How to evaluate a movie: “Pleasantries” extraordinary color and editing effects Cinema is one of the youngest and at the same time one of the most popular worldwide arts. Its history in compare with over thousands of years of history of music, art and theater is short (Yankee). Film has a powerful impact on the hearts and minds of all the people. It is hard to imagine today’s’ world without cinema and movies. It is interesting not only to watch the movie, but also to evaluate it; to understand how it was shoot, camera angles, light and many other criteria.

The film Pleasantries” was shot in the distant, by today’s standards, 1998, and yet it contains much that contemporary filmmakers might take as an example for imitation (Minnow). Picture was nominated for three awards “Oscar”, and also took many other awards (Minnow). The main idea of the film is that in order to change the world we have to change ourselves. The movie is recommended to watch due to its wonderful coloring effects that are very rare in today’s cinema, retro music that brings you to ass and its uncommon editing effects. There are many different ways to analyze, watch, and valuate a film.

There are many methods to approach a film while evaluating it, it is more than Just watching the film for pure enjoyment but requires the viewer to go deeper. The most important criteria to evaluate the movie are: editing, colors, sound and lightening. Editing is a particularly hard thing to evaluate. Editors select sounds and images from all the film that has been shot and arrange them to make the movie. Scenes may have been photographed poorly but a skilled and creative editor can assemble the film so that the audience will never see these imperfections (Cinema Editing).

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Color technology has allowed filmmakers to demonstrate emotions, display the positions of certain features of their films. Being able to operate with color has created fantastic worlds in films as well as been used for symbolism and combined with black and white to change our views. Films have used color to create an alternative universe and to show that things aren’t really as we understand them (Film Reference). The importance of sound effects should not be underrated; commonly it helps to create the mood. There are sounds that don’t completely manage with the picture, but represent setting to the audience.

There are common sounds that are seen on the screen, like door slams, gunfire, and vehicles driving by. Films have two basic lighting terms such as hard light, from a direct source, and soft light, from an artificial source. There is also such thing as the basic lighting set-up which includes the key, fill, and back lights (Deborah). These light sources are crucial in capturing the mood or theme of thee film. Pleasantries is an American film directed by Gary Rose in 1998 in the genre of romantic idyll (Minnow). The first part of the film is made in black and white, and later with the development of the film’s plot he movie becomes colored.

David Wagner is a young man, living in the ass’s, who is fascinated by black and white TV series of ass’s -“Pleasantries. ” Once he had a fight Witt his eccentric sister Jennifer about who will watch a Panel was broken during the fight. At this time a mysterious repairman appears and offers them a new panel, which sent them into to the new wonderful town. In this city, as the name implies, everything is absolutely perfect – every detail of life is planned out. But with the arrival of new heroes the world begins to change.

They rapidly change it; bring color o black and white world, teach people to pleasures before unknown to them, and at the same time learn a lot of new things to themselves. Color is another technique that is used in the film Pleasantries. It plays an important role in this film. Since the world gradually becomes colorful, mix in one screen of bright colors and black and white elements creates absolutely dreamlike picture. The scene where David with his girlfriend are driving in a car to the lake where rose petals are falling on them is the most appealing and charming moment where black and white is mixed with color.

The color also shows the changes that are happening in Pleasantries. A red rose is a first color that appears in a movie. It can represent lust and danger. Showing that lust has now entered the world of Pleasantries and that danger is on its way. Special attention is given the film’s soundtrack – almost the entire film we can hear the good old vinyl recordings of Elvis, Perry Com, John Lennox and other artists, creating the mood of the legendary “prosperity” of 50 x 60 – years. Music brings us to a quiet and peaceful town where calm music gives a feeling of ideal world where nothing wrong an happen.

The music brings calm but at the same time calls for suspicion – nothing can be that ideal and perfect. Dietetic and non-dietetic these are two types of sound used in the movies; during the middle of the film, weather, once warm and clear turned into a soaking storm. Thunder and raindrops were the only vibrations of sound in the scene; this is why this example is dietetic, it is a natural part of a scene, which enhances the meaning that Pleasantries is changing. Mostly the movies uses key and fill lighting that is directed on main characters in the movie.

It also uses the pop lighting that helped to bring Pleasantries an illusion of bright and sunny days. Almost during all the movies we can see only artificial but very powerful light. Light also helps to create a mood of perfect, every day sunny and optimistic days in the town. There is so much light that it helps us to understand that it is fake and too unrealistic world. There is a good example of light use when David was first greeted-a flash of lightning arrives with him that become heavier and brighter the longer the repairman lingers, allowing the watcher to better understand the scene are understand what is happening.

Shots play an important role in editing. The most recognizable editing effect appeared in a scene of rose petals. When the car was driving there was an obvious slow motion effect. This effect brought romantic to the view. Shots play an important role in editing. For example by seeing one full shot of the entire town we are allowed to recognize only black and white from what we can tell that this is meant to be set in a different decade. There is also a shot of text in Pleasantries saying ‘Once Upon a Time’, which suggests there is going to be a fairytale theme to the story.

There is also an interesting choice of shots in the beginning of the film when David imagines how he talks to a girl that is standing across the street. There is a medium close up of David that shows him isolated against a blurred background, which could tell the audience that he is an outsider. Than there is a high angle shot that shows his loneliness. Like many other brilliant pictures by Gary Ross’ Pleasantries ” is a very clever and extraordinarily beautiful film. It is attractively conveys the atmosphere of the fifties, represents smart visual effects, catchy soundtracks and excellent acting.

Of course the most striking and eye-catching effects in the movies is use of color. Mix of black and white and colorful world in one shot makes this movie unforgettable.

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