How Technology Has Hurt Us Essay, Research Paper

How Technology Has Hurt Us

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Although many innovations have helped us and made our lives easier they

hold besides caused some jobs.

With the innovation of the auto came jobs such as air pollution.

Cities are going more and more engorged with people utilizing their autos even

for short distances. The authorities is seeking to do this better by doing

autos pass an emmission control trial. Another job with autos is that 100s

of people die or get earnestly injured each twelvemonth.

Another proficient innovation that maybe we would hold been better without

is arms. Although arms were made to protect our state and maintain freedom

it seems to hold done the antonym. Drive by shots are a day-to-day occurence in

our large metropoliss. More people are turning the guns on themselves. Childs bring

guns to school with them for protection against people who may utilize a gun on them

for revenge. Politically its divided the state on whether private citizens

should be able to transport guns.

Disposable points have caused a large refuse job. We use everything

& gt ; from disposable pens to disposable nappies. We can halt some of the refuse

job by recycling.

Air conditioners are utilizing up allot of our electricity. There are times

in the summer when brown outs happen because if our inordinate usage of the air

conditioners. Freon gets released into our environment.

Today people are being kept alive longer and longer. Peoples that have

no opportunity of recovery are being kept alive on ventilators. This causes a great

disbursal to society and an emotional emphasis on the household. Even though older

people may implore to allow them decease medical specialty garbages to allow them. This is easy

altering with life volitions.

Even though we love to watch Television it has besides caused jobs. Some

people say that force has increased in America because there is excessively much

force on telecasting. Family clip has become less because people are watching

Television. Kids pass more clip locked upstairs in their sleeping rooms watching Television.

Negative intelligence comes into our life suites every dark.

I would instead seek to work out the jobs that engineering has caused than

non to believe of any new ways to do our lives easier.

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