Types and Uses of Health Care Robots
Health Care Information Systems
HCS 483
September 08. 2013

Types and Uses of Health Care Robots
Health attention automatons are exciting promotions in wellness attention bringing by suppliers. The hereafter of automatons in wellness is assuring and the different types of automatons are turning. Using automatons helps the suppliers give better attention to their patients and utilizing automatons behind the scenes for more accurate bringing of attention as good. Surgical automatons

The district attorney Vinci is presently the most known surgical automaton. It is the lone surgical automaton available for commercial usage. The district attorney Vinci automaton is in usage for gynaecological. prostate. and cardiac surgeries. The district attorney Vinci allows the sawbones to work from a computerized workstation across the room from where the patient is prepped on the operating tabular array. The sawbones maneuvers the robotic weaponries to execute the surgeries. Using the district attorney Vinci eliminates the natural manus shudder that sawboness have through the package in the computing machine system created specifically for that map.

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“’Penelope’ has been developed at Columbia University by general sawbones Dr. Michael Treat with support from the US Army’s Telemedicine and Technology Research Center. in Fort Detrick. MD” ( Schimpff. 2013. p. 1 ) . Penelope is non presently in usage but is a promising automaton on the wellness attention skyline. Dr. Michael Treat created Penelope to replace the current surgical helper that hands the sawbones instruments during surgery. Penelope is equipped with electromagnetic grippers that allows for picking up the instruments the sawbones needs. Penelope arranges the instruments for the process. recognizes voice bids. and verbally can react back to the sawbones. Pharmacy automatons

Pharmacy automatons presently are in usage for distributing medicines. The utilizations are good to the full infirmary staff by cut downing medicine mistakes. orders are entered in by the doctors utilizing computerized physician order entry ( CPOE ) . and bear downing the cost of the medicine to the patients account. The ROBOT-RX is presently in usage in 34 provinces around the state. “The ROBOT-Rx® automated medicine distributing system prevents medicine mistakes. reduces pharmacy labour. and lowers drug stock list. The infirmary pharmaceutics automaton automates medication storage. choice. return. restock. and crediting maps for 90 per centum or more of a hospital’s day-to-day medicine volume” ( “ROBOT-RX. ” 2013. p. 1 ) . Telemedicine automatons

Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant ( RP-VITA ) is used to help doctors who are non on-site when a critical patient is admitted to the infirmary. The automaton is used to link the off-site doctor to the bedside of the patient to measure the patient and give orders to the staff for trials and medicines needed for immediate attention. Particularly utile in the immediate attention of shot patients in the exigency section when clip is important for the bringing of medical specialties. If the doctor is off-site or across the infirmary assisting other patients. the RP-VITA allows for faster face-to-face response between the doctor and the patient. Mentions

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