The introduction of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950’s was the start of a new genre to the younger population. This was the start of rebelling, sex and drugs. Some of the rock ‘n’ roll stars that were around at this time were Elvis Presley, the King, Bill Haley and Lonnie Donegan.

Parents and the church frowned upon rock ‘n’ roll. Elvis especially, as he danced in a ‘sexual’ way in front of all the young viewers. He was also seen as a rebel and a crude person.

Also some of the lyrics from the rock ‘n’ roll era were said to be rude.The 1960’s started with the same kind of music as the 1950’s, but that was soon to change. The Beatles, who were a band from Liverpool, had a whole new sound, based on harmony singing, two guitars and a powerful bass guitar with a drum section. They were seen as young boys with a cheeky sense of humour, and they were all working-class youths. They had many number 1 hits, and still carry on to do so this day. There was a stage that happened towards the end of 1962, where the record-buying public was hooked and the press coined the term ‘Beatlemania’.

Other styles of music around at this time were The Beach Boys (Californian surf music), Aretha Franklin, The Supremes (Soul), Bob Dylan, Donovan (Folk), The Grateful Deed, Jefferson Airplane (Psychedelia-the music of the hippies and ‘flower power’).In 1960, they also had the rock era; this consisted of glam rock and punk rock. Glam rock introduced artists like Gary glitter, Elton John, David Bowie and the sweet. These artists wore make-up and outrageous costumes, and played loud electric rock music. Whereas punk rock consisted of bands such as The Clash, The Damned and The Buzzcocks. These groups set out to shock people, playing music that was loud, fast and heavy, more noise than actual music.

The Sex Pistols were seen to be one of the most outrageous bands ever! As they swore on live television, and all it seemed like they wanted to do was get drunk and stoned. Also when they played in Caerphilly in December 1976, Christians held a protest vigil outside the hall.Also in the 1960’s girls started playing instruments in bands such as The Slits and the Banshees.This decade was a big decade for teenagers and drugs. Drugs such as LSD, opium and acids became very popular with teenagers. They also had the Woodstock festival, which was a massive festival jam packed with sweaty, stoned hippies.

In the 1980-90’s music was a very big business. Lots of money was spent on advertising and marketing bands.People didn’t use proper instruments anymore; they all used synthesisers, drum machines and computerised keyboards in pop music in this decade. 80’s groups like the Human League and the techno dance artists of the 1990’s used these instruments.

Even though these new age bands used all these new age instruments, there were still al the old skool bands who looked back to the 60’s for their inspiration, such as Oasis, Blur and Pulp.A lot of female artists in this era had a stronger image than those of the years before. Madonna was one of the best-selling artists of the 1980’s, and Tina Turner, a veteran of the 1960’s, made a hugely successful comeback. The Spice Girls cultivated a great image for young girls with the slogan ‘girl power’.

Today the music industry is very different. There are a lot more bands nowadays and also a lot more genres of music. Music is a lot more lenient as well, on the album covers there can be rude pictures and also the lyrics sometimes have a lot of swearing and blasphemy in.

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