Haussmannization (Noun):The creative destruction of something for the
betterment of society1, this term was first used to describe the
constructional changes Paris underwent by Georges-Eugène Haussmann; later on it
was used on the same changes that occurred in every city he touched.


Before Haussmannization, Paris was tremendously cramped with traffic, infested
with diseases, and insanitary. The city vulnerable to attacks and it was harder
to protect the citizens or guide the troops in an overcrowded space.

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After Haussmannization, the new sewage systems provided the citizens with
clean drinking water and less diseases, they had access to clean air, high
tourism, greener parks, and a beautiful city. But just when you think this development
caused numerous achievements, it also took away countless great things. Haussmann’s
“straight lines” in the city’s map intersected with a lot of dwellings and
historical buildings. This meant that a tremendous number of citizens were
forced to leave their households and relocated towards the city outskirts. Most
of these citizens were from the lower-class and lived in the slums. They were
okay with moving out of their homes Hoping for a better change because they believed
they would come back to something better. 

In this essay I will be talking about
Haussmann’s work in Paris and Cairo in regards to 2 topics “Beauty” and

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