Her life starts on June 26, 1949.

She had a dad and a momgrowing up. Her parent’s names are George and Margaret Styles. Mary’s fatherwas just finishing his studies at Meharry Medical School. Her mother though hadjust completed her degree in business administration at Tennessee StateUniversity when Mary Harris was born. Mary has two or ten siblings.

Hersiblings names are………………………………………… Her life is just getting started.She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee.Mary even attended high school with an interest in science. She got thisinterest from reading books and because of her father’s profession. Her parentsencouraged her to read at an early age.

Her father’s profession was dealingwith medicine.  This led her to competein science fairs and also volunteer at medical laboratories like the firstblack owned medical lab. When she was nine years old her father died. This wasa major crisis for her family but not for Mary she kept on following herdreams. Now it is time to zoom on over to her college life.She was a highly intelligent studentwho worked hard to achieve her goals. She graduated from Miami Jackson HighSchool in 1967.

She ranked 12 out of 350 students. She moved to Pennsylvania togo to Lincoln University. She was the only and first women to go to thisUniversity. All of her classmates were surprised she was taking advancedcourses like advanced algebra. After she graduated she married the man of herlife Sidney Harris. In 1971 Mary earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology fromLincoln University. Four years later she earned a Ph.

D. (Doctor of Philosophy)in genetics from Cornell University. A year later Mary Styles Harris wasrewarded a post doctoral fellowship by National Cancer Institute to researchchemical composition of viruses. She chose New Jersey University of Medicineand Density to research the chemical composition of viruses.

The reason forthis is because she wanted to study basic viruses structures and determine hownew discoveries could be used to improve people’s health. Through 1977 to 1979Mary served as an executive director for the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia.In the middle of that in 1978 she was appointed assistant professor to theMorehouse College School of Medicine. During 1979 to 1980 she served as ascientist in residence for public television station WG television channeleight. Then she was appointed assistant professor of biology for AtlantaUniversity. She survived through college and now she is doing somethingincredible.  Through hard work and dedication Marywas able to accomplish her goals and achieve great things.

She spent threeyears as director of genetic services and then two years as the projectcoordinator of a seven-state program. She wanted a break from her work and shegot one but it was short. Sometime during these years she had a daughter. Whenshe returned home she went to California and founded her own company. Hercompanies name is Harris and Associates which is located in Atlanta Georgia. Manycompanies, working with health, needed help to explain their activities to thegeneral public.

Of course Mary helped the companies. Harris and Associates areproducing an audio-visual educational material which covers a range of healthcare issues faced by women minorities. Her company is also doing a series ofradio features that cover public health topics. Recently she just won a grantsupport from National Cancer Institute to make a new series of TV programsabout health problems of African Americans. She continues her hard workthroughout the years helping people understand health care issues.            Her field ofstudy is biologist and geneticist.

A biologist is an expert in science ofliving organisms. A geneticist is the study of genetics. The salary of ageneticist is $75,150 and the biologist salary is $72,220. If you understandthe DNA of people than scientist can find ways to diagnosed diseases, earlydetection, new approaches to treatment, and development of medication. The needfor these studies is humongous because it could improve human life. Withoutthem we would all die a lot quicker than we are supposed to. You need to know alot to have these careers for a job.

For biologists you need to have a fouryear undergraduate degree. For geneticist you need a complete bachelor’s degreeprogram, doctor of medicine or doc. of Osteopathic medicine at medical school.You must also participate in a medical residency to gain specialized training.These are excellent jobs that you could do if you want to help people.

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