Hovey and Beard Company is a fabrication industry in which specializes in a broad array of wooden playthings and things of the similar. The procedure begins in the wood room where plaything are manufactured and transformed through a cut. sand. and partial assembly procedure. Playthings are so dipped into shellac ( varnish ) and sent to the picture room. Painting was ever completed by manus for many old ages until demand addition became excessively much. The picture operation was altered so that the painters sat in an assembly line where they would take playthings off of maulerss and spray them to so put them back on the hook for drying. The velocity of the hook line was designed so that each trained painter would hold adequate clip to catch a plaything. spray it. and hang it back up before the following one arrived. With alteration in development came alteration in benefits. Painters were paid on a group fillip program and would have a learning fillip for preparation hours that would sporadically diminish in sum each month.

The six month larning period was set in topographic point to disappear after said clip when all employees were expected to be comfy with the new system – that is. able to run into production criterion and gain a group fillip when exceeded. After two months of preparation. it seemed to demo that painters were larning more easy than anticipated and it began to look as though production would fall far below what was planned. Many maulerss were traveling by empty and painters complained that the procedure wasn’t working good ensuing in occupation replacings. Complicating the acquisition procedure farther. one painter whom the group regarded as its leader was outspoken in taking the ailments of the group. Ailments showed. the occupation was mussy. maulerss moved excessively fast. pay inducement was non right calculated. and working conditions were hot from being so near to the drier. Overall. employees became progressively disheartened. morale was low. and they felt as though they wouldn’t be able to make their fillip payments and work was meaningless.

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Hovey and Beard Co. has a list of issues due to values. or lack there of. refering chiefly to employee emotions. Employees were unmotivated to work due to miss of communicating with the direction during the clip of operation and fabrication alterations. Painters had gone from consistent wage making something they were all really extremely skilled at to being dropped to developing for a new system of work that was uncomfortable and unbeneficial due to compensation and on the job conditions. This all lead further to a low self-pride in the workers and a whittled dignity or wealth. Work no longer reflected personal accomplishment but a group rating which was unjust for certain workers. Without accomplishment and without wages. there is nil to work for. The painters disheartened would hold instead quit than continue to work unhappily making something they one time enjoyed.

Work was one time flexible and good for the painters but due to miss of regard was now focused merely on the ends of the company. The learning period is when things began to demo first marks of failure. Workers became disheartened when they couldn’t complete the occupation decently after six months of preparation. Work was extremely inefficient as maulerss were being missed and toys weren’t being completed. The workers personal perceptual experience was as failures. They looked at themselves like they couldn’t do their ain occupation. decreased motive. and increased self uncertainty.

Hertzberg’s hygiene factors are an accurate representation of this instance. Hygiene factors are based on the demand for a concern to avoid unpleasantness at work. If these factors are considered unequal by employees. so they can do dissatisfaction with work. Hovey and Beard’s company policy along with the disposal. rewards. employee to employer dealingss. and working conditions lacked positive hygiene factors. Steady rewards were non implemented by Hovey and Beard for workers. Working conditions became suffering as the hook line was excessively fast and closely located to the drier doing workers flustered and uncomfortably hot. Employer direction worked in a really irresponsible and unethical mode.


Hovey and Beard Company have many issues as we merely discussed but all of which. in my sentiment. can be fixed. Thingss began to look bright for the company when direction decided to hold meetings with employees and discourse what alterations should be made. Through an addition in communicating employee and employer relationships brighten in which trust and regard is obtained. The velocity of the maulers was the centre of treatment and the chief cause of the emotional and value issues within the company. As we see in the instance. giving the different options of hook assembly velocity. production increased. employees felt motivated and passionate about work once more. and steady base wage along with bonus’ were being met. This is where I believe things were working best for Hovey and Beard Co.

Solving working conditions leads to the following issue of employee authorization and what places have justified influence in alteration of rewards and work burden. Management became flustered between the net incomes of the painters and that of other workers in the mill. Conflict between the overseer and the supervisor. the applied scientists and the supervisor. and the overseer and the applied scientists led to the overseer revoking the acquisition fillip for painters and returned to the old picture operation. I believe a alteration in direction demands to happen. The overseer should be fired and the supervisor should take the place based off of better values displayed throughout the instance. In add-on. working conditions should travel back to the controlled velocity of the maulerss set by workers and non applied scientists. This was most good to the companies production rate and besides to the workers good being. mental wellness. positive emotions. and benefits.

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