The hotel industry, a trillion dollar service sector of the planetary economic system underwent enormous alterations and growing over the old ages. A important figure of hotels were setup worldwide to pull off the touristry roar and increasing travellers ‘ demands. The United Nations World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) shows a record of 467 million riders going in the first half of 2012 and predicted that the international touristry could perchance make one billion tourers by the terminal of 2012 ( AFP Relax News, 2012 ) .

The rush in the visitant reachings had led to a rush in demand and verve and chances in the hotel industry ; which precipitated the demand for hotels ‘ equipment and services. Businesss covering with hotel equipments and supplies are to a great extent dependent on the public presentation of the cordial reception industry. With this in position, it is critical to derive penetration of the public presentation of the hotel industry.

Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) statistics reported that Singapore ‘s tourer reachings in 2011 had reached an all-time high record of 13.2 million with hotel gross of 2.6 billion, with more than 75 per cent of the visitant reachings from the Asia-Pacific part, particularly Indonesia. This figure surpasses an official prognosis of between 12 and 13 million, with a rise of 13 per cent from 2010 ( XINMSN News, 2012 ) . The mean hotel tenancy rate increased by 9 per centum points to 85 per cent in 2010 with entire hotel suites standing at more than 47,000. 2011 had been a singular twelvemonth but 2012 ‘s economic system may be unsure in the planetary economic environment and the cordial reception sector may be impacted and weakened due to the Euro zone crisis ( Your Singapore. Singapore Tourism Board Annual study, 2010/2011 ) .

Despite economic uncertainness, Singapore still remains as one of Asia ‘s favorite resort areas for travelers in the part because of the strong and positive economic growing and the limited exposure to the US/Europe tourer markets. The state possessed universe category installations and there is a demand for incentive travel, conferences, conventions and exhibitions ( MICE ) . This is mostly driven by the two incorporate resorts- Resort World Singapore and Marina Bay Sands. Major attractive forces further back up the growing in visitant reachings by holding Gardens by the Bay, Equarius Water Park, Marine Life Park and new international Cruise and River Safari in 2013 ( Robert Mcintosh, 2012 )

The entry of extra budget air hose – IndiGo and Scoot besides farther increase Singapore ‘s rider traffic. In another facet, the medical touristry demand is besides turning strongly with Singapore positioning itself as a taking medical hub ( Robert Mcintosh, 2012 ) .

CBRE Hotels expect island-wide tenancy rate to keep above 80 per cent and likely hover between 83 to 86 per cent this twelvemonth despite the rise in net hotel room supply with room supply estimated to lift by 4.2 per cent. The forecasted mean tenancy rate for this twelvemonth underpins an active twelvemonth for the hotel industry with the positive figure of visitant reachings expected ( Robert Mcintosh, 2012 )

There are besides several approaching hotel undertakings at terminal of 2012 – 2014, such as Connexion – Singapore ‘s first incorporate infirmary, coupled with hotel and medical specializer Centre ( Singapore Builder 2012 ) , Parkroyal on Pickering – a hotel offering exalted sky gardens and an sole rooftop sofa that provides dramatic 360 degree positions of the Singapore metropolis skyline ( Parkroyal Hotel 2012 ) and Carlton hotel at Gopeng street, following to Amara Hotel in Tanjong Pagar country ( Kalpana Rashiwala, 2007 )

These hotel undertakings reflect its assurance in Singapore ‘s cordial reception sector and hike the hotel industry. Singapore is the 2nd most active hotel investing market in 2011, after China, with 11 minutess amounting to US $ 1.25 billion. This figure accounts for 20 per cent of the entire investing volumes in Asia ( Robert Mcintosh, 2012 ) .

As mentioned earlier in the beginning of the study, there is a strong connexion between the cordial reception sector and the hotels ‘ equipment and services concern. The local market offers good concern chances to these concerns with presently less than 30 companies that supplies hotel equipments and services to the local hotels industry ( YellowPages, 2012 ) . This makes the concern extremely feasible due to the niche and specialised concern nature that coupled with high concern feasiblenesss and chances. Their services include ( s ) supplying consultancy services, offering comfortss such as toilet articless and accoutrements, laundry supplies, cordial reception cloths such as table linens, chair screens, serviettes and skirting, cutter and glasswork, banquet furniture, counter shows and accoutrements, house-keeping, table top trappingss and kitchen and saloon equipments and uniforms.


Hotel Resource Co Pte Ltd is a cordial reception supplies specialist based in Singapore with gross revenues and distribution coverage in peripheral states ( Hotel Resource, 2008 ) . At present, the company has no abroad presence and this study shall function as a good feasibleness survey and appraisal for the local company to see embarking overseas.

Hotel Resource is a ego owned company that was established in 1998 with a concern nature of hotel retail and fabrication. Their mission is to present comprehensive merchandises and services to the cordial reception and institutional industry. They aim high to be the taking supplier of superior hotel equipment in Singapore by join forcesing with celebrated trade names around the universe to convey quality and dependable merchandises at the best possible value and lead clip. The concern invariably strives to be precursors in merchandises and services through invention and presenting new constructs to the market. With over 10 old ages of cordial reception and operating experiences, the professional and dedicated squad endlessly meets and exceeds clients ‘ demands ( Hotel Resource, 2008 ) .

Hotel Resource provides an extended scope of cordial reception merchandises and services to the service industry, such as cordial reception cloths, i.e. , linen and skirting, feasting furniture, Internet Explorer, chairs and sofas, counter shows i.e. , java urns, portable sneezing guards and cocoa fondues, housekeeping supplying i.e. , apparels hanger base and babe cot and table top trappings i.e. postpone battalions and lightings. To set up a strong relationship and seamless concern minutess with the clients, the company have engaged themselves with strong spouses who perform fabricating for furniture ; which includes Foundations from United States that supplies hotel and child care cot ( Foundations, 2012 ) , Burgess Furniture from United Kingdom that provides furniture pieces for the feasting market ( Burgess Furniture, 2008-2012 ) , MTS from United States that industry seating for the cordial reception sector and Resol Group from United States that manufactures fictile merchandises with design and invention ( Resol Group, 2012 ) . Apart from furniture, Hotel Resource besides spouse themselves with established spouses such as Hollowick from United States that supplies tabletop merchandises ( Hollowick,1996-2012 ) , Liddell linens from Ireland that provides quality linens ( Liddell, n.d. ) , Lissadell from Ireland that supply bathroom and watering place linens ( Lissadell, n.d. ) and Magiglide from France that manufactures skiding tablets ( Magiglide, n.d. ) . The company has successfully equipped themselves with full cordial reception merchandises and services to turn to the high hotel industry demands.

Hotel Resource has a simple functional organisational construction. It has a top-down attack with pull offing manager at the top, followed by gross revenues manager, concern development executive, gross revenues & A ; admin executive and administrative helper at the underside. ( Figure 3.1 )

Figure 3.1: Hotel Resource Co Pte Ltd Organizational Chart

Bing a well little house, the company does non hold the capacity to execute corporate societal duty ( CSR ) on a big graduated table. But they do execute economic duty by bring forthing goods and services that society requires and to maximise net incomes for the proprietors and stakeholders. They perform legal duty with regard to allow corporate behaviour by carry throughing their economic ends within the model of legal demands imposed by the Singapore authorities. Last, CSR is besides performed by using ethical duty that includes behaviour that requires one to move with equity, equity and esteeming the rights of all persons. ( Figure 3.2 )

Figure 3.2: Hotel Resource ‘s Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the old ages, the company has successfully worked their manner up to go a purveyor of the cordial reception industry and has built an outstanding client base of over 100 esteemed clients, runing from hotels, service flats, nines and eating houses, providing companies, infirmaries, embassies, corporate houses, non-profitable organisations and overseas. ( Figure 3.3 )


Figure 3.3: Hotel Resource ‘s Major Customer Base

In add-on, Hotel Resource has besides integrated engineering into the concern by making an enlightening web page for clients and site visitants to larn more about its concern. Inside the web page, it provided clear information on its company background and contacts, concern spouses and merchandises scope and services. Under each merchandise page, it comes with short descriptions of the merchandises and attached catalogues with full coloring material images. The web page is easy to voyage and the web design and orientation is clean and organized with high precedency. The alliance and spacing between each line is besides comfy and easy to read. Having to state so, the web site can still be farther enhanced by supplying more information such as fiscal statements, monetary value lists, testimonies from hotels and CSR, if any ( Hotel Resource, 2008 ) .

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