Vampires are animals that are believed to feed on flesh blood of life things and particularly human existences. From the novels. lamias evolved from dead human existences and came back to life with more powers than them doing them ace worlds. To understand vampires’ development. different myths were developed across the universe.

Ancient Persia recorded their first history as most Grecian and Roman myths tried to elaborate farther on their development. In the history recordings. lamias were depicted as immense animals who struggled with human existences to feed on their blood. They farther differed with human being in that ; they could non age or contract diseases. Their unsusceptibility to diseases prevented them infections from human existences when they fed on their flesh and blood. Although many history recordings argued on traditional history.

there existed some modern lamias that foremost appeared in Europe. In contrast. myths besides recorded a different class of lamias whose beginning was non from dead human existences but with temporal embodiment between worlds and lamia. This class included blood thirsty goddesses. who were classified as Stinges. Lamiae and Empusae that fed on blood on occasion.

VampirismVampirism can be defined as the act of feeding on flesh and blood of life things other than lamias. When feeding the blood of human existences. lamias bite the victims’ cervix sucking out big volumes of blood. Through cervix biting. they are able to wound the carotid arteria.

which is the major arteria that transports blood to the encephalon hence paralysing the victim and sucking the whole blood. Vampirism is regarded as a belief of one deriving supernatural powers and feeding on human existences blood in the folklore and popular civilization.Stoker tried to elaborate on lamias by utilizing them as characters in his book Dracula.

In this book. Dracula. who is a lamia. is the chief character. The writer explained how the lamia had lived for many old ages. which was untypical for a normal human being. Similarly. Richard Matheson book was dominated by lamias who were created by extract of viruses.

Although people could be infected with vampirism virus. Matheson brings out the nature of unsusceptibility where one of his characters Robert Neville ne’er contracted vampirism despite being infected. He was immune to the virus though he had alone human features such as blond hair and bluish eyes. Matheson described Neville as an educated medical research worker who concentrated on the research on vampirism merely to happen out that his blood was infected though immune to the virus.Vampires in the TextStoker used different lamia characters to build his book narrative.

Dracula. the most dominant lamia in the narrative was described as the male monarch by other characters such as Van Heslin. He was really powerful and he could command nature every bit good as life animals such as wild animate beings.

In add-on. Dracula has the ability to incarnate to a chiropteran. wolfman and alter his victims into lamias through infections. His ability to hypnotise his victims gave him control over them and avoided being hurt by others. Despite his powerful nature. Dracula had a figure of failings as described herein. His powers were limited by reflecting him on brooding objects such as mirrors. This was evidenced when Jonathan tried to reflect his image on a shaving mirror.

He lost his powers and became weak to the extent of being controlled by another individual. Stoker emphasized in his book. despite the failing. it was difficult to to the full destruct Dracula.

More failings emerged as sanctum symbols and garlic repelled him and his slumber was on the destiny of ascendants and the native land. He did non hold ability to traverse river. which H2O was following unless supported my work forces or the fortune of the H2O. This showed how he could be controlled or destroyed in instances he became so unsafe.Matheson classified lamias in two classs. which included the dead and the life 1s.

Similarly. as Stokers described. he depicts lamias as being abhorrent to garlic and holy symbols.

For illustration. Christian lamias feared the cross as it was a mark of sanctity. Matheson explained how Neville destroyed lamias by exposing them to sunlight. bring downing big lesions and venturing them with wooden spike.Comparison between the Two PlantsBoth writers acknowledged garlic and spiritual symbols as repellent to lamias.

For illustration. Ruth recoiled violently when Neville handed Allium sativum over her in Matheson book and Dracula when dining with Jonathan avoided feeding on Allium sativum. In both texts. lamias relied on flesh and blood as their chief nutrient that strengthened them. For illustration. Dracula in the first paragraph about onslaughts Jonathan when he cuts himself. Vampires are depicted feeding on blood by Matheson and he uses the phrase blood thirst to stress on their demand of blood.Superstition is besides another subject that was described in both books.

Stocker explained how Van Helsing and Seward followed the garlic superstitious notions from the old state where they were believed to guard off liquors by protecting themselves by them. Religious symbols such as staff of life and cross represented Christ and his Body ( stoker 123 ) . Despite Neville’s ability to destruct lamias. he still used garlic to protect himself beef uping the subject of superstitious notions in the text. Both writers described vampirism as contagious from lamias to normal people. Peoples who survived onslaught by lamias were infected through bites and insects.

For illustration. Neville was infected by vampirism and his immune ability prevented him from transmutation to vampire.In both books. lamias appeared to be enemies of the normal people. In I Am a Legend. the human race was undistinguished as most of them were destroyed and killed by lamias.

Furthermore. Neville struggles with lamias and kill most of his brushs at darks. Stoker explained how Helsing had lived desiring to suppress and destruct the Dracula and how people continuously warned him and Jonathan against close association with the monster Dracula. The confederacy. battles. and violent deaths between lamias and the normal human existences is an grounds of hostility between the two races.In both books.

vampires’ organic structure circulations were wholly different from those of normal human existences. For illustration. when Neville killed a adult female lamia for research in Matheson’s book. he found that her organic structure contained rows of salt and Piper nigrum mixed the same ratios ( Matheson 60 ) . Similarly. Stoker explained how vampirism victims could non be transfused with blood from normal people and their destiny was entirely on supernatural powers to mend them.

On the other manus both books described contrasting characters on lamia and discussed below. Vampires described by Stoker were hard to destruct and kill and were merely destabilized by refection. On contrary. lamias described by Matheson were easy killed by exposure of sunshine and imposition of lesion that were staked. Harmonizing to Stoker.

lamias were as a consequence of the work with supernatural evil liquors that were connected to dead. In contrast. Matheson wrote that lamias were created by extract of micro-organisms such as bacteriums and viruses. Matheson described the development and development of lamias as imperfect.

That is. they grew from immature to strong animals that mutated at some points and they could pass some times in the Sun. Stoker described vampires’ development as retrogressive. turning from old weak animal to immature strong animal through eating of blood.

Stoker work was based on spiritual beliefs and his chief purpose was to beef up and reconstruct spiritual religion in the society. He did this by making a scenario where lamias who were believed to be evil became afraid of holy symbols and supreme powers.It was learnt from the text that. lamias feared holy Waterss and for that grounds people could protect themselves from them. Dracula represented devil and this was expressed more by name of his place in London. Piccadilly.

The word appears to be near to the word indiscretion “a slight offence” or wickedness ( Merriam-Webster 530 ) . Matheson work in reverse was non based on spiritualty. His full book denounces the interrelatedness between God and humanity as evidenced by Neville when he did non depend on unseeable existences when seeking to destruct and kill lamias. He was more dependent on his lamia research.

which was facilitated by his medical research calling. Harmonizing to scientific discipline. the trust on unseeable being appears absurd and scientific discipline does non formalize it. In both books. the constructs of vampirism indicate the evil of world as it is concerned with expiration of life and sloughing of blood.

This is against the societies norms and values and the books were written to turn to the immoralities.Matheson brought out lamias in his book as alone and modified enabling them to be more tempting to the intended mark audience. This was contradictory to those in Stoker’s book where they were depicted as monsters of devil’s associates therefore pulling trusters as the chief audience. This would assist the trusters appreciate the mighty power of God that made Satan afraid as grounds by Dracula avoiding spiritual symbols.

On the other manus. the mark audiences for Matheson work are chiefly non-believers as most of the characters such as Neville were ne’er afraid of ace existences or supernatural powers. He uses the premise that the doctoring of persons affects what they fear and what they do non ( Matheson123 ) . Neville discovered the brooding character of lamias in Matheson book. which was opposed to those described by Stoker ( Matheson 16 ) .In the book. I Am a Legend. Neville searches a scientific remedy for vampirism from his blood due to its unsusceptibility alone character on vampirism.

Although his initial tests to mend lamias had aborted. he continued to seek for a solution endlessly. Fortunately. he found the remedy. which could deject the lamias thirst for blood therefore cut downing their menaces on human existences. This was the non the instance in the text of Dracula.

Vampires in both books appear as animals. societies uphold their beliefs and norms without allowing lamias to contemn them. Despite the lamias being hostile to people.

they struggled to force the out of the society and denounced their evil title across the society through extinguishing them. Society struggled to force Dracula out of the society but his unnatural power defended him and the society efforts were in vain. Their fright of evil liquors prevented them from his onslaught and alternatively hoped for a Jesus who will come for their aid. The society saw Helsing as their Jesus and their belief in God.

He was a well-learned physician who had an unfastened head and therefore was likely the individual to salvage them ( Stoker 109 ) .The two books targeted the immoralities in the society by turn toing them and seeking to convey people closer to a supreme being. God.

Possibly. the society was full of immoralities at the clip of authorship and so it was necessary to turn to the issues through text. It can besides be assumed that. people used texts or books to larn most of the things in the societies and therefore there was demand to utilize the medium to pass on entirely to the people. From the fact that Christianity ( Church ) was apparent in the texts.

the writers revolved their Hagiographas around it admiting God as the defender of human race from all beginnings of immoralities such as lamias in the book society. The persons were protected by spiritual artefacts that was evidenced by ownership of spiritual symbols by Helsing had spiritual points such as holy Waterss. which helped to protect the society from immoralities.

Matheson described Neville as holding tattoo of a cross which served as lamia repellent therefore to some extent holding spiritual beliefs. Not much was explained in the about Christianity and the church.Some of the people in the society were enlightened and had both scientific cognition and spiritual beliefs to cover with the immoralities associated with the lamias. The writers of the books were skilled and considered perceptual experience of the people when composing so that they could be able range and impact on the people’s ways of life.

For a typical writer. he or she must be able to understand his or her audience in order to present a relevant message and in an appropriate manner without arousing them. Matheson and Stoker used this facet and combined it with the cognition of lamias and their attitude in the society. The usage of lamias in both books was cardinal as they depicted the immoralities in the modern that are caused by assorted abnormalcies as Matheson explained one of the cause to be the 2nd universe war. Therefore.

by usage of world and fiction. the writers were able to turn out their worthiness in literature and society.DecisionBoth books used lamias to present their messages to the several societies. They depicted societies that were full of belligerencies and blood spilling between lamias and normal human race. Although the lamias in both books had common features such as feeding on human blood. they exhibited little differences on their development and development. The books attracted varied audiences with Dracula pulling audience of lamias who knew Dracula as the best lamia in history.

The books addressed the political positions of the clip with Stocker in being more concerned on Europe where the church was outstanding in the political scene with trusters as swayers such male monarchs and Queenss. In the Matheson book. the issue of the universe war was described as politically influenced and depicted how world would be swept off on Earth by stronger arms than atomic if wars were to repeat.MentionsDunnigan. James F. How to Make War.

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