Drum Set

Description of the Musical Instrument

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My choice of a musical instrument
is a homemade drum set made using locally available materials. A drum set is
one of the oldest musical instrument, which is still being used in present times.
A drum set consists of a drum and two drumsticks. As a musical instrument, a
drum set is operated by hitting it rhythmically using a pair of drumsticks. The
homemade drum set will be made of the following materials: a cylindrical container
made of either aluminum, or plastic, a pair of sticks, faux leather, a rubber strip,
and a thin rope. One will also need to have the following tools: scissors,
marker pen, or pencil, and eyelet punch.

The process of making the homemade drum set

Using the base and the top circumfluence
of the cylindrical container, draw two circles on the faux leather. After
marking the circles, make another two circles to surround the two circles with
a margin of about 3 inches on the outside. Use the outside circles to cut out
rounded pieces of faux leather. Between the edges of the circular pieces of the
faux leather and the inside circle make small holes around the pieces of
leather with a distance of about four inches between each hole using an eyelet
punch. Use the circular pieces of leather to cover the base and the top of the
container according to their sizes, and then use the thin rope to thread the
two pieces of leather together and ensure they are tight. Tie a rubber strip
around the pair of sticks to make a pair of drumsticks. One is now ready to
enjoy the sound of a homemade drum set using either the pair of drumstick, or
hands to hit the drum.

The sound of the homemade drum set and how it can be
made to sound better.

The homemade drum set will produce
a similar sound to that of the modern drum though the sound quality will be lower
and it will not have a variety of sounds compared to the modern drum sets. I
would like my homemade drum set to have an amazing bass sound, which is clear.
To improve the sound of the homemade drum I will use the edges of the
drumsticks and vary the force I will use to hit the drum. Additionally, I will
hit the homemade drum rhythmically according to the song that is being
performed. Moreover, I can beat the drum a little bit to improve on the sound

The various uses, which the homemade drum kit can put

The homemade drum set main use is
supplementing music and making is sound interesting. It will be used to
increase quality and appeal of music. I can also use my homemade drum kit alone
without accompanying a song as an entertainment tool. Another use of the
homemade drum set is for cheering up teams as they play. It can be used to drum
up support for teams as they compete in various competitions; the bass sound
will create a great atmosphere both for the fans and the team. This instrument
can also be used as a piece of art to showcase creativity.

The dependency of the homemade drum set to particular surroundings.

The homemade drum kit can be made
anywhere in the world because most input materials are available globally and
those inputs that are not available can be readily substituted with another
material. The music instrument is therefore not surroundings dependent, it is
easy to make and use.

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