The subject I chose is about’How the media dainty and describe the minority group of people? ’ . My research job formulated from this subject is’Why the media treated and reported the Zhang Guorong–Leslie’s decease and Foxconn workers suicide so otherwise? ’ . Leslie is a celebrated histrion in Hong Kong and due to many grounds he jumped from a hotel edifice and suicided in April1st. 2003. After the media reported his self-destruction grandly. his fans all over the universe felt truly sorry for him and held his decease anniversary really April 1st. The Foxconn is a large mill and in twelvemonth 2010. 14 workers jumped from the edifice and suicided. At first. the media didn’t pay much attending to describe it until the figure of the self-destruction kept increasing. The media reported that because of the big sum of the same work the unbroken making twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. they felt their life meaningless and as a consequence. they chose to suicide. Harmonizing to the cyberspace ( Baidu ) and besides my societal experience. the media took Leslie’s self-destruction more earnestly than the Foxconn worker’s self-destruction.

When the public idea about Leslie’s self-destruction. most of them felt genuinely commiseration about his decease and will memorise him every twelvemonth. But when came to Foxconn’s self-destruction. most people merely felt sorry for them and felt angry about the Foxcoon’s regulations. evidently there is no memorize activities for the died workers held by the pubic. The ground why both media and the public took the decease of Leslie–a celebrated famous person more earnestly is that the workers suicided in Foxconn are migratory workers–which we called the societal minority group. As we know. migratory workers are particular group of people came into being during he past 30 old ages in China. 1000000s of farmer’s boies with dreams left their countryside and came into the metropolis. became a new of import group of labours. They have low wage. life in bad adjustments and can’t enjoy the same public assistance as the citizens(Baidu cyberspace Encyclopedia ) . People care more about and esteem more to the famous persons instead than the migratory workers.

In other words. migratory workers are merely like the bottom degree people who don’t merit to acquire other’s attending. The ground I think my research is of import is that on the one manus. I can happen out that how the society cares about the minority group like migratory workers. on the other manus. I can happen out the relationship between media and the populace through the research. In my sentiment. the consequence of my research shows that the society still non care about the minority group much and this is what we should better. Besides. the relationship between the media and the populace is complicated related–the media influenced the public’s involvement and their focal point. the populace besides influenced the media every bit good.

My research came from ‘the media and the journalism’ country which is belongs to my major–communication. As a communicating pupil. I want to cognize more about the media presents. During category. teacher told me that the media and the newsmans should be ‘watchdogs’–select what should be reported and what shouldn’t. and besides give the truth to the populace ( Agenda scene and the media’s building of world ) . So I want to turn out that the media should non merely give the truth to the populace. but besides should care more about the society minority group through my research.

My methods to roll up the primary informations in the field is. first. surf the cyberspace to look through the events and do certain my information is precisely right. Second. I clarify the information and justice it critically whether it is utile to my research. Third. analysing the information and happen out which is suited for my study and grade where the citations came from. At last. I select the citation I can utilize and set it in to my study.

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