Hippocratesof Kos was the man behind establishing medicine as a profession. He was aphysician in the Classical Greece era. He was considered one of the mostprominent figures in medicine history. That is why he is sometimes called the”Father of Medicine”   The quote mentioned on the header is one ofhis famous quotes which relevance cannot be more appealing than in the presentage that we live in. Almost every health concern we deal with today, as in hisera, can trace its roots back to nutrition. Nutrition is a very importantsubject in understanding our bodies better and learning how to take care of them.Different types of foods are classified different.

These classifications comewith their own benefits and effects. This quote helps in reminding that what weeat defines who we become at the end of the day. It keeps reminding thathealthy choices mean health for the body and act as medicine at the same time.This is why it is recommended to have a plate divided into three categories:vegetables, protein source and carbohydrates. The appropriate proportionsshould consist of 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrates.

This wayfood becomes a fuel and medicine for the body.      What we put in our bodies is vital inunderstanding our bodies and in performance of the same. This keeps one in trackto being extra careful on what we consume. There are foods known to causediabetes, cancer and diseases to our bodies. These are harmful foods that weshould keep away from.

Numerous researches are done on a daily basis on whatfoods benefit the body and those that do not. It is important to understand andimplement those that are healthy to the body into a proper diet. We are what weeat.

If we want the best of us, then we have no choice but to eat or consumethe best.

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