Potter and Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter is a series
of fantasy books that revolves around a kid named Harry Potter and his two best
friends Hermione and Ron. J. K. Rowling wrote the
books,and the film adaptations of the books series have had a huge
impact on the people around the world(Watch
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone For Free Online 123movies.Com). The fantasy
series is completely removed from reality, but it has a societal structure that is very
familiar to the audiences. Harry Potter is set
in a magical high school, but it has had
a great impact on the American public
school life. Harry Potter has been considered to be of magnanimous importance
to the education system because of its model school system even when the story is set in a faraway magical world. Rowling’s
craftiness in integrating various underlying ideologies within the plot of a
novel is the reason that Harry Potter books have been a part of the discussion among educationist in many settings.
J. K. Rowling has learnt new tools to
incorporate educational subjects within the fiction so far removed from the
real life.

As Harry Potter is set in
a school no matter the type of the school he can help people look at
experiences of a student within an institution. The visual literature can be
apparently about one thing but at the same time have a reservoir of underlying
meanings in it (Gillam and Wooden). Harry potter
helps see the problems of a student like bullying and also focuses on the ways
to deal with the bullies. The trouble of Hogwarts that sometimes bring all
types of students together may not be available and possible in every school
and institution, but the main experiences
of goodness compassion can be implemented
in all kinds of settings. Harry potter is a phenomenon that supersedes age and
cultural differences in many ways and can be a source of connection with the
students. The movies of Harry potter are the reason for the main fame and
universality of the subject as a genre of visual literature that can show the
experiences of students. Harry potter allows a complex understanding of
characters, places, and ideas that are important for understanding human nature
in the context of the student.

Harry potter series predicted
a new emerging trend in educational values that calls for a new comprehension
of learning, and it makes human
development as a part of academic scholarship. It gives educationists the
toolbox to deal with the growing trends and changing dynamics of the
educational experience of the students. The Harry potter movies, in general,
led to studies in the matter of education where the assumption was that there
is a need of transformation of the education
system from the one that transfers information to the one develops the
identities of the students. The Harry Potter movies inspired research named “Learning Reconsidered” that
focuses on bringing a new system that integrates student affairs and academic
facets of education together to give the students the learning that can inspire
their growth as people along with earning degrees and attaining knowledge (“Harry
Potter and the Theories of Education”).

The scenes from the film
in the start when Harry, Ron and Hermione reach the main hall of the Hogwarts
they all wait for the systematic entry into their respective houses. The scene
shows systematicity in the school and ascertains a need for organization and discipline in the scholastic
systems. The achievements of the students in an educational system depend on
the knowledge that they gain but the knowledge is not all crammed up in the
classes but rather the things like learning in the halls is also a part of
education. The very start of the first Harry
Potter movie shows a promising capability of teaching the teachers the ways to
deal with the students within and out of the classes.

There is a sense of
friendliness in the teachers in some cases, but
mainly the most of the teachers have a strictness towards the students that
gives them a sense of respect towards the teachers that is seen in the Harry Potter movies but not in the US education
system. The bullies and kids in the schools are mostly strictly against
authority and do not accept any control over them be it their teachers or other
administrations staff. The Harry Potter movies advise
educationists on controlling children through maintaining a sense of authority that does not threaten students’
freedom but at the same time keeps them controlled and in their place. The
movies have a great hierarchical system that shows the model for behaviour towards the students to make them
behave in the desired manner.

The movies also show an
interest in making the point about the importance of co-curricular activities and creating a positive competition among peers to learn to excel in the society.
The systematic nature of how the students are
handled is responsible for the inter-house competition like quidditch
game and other house points that are constantly
given for the feats of bravery and nobility. Even though Harry Potter is
shown from the start as royalty and as a celebrity but the treatment of him as
well by some teacher shows that the teachers were all focused on teaching and
the equality between the students was kept
as an important part of their practices.

The Hogwarts gives a
sense of community that is needed of in
all of the circumstances in the schools and other educational institutions.
Hogwarts works as a model for the community model of learning where the student
learns the moral values and ways of
living along with getting the knowledge from the books. Hogwarts gives a sense of community to the students that not only makes
the students learn better but makes them able to easily integrate into the
society. There is a need for an
all-inclusive educational model that removes the different classifications of
the students by how they look or who they
hang out with. Hogwarts has shown these different classifications, but in time of need,
they have shown a very close bond between the students. The last scene of the
movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone” where the Gryffindor is given
extra points for courage shows that the Hogwarts believes more in the character
strength then it does in the points scored through a show of physical strength. Slytherin house is a symbol of strength,
but the moral and character courage on the part of Harry, Ron and Hermione is what is acknowledged in the end.

The system of choosing
people into one or the other house by qualities and strengths is also an excellent
example of the movie as a model for the modern
education system in the US. This practice can be attributed to what is called career counselling in the modern context. Different students are allotted
with different houses in the movie by the help of magic hat that can read the
minds of the ones who wear it, and that
is how they associate a student with a
house. In real context, however, the situation might not be as simple, but the fact remains the students can e analyzed about their weaknesses and strengths.
These classifications can make the lives of the said students easier if they go
through proper counseling in their future careers and also will make them
better individuals in the society. The Hogwarts system in that way can be seen as a positive thing.





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