To see new cultural, societal life styles and new topographic points you need to go. One key facet why tourers are interested in sing new topographic points and states is to see how some states truly are at first manus. This is called “ Cultural Tourism. ” Responsible travel includes a batch of planning and fixing for your pickup, particularly towards the host community and the environment and tourers have to do certain they respect the people in the society, and have to see the type of civilization and faith in the community. Tourists esteeming their societal, cultural and spiritual heritage of the host community, legal demands, natural and human environments are a major portion of responsible touristry.A great quotation mark is “ Responsible traveling is handling others the manner you wish to be treated and having the same in return. ”[ 1 ]As a traveler, there are many of import functions to make, so you can be a responsible tourer.

You have to do certain you are stand foring your state really good. To do life a batch easier for the tourers and the community, the tourers should look into about the community so they have a better apprehension and an mentality of their beliefs, imposts, values and patterns of the assortment of civilizations and societies. Another great web definition of responsible touristry is “ Travel that takes into consideration the natural, socio-cultural, economic and political contexts of a finish in the hunt to increase benefits and minimise negative impacts. ”[ 2 ]The state I have chosen to look into is El Salvador which is located in Central America.

For this assignment I will be utilizing primary and secondary beginnings. My primary beginning is that I have lived there for five old ages before and have gone for vacations a few times. My secondary beginning was the cyberspace so I can roll up accurate information in instance it has been updated since the last clip I have visited. and completed some secondary beginnings work for my instructorAs sing another state it means blending with a new civilization and hence you have to larn the state ‘s etiquette, protocol and imposts. Sometimes this can do embarrassment for the tourers if they do n’t cognize about it or offence to the community. If the tourers know what to anticipate and hold learnt about the state beforehand there is non much opportunity that they will hold any jobs with the community.

The tourers should hold an apprehension of how their community is and should cognize about their linguistic communication, employment and educational degrees. The linguistic communication which is spoken in El Salvador is Spanish and non many people know English so you have to hold to cognize rather a spot of Spanish so your vacation is a bit more gratifying.There are many differences in El Salvador to our society such as a really of import facet which is how the households are raised. The caput of the household is ever the male parent ; he is the 1 that works while the married woman looks after the place and the kids. Since they are born, the kids are taught that they will hold different outlooks and different functions in their life. Recently, its been easy altering every bit now more in-between and upper category females are working although most of the occupations are to be secretaries and office places, but easy more adult females are going physicians, instructors and tooth doctors. Another major portion of the state El Salvador is etiquette and imposts.

Salvadorian people are really polite and ever state a nice salutation when recognizing each other such as Buenos Dias which means good forenoon. They ever refer to people by the appropriate honorific rubric ( sir or lady ) and their family name until requested to alter to a first name footing, so when run intoing new people you must do certain to non name them by their first name, unless asked to, as it will come off as rude and violative. Salvadorians are highly hospitable and great hosts and when invited to hold dinner, it is considered dissing to go forth shortly after dinner, it is expected that the invitees will remain a few hours after dinner to chew the fat with the hosts.

Another major facet is that they take pride on how they present themselves so they are ever dressed good and they usually dress up for traveling out to dinner. When you areinvited to person ‘s house for dinner, it is expected that you will take flowers, cocoa or something little as a gift to the host. El Salvador is a really spiritual state with Catholic and Christian being the most popular with the population and Salvadorians attend church often so it is of import to take that into consideration when traveling at that place for a holiday as they take it really earnestly. Tourists should do certain to follow with all these imposts and to be on the same degree of niceness to the people in the society.

El Salvador is known to hold many nice attractive forces such as the amazing beaches which are really popular for surfboarders, large shopping promenades, Mayan Ruins, unrecorded music scene and many nice bars and eating houses. The travel bureaus choose to publicize all the nice things but they do n’t allow you cognize the bad things about it, such as all the force there is in El Salvador, including robberies, snatch, stealing and menaces. They choose to publicize smiling locals at the beach, cheery yearss, nice clean beaches to acquire us to desire to travel at that place and so it attracts our money but outside the walls, there is another world and this is what they try to conceal from the tourers.I would paraphrase this subdivision so it becomes one of the assignment undertakings, delete the info about how its portrayed and speak about the world and what tourist need to cognize of the dangersan consciousness of touristry issues in the finishhypertext transfer protocol: // the extent to which tourers and the touristry industry show responsible travel in the finish chosen by exposing:an consciousness of, and regard for, the societal, legal, cultural, and spiritual heritage of the host communityan consciousness of, and regard for natural environmentsan consciousness of touristry issues in the finishgood direction patterns of these touristry issues to ensures sustainability

these countries are non covered in your assignment

hold you looked in smart traveler for info? ? ? It ‘s a good topographic point for touristry issues for El Salvadorhypertext transfer protocol: //www.smartraveller. this page:DrumheadSafety and SecurityLocal LawsInformation for Dual NationalsEntry and Exit RequirementsHealth IssuesWhere to Get Helpgood direction patterns of these touristry issues to ensures sustainabilitySustainable TourismThe United Nations World Tourism Organisation defines sustainable touristry as touristry that meets the demands of present tourers and host parts while protecting and heightening chance for the hereafter. Rather than being a type of merchandise, it is an ethos that underpins all touristry activities.

The aim of sustainable touristry is to retain the economic and societal advantages of touristry development while cut downing or extenuating any unwanted impacts on the natural, historic, cultural or societal environment. This is achieved by equilibrating the demands of tourers with those of the finishResponsible TourismResponsible touristry is the closest definition to sustainable touristry ; nevertheless it tends to mention to the consumers ‘ pick of finish and manner of conveyance based on their ethical, political and racial sensitivenesss every bit good as being concerned for the environment and local one time you understand this what you need to make is look at how/what direction patterns they presently have that will guarantee sustainability ( the hereafter of ) El Salvador ‘s touristry industry and discourse them,so in your sentiment reply undertaking 3“ Is touristry in El Salvador sustainable and considerate of cultural diverseness? ”Undertaking 2 Choose a peculiar event or attractive force that involves the cross-cultural interaction between tourers and the host community. Find out how the peculiar event or attractive force is being promoted and whether the publicity is:an accurate portraiture of the existent state of affairsconveys a message that encourages sensitive and ethical behaviorshopping promenades etc are non an illustration of this have a expression at the festivals I found below



English name

Local name

January 16Peace Accords DayDia de los Acuerdos de PazCelebrates the peace agreements subscribing between the authorities and the guerilla in 1992 that finished the 12-year civil war. Largely political events.

March/AprilHoly Week/EasterSemana SantaCelebrated with Carnival-like events in different metropoliss by the big Catholic population.May 1Labor DayDia del trabajoInternational Labour DayMay 3The Day of the CrossDia de la CruzA jubilation with pre-colonial beginnings that is linked to the coming of the rainy season. Peoples decorate a cross in their paces with fruit and Garlands so go house to house to kneel in forepart of the communion table and do the mark of the cross.May 10Mothers ‘ DayDia de las MadresAugust 1-7August Festivals*Fiestas de agostoWeek-long festival in jubilation of El Salvador del Mundo, frequenter saint of San Salvador.September 15Independence DayDia de la IndependenciaCelebrates independency from Spain, achieved in 1821.October 1Day of the kids“ Dia del nino ”Celebration dedicated to the Children of the state it is celebrated across the state.October 12Day of the raceDia de la razaCelebration in dedication to the Christopher Columbus ‘s reaching to America.

November 2Day of the DeadDia de los Santos DifuntosA twenty-four hours on which most people visit the grave of asleep loved 1s. ( November 1 may be commemorated every bit good. )November 21Queen of the Peace DayDia de la Reina de la PazDay of the Queen of Peace, the frequenter saint. Besides celebrated, the San Miguel Carnival, ( carnaval de San Miguel ) a known banquet in El Salvador, celebrated in San Miguel City, similar to Mardi Gras of New Orleans, where you can bask about 45 music sets on the street.hypertext transfer protocol: //www. fx=event & A ; event_id=19236Holy Week in El SalvadorChildren usage dyed salt to make spiritual street art during Holy Week, El Salvador. A© Walkyman


28 Mar – 4 Apr 2010 ( one-year )


San Salvador




Daily all twenty-four hoursFrom Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, Semana Santa is the most of import festival on El Salvador ‘s calendar. Catholic church services and grave street emanations exhibiting luxuriant gold statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary commemorate Holy Week throughout the state.

Look down as you follow a street emanation to see a graphic rug of color beneath your pess. Locals begin every bit early as 5am to make the brilliant spiritual street art made from bleached salt. The images can take up to 15 hours to finish.

visitant info

tourer info


Town Information:

San Salvador

Full Name:

San Salvador, El Salvador


By Plane: international flights arrive at Comalapa International Airport. By Bus: international and domestic depart and arrive from the three chief coach terminuss.I thought this one sounded interesting but evidently your personal cognition will assist your determination

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