Hence the reason children are bored, unmotivated and do not realize the value of education. Educators should be fostering creativity and ingenuity into the curriculum, not imposing and micromanaging. The lack of autonomy for every student hinders their ability to develop skills needed in the real world. Therefore, the segment, as well as the entire symposium held in Vancouver, reflects how our education system needs to really listen to the community. It addresses an issue in our society that needs to be dealt with for the sake of the children and society as a whole. This can open our eyes to new ideas and new ways of thinking.  Educators must take their place among society moving beyond the classroom to being and preparing students as citizens of the world. This is not to be confused with coddling students, since educators can provide the essential tools to become a better learner. A good academic foundation is required in order to transition from teenagers into young adults contributing to society. Thus, students should be internalizing what they have learned inside the classroom, to be able to apply to real life situations. With that being said, it is essential to look at the big picture. It is not just the influence of our teachers, it is how society has formed cultural norms and expectations about a student. As a result, I believe this issue goes beyond the school walls. It influences the society’s expectations of youth from our teachers, school board, family and friends. As well as, students mental and physical health; and sadly, demographics of student dropout rates, since students feel so discouraged. This brings me to question, why have our educational systems developed as they have. Students cannot reach their full potential and eventually build their careers, if they are not able to apply themselves. Instead of creating an unhealthy learning culture for students, the education system and societal factors must work together in unity to support to young generation. The key components of change and possibility for the future lies within the hands of our society itself. If we are willing to collaborate, we will be able to improve the intellectual stimulation of our school boards, principals, teachers, students and family. First and foremost, there needs to be a trusted and safe environment for students to be able to talk to approachable teachers to express their concerns, needs, and difficulties. Communication among teachers and students is essential. Students learn to do well only what they practice doing. Similarly, students cannot learn to think critically, analyze information, communicate ideas, make logical arguments, work as part of a team, and acquire other desirable skills unless they are permitted and encouraged to do those things over and over in many contexts. Learning becomes effective when students receive feedback and encouragement, which leads to how expectations will affect performance in the classroom. The positive and negative expectations shown by parents, counselors, principals, peers, and by the news media affect students’ expectations and hence their learning behavior, which can result in a disheartening spiral of confidence and performance. The modern world values people who can think creatively, communicates their ideas and collaborate with others. This is not to say that our education system has failed us, but rather it needs to be reassessed in a more holistic manner, in order to educate our young, developing minds. Albert Einstein said “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. Although, training our minds is not possible when educators and only pay attention to the “intellectual individual.” We are all different in how we learn and what tools and resources work best for us. Therefore, there is a possibility in the future for great innovative educational approaches. All we need to do is collaborate together to establish a concrete foundation for the young mind.

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