1. Discourse how the rules of occupation design and support theory apply to the public presentation jobs at the Hovey and Beard Company. Principals of Job design exhibited at the Hovey and Beard Company. a production company who made playthings. Plaything painters were sing the undermentioned jobs: New painters learned at a slower gait ( doing the other painters lose money on wagess per piece ) the assembly line hooks moved excessively fast. painters blamed direction. Incentive wage wasn’t adequate for workers and it was excessively hot working so near to the drying ovens. One painter. who worked with the company the longest. was appointed by other painters to turn to their concerns with the supervisor.

Supervisor listened and worked closely with painters to turn to their concerns ; he worked good and incorporated the end puting theory with the painters. Changing the work design of the painters work station. direction used a positive support theory to do the painters portion of the solution. Management installed fans. put ining a timer on the hook device: fast. medium and decelerate. allowing the workers choose the clip of twenty-four hours to alter the velocity. Directors keep the inducements traveling with the larning fillip and the per piece wages. Besides. update meetings were being held to maintain everyone on the same page. Production was 50 % higher.

Other employees felt the unfairness in the company. they were skilled labours and non doing every bit much money as the painters. with this direction stopped all inducements for the painters ; everything went back to the original work environment. because direction felt the negative support towards the skilled labours. Management should hold looked into a more effectual procedure. The supervisor. who managed the painters ( equity theory ) . left the company to seek other employment

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2. Analyze the public presentation jobs utilizing the “performance diagnosing model” in Chapter 7. Exhibit 7. 6 Performance Diagnosis Model When analysing the Performance Diagnosis Model. and replying no to the inquiry “Do both the foreman and the subsidiary agree that the subsidiaries public presentation demands to be improved? ” . leads us to perceptual experience. by the subsidiary. There are non different positions between director and subsidiary. When the answered is “yes” and a subordinates public presentation demands to better. three public presentation jobs arise.

1. Resource job. subsidiary does non hold plenty resource support ; he/she may necessitate stuff. forces support and cooperation from mutualist work groups. 2. Training job. the subsidiary may non hold plenty training/skills to adequately perm his/her occupation. 3. Aptitude job. providing subsidiary with more resources for occupation public presentation. including more preparation if necessary. Manager can refit subordinate into different place or release employee from company. If the subsidiaries public presentation needs betterment and it is non a consequence of unequal ability. it will than go a motive job.

Lack of motive from subsidiary can stem from three different jobs. 1. Expectation jobs between subsidiary and director. bad communicating can take to different positions on occupation demands and ends between director and subsidiary. 2. Incentive jobs. subsidiary does non experience his/her occupation public presentation makes a difference. he/she has non been given adequate provender back or supports. no wages system either intrinsic or extrinsic from direction. 3 Salience job. a subsidiary oppugning whether or non rewards/incentives are deserving his/her occupation public presentation.

Manager may reenforce inducements and wagess. going more originative in the nature of the wages. Manager needs to be more flexible and originative with wagess. holding his/her subsidiaries choose which is better for them and their occupation public presentation. The “Performance Diagnosis Model” is an apprehensible tool for directors to relieve occupation public presentation jobs. re-designing occupations. relocating subsidiaries to different places if necessary. puting different ends that help occupation public presentation and utilizing different methods of motive. alternatively of reasoning that hapless public presentation from subsidiaries may stem from personality issues or bad attitudes.

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