of that world is different. It’s different because our thoughts shape our positions of what is go oning around us. William Shakespeare explored this thought in his drama Hamlet. One of Hamlet’s lines is “For there is nil either good or bad but believing makes it/ so” ( 2. 2. 271-272 ) . The manner worlds perceive world depends entirely upon our thoughts and our perceptual experience of the activities around us.

When this phrase was used by Hamlet he was mentioning to Denmark. He was speaking to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about why they were in Denmark. Because of old events Hamlet is unhappy about being in Denmark and says “Denmark’s a prison” ( 2. 2. 262 ) . Hamlet’s perceptual experience of Denmark was that he was trapped at that place and couldn’t acquire off no affair what. He was huffy about his female parent acquiring remarried because he idolized his male parent and felt that his female parent couldn’t do any better “So excellent a male monarch. that was this

Hyperion to a lecher ; so loving to my female parent
That he might non beteem the air currents of Eden
Visit he face excessively roughly” ( 1. 2. 143-146 ) .
It besides upset him that Gertrude was married so shortly after his male parent died. Hamlet learned that his uncle. Claudius. killed his male parent and that added to the choler that he felt and the at bay feeling that brewed inside him from being in Denmark. However in everyone else’s position. Denmark is a state non a prison and there was nil physically maintaining Hamlet inside the boundary lines. It was his feelings and thoughts that trapped him. Realistically Hamlet could hold left at any clip he merely had to acquire permission from the male monarch. and Claudius saw nil incorrect with him and most probably would hold allow him go forth if he truly wanted to. But alternatively Hamlet felt the demand to remain and perchance “protect” his female parent from the male monarch who he viewed as a monster. But the remainder of the state thought the male monarch was absolutely all right and they saw no ground for why Hamlet would be so disquieted with him. They all saw Denmark as a nice state to populate in and had no purposes of go forthing which is witnessed in the conversation between Hamlet and Rosencrantz: there are many con-

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Fines. wards. and keeps. Denmark being one o’ th’ worst.
We thing non so my Godhead ( 2. 2. 264-267 ) .
Hamlet was so disquieted he even considered self-destruction.
Hamlet lets his thoughts get manner out of control when he gives his “To be or non to be” address. His monologue is about decease and perpetrating self-destruction and how he doesn’t want to populate any longer because life is atrocious. Hamlet expresses those feelings in the first portion of his address when he says To be or non to be—that is the inquiry:

Weather ’tis nobler in the head to endure
The slings and pointers of hideous luck.
Or to take weaponries against a sea of problems ( 3. 1. 64-67 ) . He felt similar life had become so out of control and he could no longer stand populating in it partially because of his mother’s matrimony to Claudius was excessively headlong “But two months dead—nay. non so much. non two” ( 1. 2. 142 ) . When. to others their matrimony was seen merely as another matrimony by the people of Denmark. Hamlet acted on merely thoughts and feelings and those thoughts took over and caused him to move irrationally and believe unrealistically in the eyes of his female parent. Claudius. Polonius and many of the other characters. When. his female parent may hold married Claudius because she loved him. Possibly Gertrude was trapped by the late male monarch and with his decease she was eventually free.

Because Hamlet idolized his male parent so much he couldn’t see that female parent wasn’t happy being married to him. Gertrude could hold had an matter with Claudius before she and the late male monarch were married but alternatively was forced to get married the older brother non her true love. Then when the male monarch died she was eventually able to carry through her dream and get married the brother that she had been in love with for old ages. Claudius even alludes to an matter when he says “Nor have we herein barred/ Your better wisdoms. which have freely gone/With this matter along” ( 1. 2. 14-16 ) and Hamlet adds to that when he says “She married. O. most wicked velocity. to post/ With such sleight to incestuous sheets! ” ( 1. 2. 161-162 ) . But Hamlet being blinded by esteem for his male parent was unable to see his mother’s love for a adult male other than his male parent. Because of this esteem he formed the thoughts that life was bad and wasn’t worth populating so that led to his self-destruction addresss which were merely based on his thoughts and non world until he eventually realized that life will stop no affair what.

Towards the terminal of the drama Hamlet eventually learns to accept the facts of life and what happens about him as being merely a portion of life. He accepts decease and that it will come no affair what If it be & lt ; now. & gt ; ’tis non to come ; if it be non to come it will be now ; if it be non now. yet it & lt ; will & gt ; come. The preparedness is all. Since no adult male of nothing he leaves knows. what is ’t to go forth betimes? ( 5. 2. 234-238 ) . With this he realizes that his male parent was finally traveling to decease no affair what and that after his decease Gertrude would hold married Claudius. who was merely a accelerator in the procedure of decease. If Hamlet had realized and come to footings with the facts of life Oklahoman he could hold avoided his depression and seen what others saw non what his thoughts created. The drama is centered around Hamlet and because of that we merely see the events through Hamlet’s perceptual experience and that makes us experience the same manner he does throughout the drama.

We merely learn about Hamlet’s thoughts and merely see the other characters from Hamlet’s point of position alternatively of the manner we would see it from a narrator’s point of position that sees the drama from all facets of the characters or even Gertrude’s ideas and cognize the ground for her headlong matrimony. If we would hold been able to cognize all the characters thoughts. positions. and feelings we could see the large image of what was go oning in Denmark non merely the snapshot as Hamlet’s perceptual experience. Alternatively if we could hold seen other characters ideas we would hold been able to cognize the ground behind the king’s decease. Gertrude’s matrimony. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s behaviour. Ophelia’s lunacy. and Laertes’ choler. We can merely presume what they are believing and feeling and the ground behind it. which is precisely what Hamlet does throughout the full drama. Because the drama follows Hamlet we merely know his perceptual experience and ideas of the events that take topographic point.

Therefore. our ain world is based merely on our ideas and our perceptual experience of events that happen around us on a day-to-day footing. Every character in Hamlet is capable to believing in one manner or another and they all express those thoughts otherwise because they are all different thoughts. But their thought leads to premises being drawn about events that occur around them and actions based on those thoughts. All worlds are capable to the same type of believing merely like the characters in Hamlet. And because everybody thinks we all make unsupported premises and judgements. “your aspiration makes it one. / ’Tis excessively narrow for your head ( 2. 2. 271-272 ) as said by Rosencrantz. Because of our premises people. by nature. must turn out themselves right and the manner we go about that is through our actions. But all the events that follow those ideas and actions are started by a individual idea conditions it is right or incorrect or good or bad it doesn’t affair in the terminal.

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