Hemingway has a unique way with his words; he shows such great emotion between his characters.

His style of narrative writing is simple, direct and easy to understand. When the dialogue starts in his writing he seems to be a bit sexist at times. His writing feels like the male is more important than the women in the story. Deborah Tannen an author and an expert on male and female conversation, she talks about people’s personal relationships and and how they conversate and react to different things.  Hemingway demonstrates a rare display of dialogue between his characters.

Just like in his short story Hills like White Elephants. This short story is a good example of how Hemingway uses dialogue and kind of how the men in his stories are superior to women. The story starts out with two people, a man and women who are waiting at a train station in Barcelona. The couple were out adventuring the world when all of the sudden there world was turned upside down, with the women becoming pregnant..

In the story the man wants the woman to get an abortion which he keeps calling an operation. The man guarantees the lady that it is common and that he will be there to help her if  she were to proceed with it. Throughout the book the man continues to push for the woman to have the operation not giving any thought about her health. The woman continues to avoid the question ans claims she isn’t mad at him or anything and even going as far as saying she would have the operation. The story end with us not knowing if the two proceeded with the abortion or not. Throughout the story hemingway’s portrayal of the man is a lot better than how he portrays the woman. He gives the man such confidence and an ego that makes it seem like the woman has to do everything he wants her to do.

Gloria Holland of Project Muse wrote, “Ernest Hemingway has often been criticized as a misogynist because of his portrayal of women. But some of the most exciting Hemingway scholarship of recent years has come from women scholars who challenge traditional views of Hemingway and women. Hemingway was certainly influenced by traditional perceptions of women, these essays show that he was also aware of the struggle of the emerging new woman of his time. Making this gender struggle a primary concern of his fiction, these critics argue, Hemingway created women with strength, depth, and a complexity that readers are only beginning to appreciate.

” The man in the story didn’t show the girl any respect in the book, constantly nagging her about getting the operation. Not once did he listen to the girl when she would say something like she didn’t want to talk about it, he also was too caught up in himself to realize how she truly felt. Since the book was written so long ago you can give hemingway a little slack about how she was portrayed but he was definitely sexist. The woman had an opinion but it didn’t really feel like it meant much to the male character. The way the male character talked to her as well was sometimes demeaning. A professor for El Camino College wrote, ” Ernest Hemingway’s short fiction, often lionized for its valorous portrayal of the steadfast male exhibiting “grace under pressure” in the face of an increasingly decadent post-World War I society, has come in the last few decades under increasing scrutiny.  What was once interpreted as the author’s attempt to uphold the ideal of a “manly” code is now—since the reinscription of sexual roles in the 1970s—more often either criticized as misogynist and homophobic.” Deborah Tannen the author for Between Woman and Men, wrote, “Trust in a man’s skill is a big issue with some woman.

” Just like in the book hemingway makes the girl seem like she has a big issue, which she has every right to be. But Hemingway doesn’t let he stick up for herself and defend herself at all. Instead she just sits there and shrugs it off and tries to change the subject. Hemingway’s narrative style helps the relationship between the two. It helps the relationship because it shows the two characters what they really want in life at that moment in time. The narrative style shows the girl that the guy may kind of love her but they don’t have the same way of thinking. It helps the girl realize that maybe this guy isn’t the one for her, if he isn’t going to put her health and safety first. It also shows the girl that the guy in the story is very immature.

It also helps the guy by showing him that maybe he isn’t ready for something serious and that all he’s really looking for is a travel buddy and someone to have with. It also helps out the story by causing a little but if conflict between the two characters, the conflict truly makes the story. Paul Simpson a writer for Sage journals writes, “Hemingway stripped so much from his stories that many of his contemporary critics complained that his fiction was little more than snippets of dialogue strung together. Others have called his writing overly masculine—there are no beautiful phrases or breathtaking passages, just the sheer basics.

” So I do believe that hemingway’s narrative style does truly help the relationship, it helped the two characters realize what they want right now and in their future.

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