Owen nowadayss both the physical landscape of war and the emotional and societal landscape of war through a assortment of poetic devices such as linguistic communication and imagination. This verse form is from the position of a soldier who has already been killed. supplying an nonsubjective and detached. arial point of position. And the rubric of the verse form. ‘The Show’ is polysemantic because on one manus. it can be interpreted as the soldier watching the conflict as though watching a show as a warped signifier of amusement along with ‘Death’ which has been personified into an existent being. whilst. on the other manus the rubric may non be mention to a signifier of amusement but instead to the word used by the soldiers to mention to the conflict. This seems like a manner for the soldiers to hedge world and do visible radiation of the state of affairs they are in. ‘The Show’ has no construction and is formless this gives us an overmastering sense of pandemonium.

The verse form is divides into sentences instead than versify which provides a really irregular signifier and reflects the abnormality of a soldier’s life. Owen uses half-rhyme and this futher reinforces the thought of abnormality and incompatibility. In the first stanza. Owen describes the physical landscape with the simile. ‘cratered like the moon’ and this gives us an thought of the mutilation of the surface of the Earth caused by the bombs and land mines explading. The imagination of the Moon is a common comparing which is frequently made so we are all familiar withit and this enables us to visualize the extent of the damaged landscape ravaged by the war. Equally good as this Owen says that the landscape is ‘fitted with great pocks and strikebreakers of plaques’ . This phrase includes plasives which aid in stressing the image of harm. unwellness and decay.

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