This policy reappraisal aims to reexamine the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its new industries in the current scenario to do it a go oning tourer finish in the universe. This reappraisal besides includes substantial findings every bit good as theoretical and methodological parts to the subject of Development of New Industries in Jordan.

The Kingdom of Jordan has been besides reappraisal of its policies in Investments across the land in hope to do the land a universe category finish. This reappraisal besides refers to assorted types of Industries in touristry that are doing manner into the state even though traditionally good known for this assorted types of touristry in the part, late Jordan has been seeking to to the full capitalise the assorted touristries it has to offer by coming up with assorted Marketing policies and has been back up its policies by puting to a great extent in and around assorted tourer finishs. The state has been able to successfully do inroads on its investings so far even though it has a troublesome vicinity in the Middle East part. The land has made net incomes even though they have dropped in Numberss in comparing to the old fiscal old ages, sing the Spring Uprising, Civil wars and Insurgency in the Arab universe has led to concerns of security issues. Sing the fact that Jordan has been Pro-west state, it has managed to equilibrate traditional values of Islam at the same clip being broad in its attack towards the development of state.


The methodological analysis used to reexamine the assorted types of industries and development policies is the usage of Porters Diamond theoretical account attack to Industries with conditions, have been analyzed with besides the function of Government and Chance lending to the development of Tourism industry as a whole contributing to the development of the state.

A bunch analysis has besides been done of the assorted lending factors for the development of the touristry industry in peculiar.400px-The_Porter_Diamond.svg.png

Tourism and the economic system

Tourism is major sector in Jordan ‘s economic system. In 2010, 8 million tourers from assorted states visited Jordan, with tourer disbursement amounting to about 3.

5 billion USD. An extra US $ 1 billion was earned through medical touristry to the land. In 2011, Jordanian touristry lost $ 1 Billion due to the instability across the part. Generating 2 billion and 423 million Jordanian Dinars ( $ 3.461 billion ) , touristry is recognized as a major participant of the Jordanian economic system. The sector has been the key in pulling local, regional and international investing, in add-on to making occupations, and bring forthing grosss.Its major tourer attractive forces include sing historical sites, like the worldwide celebrated Petra ( UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, and one of New Seven Wonders of the World ) , the Jordan River, Mount Nebo, Madaba, legion medieval mosques and churches, and good natural locations ( as Wadi Rum and Jordan ‘s northern cragged part in general ) , every bit good as detecting cultural and spiritual sites and traditions.

Jordan besides offers wellness touristry, which is focused in the Dead Sea country, instruction touristry, hike, Desert Skiing, Sky diving, Scuba plunging in Aqaba ‘s coral reefs, pop-culture touristry and shopping touristry in Jordan ‘s metropoliss. More than half of the approximative 4.8 Arab tourers in 2009, chiefly from the GCC, said they plan to pass their vacations in Jordan.So The Kingdom of Jordan has different of Tourisms to offer to the universe-Religious Tourism-Historical Tourism-Nature Exploration-Medical Tourism-Education Tourism-Shopping Tourism ( Duty-Free )-Adventure Sports-Cultural Tourism

Global Position

Tourism is one of the biggest and most of import movers of the universe economic system. The universe touristry organisation expects the figure of tourers to turn to 935 million people in 2010.Statisticss reveal that touristry histories for 15 % of planetary GDP, 7 % of planetary investing, and about 9.6 % of entire authorities outgo. The sector has created 200 million occupations worldwide, stand foring 11 % of the entire planetary work force.

The UNWTO forecasts a growing in international tourer ‘s reachings of between 4 % and 5 % in 2011, below the estimated per centum of growing rate in 2011 distributed by parts:Universe: 5 %Europe: 4 %Asia-Pacific: 7-9 %United states: 5-6 %Africa: 6-7 %Middle East: 8-10 %

Job chances

Tourism accounts more than 40,000 direct occupations and an estimated 130,000 indirect occupations impacting the lives of more than 800,000 people. Current programs aim at raising direct touristry occupations to 60,000, in add-on to making 300,000 direct and indirect occupation chances in back uping sectors.

Direct occupations in the touristry sector ( 2002-2010 )

The growing of the touristry sector has helped make and develop 1000s of small- and moderate-sized concerns around the Kingdom. It has besides influenced of import alterations in Jordan ‘s work civilization. Women presently constitute 10.

0 % of the current occupation entire. Growth has besides been reflected on the educational system, where cordial reception is going a favourite topic for high school pupils. Alumnuss can prosecute specialised instruction at the Jordan Applied University College of Hospitality and Tourism, in add-on to a figure of the Jordanian universities that teach the Hospitality forte.

Tourist Numberss and outgo degrees

The figure of tourers sing Jordan has been increasing steadily over the past few old ages. In 2010, nightlong visitants totaled 4.55 million, while same twenty-four hours visitants reached 3.7 million.

Focus on the quality of tourers ( particularly from Europe ) has raised the figure of darks spent in the Kingdom and increased touristry income to 2.423 billion Jordanian Dinars, a lessening of 17.2 % from 2009.

Income from touristry ( 2004-2010 )

Investing in the touristry sector

This decennary has witnessed a bustle of investing activity in the touristry sector to run into the increasing Numberss of visitants to the Kingdom. Investing in touristry has totaled about 2.9 billion Iranian dinars between 1996 and 2009, with direct foreign investings representing 53 % .

Investing degrees in touristry ( 2004-2009 )

Jordan has been puting to a great extent in its tourer substructure in the signifier of luxury hotels, watering place, resorts, and monolithic existent estate undertakings, as The “ Abdali Urban Regeneration ” Undertaking and the “ Marsa Zayed ” in Aqaba. Luxury residential lodging like Sanaya Amman and the Living Wall are pulling vacationists to purchase belongings in Jordan. Queen Alia International Airport is being expanded to manage riders yearly up to 9 million in the first stage ; 12 million in the ulterior stage.Tourism Development Currently USAID is an active spouse in the development of the Jordan Tourism Industry with the continued support of the Jordan Tourism Development Project ( Siyaha ) , presently in its 2nd undertaking lifecycle.Jordan Tourism Project ( SIYAHA )Duration: 2005 – 2008Support: US $ 17,424,200Implementing Partner: Chemonics InternationalJordan Tourism Project II ( SIYAHA )Duration: 2008 – 2013Support: US $ 28 million ( Estimated )Implementing Partner: Chemonics InternationalWith the constitution of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, about 20 billion dollars have been invested in exclusive coastal metropolis of Jordan. Epicurean resorts such as Saraya Aqaba and Tala Bay are being constructed with more in the pipleline like the $ 1 billion Ayla Oasis. [ 9 ] With Jordan going increasing popular as a cruising finish, a new and modern sail ship terminus is being constructed in the Marsa Zayed undertaking.

Hotel suites

There are a sum of 23,882 hotel suites in Jordan, of which 6,697 are in 5-star hotels, 3,285 in 4-star hotels, and 3,132 in 3-star hotels.

Several undertakings are afoot that are expected to add 5,000 suites by the twelvemonth 2012, largely in Aqaba and the Dead Sea.


The touristry bunch map is centered on these four pillars of touristry: Adjustment, Restaurant & A ; Food service, Transportation and Tourist Attractions.It includes little sellers to USAID. ( J. Fischer & A ; I. Khan, 2009 )

Tourism Cluster Map

E-tourismTravel bureausTour operatorsInternational finance corporationsJordan Tourism Board ; Jordan Hotel Association ; Jordan Society of Tourist and Travel Agents, Fair Trade JordanAttractive touristry offerings:Historical touristry ;Religious touristryMedical touristry ;Eco-tourismFinancial ServicesGovernmentAGENCIES ; Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Public Transport Regulatory Commission, Medical Tourism DirectorateMaintain ServicessRestaurant & A ; nutrient serviceAccommodation Hotels and ResortsTransportation systemAirlines, route system, railroad, transportingConstruction IndustryInternational Organizations Technical & A ; Financial aidEducation establishmentsFor illustration:Amman Hospitality College ;Jordan University of Hospitality

FACTOR Conditionss

Jordan ‘s touristry industry relies to a great extent upon its historical and natural resources.

The state ranks higher than many of its equals on the quality of its historical every bit good as its natural heritage, every bit good as extremely on the openness of its people to touristry and to aliens. However, assorted menaces to the touristry sector besides exist. For illustration, high concentrations of tourers threaten Petra, and debasement and environmental concerns related to the Gulf of Aqaba are besides lifting.Land transit substructure plays a really of import function in Jordan ‘s touristry. For one thing, it is the preferable agencies of entry to Jordan for 76 % of foreign visitants. Jordan ranks lower on the quality of its land conveyance than some of its prima regional neighbours. Some of the chief jobs the public conveyance sector faces are a really low degree of coordination among transporters every bit good as an alarmingly high addition in accidents in recent old ages.

The Public Transport Regulatory Commission was formed in 2001 specifically to supervise the public conveyance sector. The committee is presently turn toing the job of low-coordination by consolidating unprofitable paths.Soon, a sum of 11 universities ( including three state-owned ) , 10 colleges and 16 vocational preparation centres are involved in supplying touristry specific instruction. However, assorted concern studies indicate that a bulk of the industry respondents were non satisfied with the quality of alumnuss produced by these institutes. The accomplishments deficit might be a ground why in 2008 aliens constituted 18 % of the overall tourer work force, up from 10 % in 2004. The Government is besides aware of this fact, and hence allows new concerns in Aqaba to engage aliens, up to 70 % of the work force.


The importance of a national scheme for touristry buttressed by a strong public and private coaction and coordinated development.

For case, popular tourer sites need to be supported by information and good substructure in order to make a strong trade name and to bring forth repetition visitants. Similarly, good hotels and high quality services should back up a good selling run. Hence, a national touristry scheme becomes imperative for coordinated development ( JNCO, 2007 ) .

The GoJ analyzed the strengths and failings of the outstanding pillars of touristry, including adjustment, conveyance, nutrient, touristry services, and activities for each of the before mentioned niche markets.

Hotels and Restaurants

Jordan ‘s hotels and eating houses employ the majority of the labour force working in touristry.In 2008, they contributed 1.7 % of GDP ( ABC, 2009 ) . Hotel adjustments range from one- to five star hotels. In 2008, five-star hotels accounted for about half of the entire darks spent. The hotel sector has managed to pull a significant sum of investing in recent old ages. Catholic Student Bay ( US $ 500M ) , the Ayla Oasis undertaking ( US $ 750M ) , the Saraya Aqaba undertaking ( UD $ 362M ) , the Sun Days Water Park ( US $ 60M ) , the Aqaba Ishkar Kempinski Hotel ( US $ 60M ) , the Royal Metropolis-Jordan Gate and Royal Villages of Amman ( US $ 1B ) , the Dead Sea Holiday Inn Hotel ( US $ 21M ) , and the Crown Plaza Hotel at the Dead Sea ( US $ 49M ) .

Many international hotel ironss are viing in the industry and include some award-winning watering place near the Dead Sea. In recent old ages, the touristry industry has gone through altering kineticss, where eating houses are going the high growing section, while hotels are demoing stagnation. 40 % increasing growing in the eating house sector indicates a lifting appetency of Jordanians for eating out.A broad assortment of international eating house franchises have entered the market, which suggests increased competition in the industry. The stagnation in the hotel industry might be explained by low tenancy rates or by the fact that Jordanian hotels are extremely dependent upon European tourers for its demand. This is a market section that is really vulnerable to alterations in perceptual experiences about Jordan ‘s security emanating from regional instability. The GoJ has been promoting hotel building, with particular accent in the Aqaba specialised economic zone ( JNCO, 2007 ) .

Health Tourism:

Health Tourism is a core portion of the touristry bunch.

During the 1970s, Arab patients from around the part started geting in Jordan for medical intervention. Today, Jordan ‘s wellness sector has a repute for subspecialties, such as cardiovascular surgery, organ transplant, malignant neoplastic disease intervention, and plastic surgery. The private sector histories for 54 % of the infirmaries and 46 % of the beds available. It is shortly to be a regional hub to medical tourer. The GoJ has been really antiphonal towards the demands of the industry.

In 1998, the MoH established an office at the Queen Alia International Airport ( QAIA ) to help aliens with in-migration, information, and transit to infirmaries. Presently, the Medical Tourism Directorate follows up on ailments from foreign patients and plants in coaction with an association stand foring physicians and private infirmaries. The Investment Law of 1987 besides provides revenue enhancement inducements for puting into the wellness sector.The wellness industry, nevertheless, is enduring from stagnancy. The entire figure of foreign patients increased merely modestly from 95,000 to 108,000, between 1998 and 2005 ( WHO, 2009 ) . Given low tenancy rates in private infirmaries ( around 50 % ) ; this stagnancy is non due to provide side restraints. Specialized infirmaries are running at 70 % tenancy ( JNCO, 2007 ) . Despite the potency of Jordan ‘s wellness touristry sector, there are menaces on the skyline, including a deficit of qualified nurses due to encephalon drain.

Besides, as the Dubai Health Care metropolis establishes itself, it will aim the same labour market that has traditionally made up the majority of Jordan ‘s wellness touristry industry. This is likely to duplicate in tenancy as by 2015 200,000 to 250,000 patients are likely to see Jordan.


The industry shows a cyclical form in its demand, with the extremum tourer season get downing at the terminal of July and enduring through the terminal of August, co-occuring with school vacations. Most visitants come from Arab states. Within the Archaeological Tourism section, the demand is slightly concentrated on Petra, which accounted for 26 % of the foreign visitants who visited Jordan historical sites in 2008. This deficiency of variegation in footings of beginning states, every bit good as preferred tourer finishs, puts the industry at hazard, while at the same clip the deficiency of edification in demand discourages the development of more value-added options.To lucubrate farther, while Arab visitants constitute 68 % of foreign tourers, they contribute merely 43 % of the overall touristry grosss.

One ground is that ( in 2008 ) Arab visitants stayed an norm of 3.9 yearss, compared to European visitants who stayed 5.0 yearss. Furthermore, in footings of darks spent, 30 % of the Arab darks were at the cheapest adjustment available. In contrast, 43 % of European darks were spent in five-star hotels, bespeaking that the Europeans have a much larger and more sophisticated demand than Arab visitants.In broader footings, Europeans accounted for 54 % of all the darks spent in Jordanian hotels rated 3 stars and above. European tourers besides account for 91 % of the darks stayed in cantonment sites.

With less than 15 % of tenancy rates, cantonment sites are the most underutilized of all Jordanian adjustment options. Although the MoTA ‘s National Tourism Strategy 2004-2010 did aim niche markets, such as adventure touristry, cruising, and eco-tourism, tenancy rates of cantonments show no betterment between 2004 and 2007.47One of the challenges faced by Jordan is its location in a volatile part ; it is really vulnerable to losing its clients, if the part experiences political convulsion. This highlights the demand for Jordan to develop a sophisticated local demand that could back up these high-value added concerns during times of convulsion.


On the context for house scheme and competition, Jordan ranks extremely compared to regional rivals on cardinal prosodies, such as visa demands, authorities prioritization, authorities outgo, and effectual selling and stigmatization. The GoJ purposes to work with the private sector to beef up the industry ‘s institutional and regulative model and thereby better the fight of the touristry sector.

Nonetheless, the bunch can break co-ordinate activities across the touristry value concatenation and increase representation at international travel and touristry carnivals. Further, the bunch can research touristry markets for athletic events and conferences, which are both presently untapped.The Jordan touristry bunch is rather competitory with more than 400 hotels, over 350 travel bureaus, approximately 70 circuit operators, and an unaccounted figure of tour ushers. In 1998, the MoTA established the Jordan Tourism Board ( JTB ) to market the bunch. The JTB is a joint enterprise between the public and private sectors with an 80 % and 20 % ownership, severally. By running a selling run and supplying information to bunch members, the JTB acts as a affair among the different touristry concerns in the bunch value concatenation to advance the bunch.

The GoJ has ever been really receptive to foreign investings. Jordan ranks 44 on the “ Business Impact of FDI ” in front of Israel, UAE, Morocco, and Egypt, which rank 48, 49, 74, and, severally ( WEF, 2009 ) . The JTB, in cooperation with the Jordan Investment Board ( JIB ) , initiated the Tourism Investment Map, a regional map of investing chances in SMEs across the state in the touristry and cordial reception sectors.

The GoJ has upgraded the bunch by implementing criterions for touristry vehicle demands and other standards for circuit operators. The Touristic Specialized Transports Regulation requires that conveyance companies use technically dependable and state-of-the-art vehicles for their touristry operations. Besides, the Ministry of Transport lists other standards by which circuit operators need to stay.

The Role of Government

The function of authorities bears reference, as a supportive and efficient bureaucratism is by and large considered a cardinal constituent of successful development of the touristry industry.Jordan scored good ( 30th overall ) on its T & A ; T regulative model. This was driven chiefly by its public presentation on safety and security ( 19th ) and prioritization of T & A ; T schemes ( 17th ) . In fact, Jordan scored 7th in overall authorities outgo on travel and touristry. The most noteworthy alteration for the better in recent old ages is that the authorities appears to hold recognized the importance of touristry as an economic driver and, while it has handled the execution of its touristry schemes amiss, it is at least taking stairss in the right way.

Additionally, proposed alterations in the regulative environment should heighten competition in the conveyance sector ( particularly in the deregulating of the air hose sector ) , finally increasing quality and driving down costs.Despite the positive support offered by the authorities to the touristry sector, this support is non yet interpreting into a constructive relationship between the public and private sectors. Over 75 % of the industry believes that authorities bureaucratism is keeping back the industry – over 80 % province that authorities ordinances are a direct obstruction to the industry or serve no clear intent. When asked if authorities ordinance is acquiring better, merely 19 % indicated that it is bettering.A few countries in which the authorities could still play a more productive function include the sum and quality of preparation delivered to identify forces, particularly guides ; more attending paid to some of the smaller but still of import sites that will finally drive the state ‘s ability to retain tourers for a longer period of clip ; and a stronger overall publicity attempt to pass on Jordan ‘s offer and to construct the state ‘s trade name. This includes the development of new merchandises, research on new markets and niches, the devotedness of more resources to international selling, and greater focal point on high possible markets. A concluding consideration is to heighten the frequence, quality, and consequences of public-private duologue.

The JNCT study revealed that 66 % of respondents resolved issues through personal connexions ( including single authorities functionaries ) , against merely 24 % that utilized an industry association or formal public-private duologue mechanism.


Due to heavy insurgence in the adjacent states of Jordan like Iraq, Syria and Lebanon the concerns in those states may put up houses in Jordan that will do Jordan the gateway to Middle East. This may do competition with many local concerns but at the same clip will increase fight. This will be besides the ground for people who want to tour Middle East part may prefer due to the security. The influx of refugees from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria will make full the demand spread for low-priced labour for the domestic market that will drive the development growing in the state.Due to Shortage of natural resources like H2O and fuel, Jordan is concentrating on Nuclear Energy to run into it turning domestic demand demands by excavation of U.

Due high Generic drug pricing the demand for pharmaceutical natural stuff and hunt for cheaper beginning can be a opportunity for the increasing the pharmaceutical industry production in Jordan.

Jordan Tourism Statistics:

Types of Tourism per Area

Types of Tourism per Area


History & A ; CultureEco & A ; NatureReligion & A ; FaithLeisure & A ; healthFun & A ; AdventureCapital of jordantententenTenAs-SalttentenMadabatentenUm Ar-RasastentenMount NebotentenJordan Valley & A ; The Dead SeatentententenKaraktenPetratententenTenAkabatentententenTenJerashtentenTenAjluntentenUm Al-JimaltenPellatentenUImm QaystentenShawbaktenDesert Umayyad CastelestenDanatenTenWadi MujibtenTenWadi RumtentenTenAzraq & A ; ShwmaritenTenDibeen ForesttenHammat MaintenMukawirtenAnjaratenTall Mar Eliasten

Entire Number of Arrivals and Tourists

Entire Number of Arrivals and Tourists

200220032004200520062007Entire Number of Arrivals4,677,0184,599,2435,586,6595,817,3706,712,8046,528,626Tourist ( Overnight visitants )2,384,4742,353,0882,852,8092,986,5863,546,9903,430,960Same Day Visitors2,292,5442,246,1552,733,8502,830,7843,165,8143,097,666Tourism Incom/MJD743.,2752.

69431,021.61,460.81,638.9No. of Package Tours tourers137,660145,601254,145338,787278,341359,625Average Length of Stay44.

454.54.24. ecruos

Entire Number of Arrivals and Tourists

Entire Number of Arrivals and Tourists

200220032004200520062007Entire Number of Arrivals4,677,0184,599,2435,586,6595,817,3706,712,8046,528,626Tourist ( Overnight visitants )2,384,4742,353,0882,852,8092,986,5863,546,9903,430,960Same Day Visitors2,292,5442,246,1552,733,8502,830,7843,165,8143,097,666Tourism Income/MJD743.,2752.

69431,021.61,460.81,638.9No. of Package Tours tourers137,660145,601254,145338,787278,341359,625Average Length of Stay44.454. ecruoS


Jordan needs to better supply-side factors like touristry instruction, developing end products, and upgrading travel and utilize information engineering to make mark market. Tourism sector is labour-intensive, which demands big figure of well-trained immature population. It means, they should hold good senses of service and be comparatively knowing.

Although several universities and many intuitions provide cordial reception classs and preparation for people, the instruction qualities are uneven. So enhancing instruction quality is the key to better the touristry fight in planetary market.The Kingdom of Jordan is a typical finish which offers diverse, and the year-around tourer experiences can enrich the lives of Jordanians and visitants.

It is necessary to better the overall fight of Jordan ‘s touristry industry and heighten the tourer experiences through invention in merchandise development, better place and advance the touristry offering to planetary market so that Jordan can pull more foreign clients who have the strong buying power and thrust better concern public presentation in Jordan.Although the Kingdom receives visitants from states far off like Brazil, Australia, Korea and Japan, it is necessary to research new markets throughout the universe including China, Russia and other states to increase the figure of visitants. Those visitants from normally prefer to see more than one finish at a clip. Besides, it should minimise the seasonal forms of tourer reachings to set up Jordan as a alone all-year-around diverse finish.Turkey had witnessed a important growing in the figure of Arab tourers in the past few old ages, A and it had succeeded in increasing touristry grosss from $ 12 billion in 2002 to $ 23 billion in 2011. If Jordan and Turkey have possible cooperation in the touristry sector and develop joint bundles for long-haul tourers in close hereafter, it will pull more visitants all over the universe.

Turkish bearers operate direct flights to these states, which will assist give tourers the option of sing Jordan in the same trip. Bolstering cooperation between Arab states and Turkey in touristry could promote more investing in this sector in Jordan.

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