Human Resources operates as a true commercial spouse to the concern. We make a difference to entire concern public presentation, pulling and retaining endowment and edifice a victorious employment and public presentation civilization. We besides develop accomplishments, capablenesss and endowment grapevines throughout the administration. But Human Resources at MAN INFRASTRUCTURE does n’t halt with developing taking border public presentation and wages systems, we besides focus on ways to prosecute all current and prospective employees. MAN INFRASTRUCTURE ‘s intent is ‘Celebrating Life, Every Day, Everywhere ‘ , and one of our cardinal functions is to make a civilization of 100 % battle.

What does MAN INFRASTRUCTURE Human Resources do brightly?

The MAN INFRASTRUCTURE HR map is based on a shared services construct. Our Business Partners have a echt place at the tabular array and contribute as concern, every bit good as HR, leaders. We are proud of our oculus for endowment, guaranting we bring the best people to MAN INFRASTRUCTURE.A MAN INFRASTRUCTURE invests to a great extent in leading wth clear leading criterions and public presentation programme for our top 1000 leaders.

What can Man INFRASTRUCTURE Human Resources offer me?

As HR is represented across the universe, you can anticipate local, regional and planetary functions as portion of an exciting and often international calling journey. These chances include aA broad scope of callings both within the HR map and across the broader concern. You might make up one’s mind to come on within a HR forte – such as wages or resourcing. Alternatively you might make up one’s mind to develop generalist accomplishments across the HR spectrum. Often our HR professionals choose to travel from a forte function to a Business Partner function or frailty versa. Expect to develop accomplishments and experience across a spectrum of competences, including resourcing, wages, larning and development, alteration direction, organizational effectivity, concern partnering, employee dealingss, undertaking direction and strategic planning. Career growing is continually and positively bucked up and we provide a broad scope of tools to help our people in driving frontward their calling.

What skills and experience should I convey?

To fall in our squad you will necessitate qualities in add-on to the normal HR accomplishments and experience. We ‘re looking for people who can be reliable and connect to the MAN INFRASTRUCTURE Purpose. You ‘ll be person looking to turn yourself, capable of systematically presenting great public presentation and managing people for success. Because we interact with all parts of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE and a broad scope of 3rd parties and external organic structures, we look for people who are comfy with a partnership attack

Gareth Williams

Human resources manager, MAN INFRASTRUCTURE plc

Gareth Williams was appointed human resources manager of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE plc in January 1999

Current assignments

Director, human resources – MAN INFRASTRUCTURE plc

Previous assignments

Assorted senior forces direction places – GrandMet and so United Distillers & A ; Vintners

Assorted forces and employee dealingss places – Ford of Britain


In 2003, MAN INFRASTRUCTURE began implementing leading communicating workshops for its senior leaders. While happening advanced ways to turn to leaders ‘ communicating manners, behaviours and accomplishments is a hard undertaking, the communicating squad have been able to acquire leaders to partake in critical self-evaluation by utilizing real-life leading illustrations, a figure of hands-on exercisings and a assortment of practical application techniques.

In 2003, after five old ages of uninterrupted alteration, the company decided it needed to beat up its leading in an attempt to unify and prosecute employees. “ Because of the amalgamations and acquisitions – and the deep-seated trueness people felt towards the company they had come from – it was hard to unify employees around the new company that had formed, ” says Dharmesh Shah, manager of leading communicating. “ While MAN INFRASTRUCTURE was executing good, our CEO knew we could hike public presentation to higher degrees. The key was acquiring our senior leaders in the company to link with and animate our employees. ”

Making inspirational leaders

During the company ‘s leading conference in September 2003, the subject “ inspirational leading ” was unveiled and promoted as a cardinal aim for MAN INFRASTRUCTURE ‘s senior leaders. “ It became clear at this point that we were serious about desiring leaders to develop the capacity to truly motivate and promote their squads, ” says Suketu Shah.

To turn to this demand, Parag Shah collaborated with communicators from across the concern and worked with communicating consultancy Synopsis to develop the FAME plan – intensive, one-day workshops designed to better the leading communicating accomplishments and manners of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE ‘s senior leaders.

The plan is specifically tailored to MAN INFRASTRUCTURE, taking into consideration the company ‘s leading and concern aims and integrating specific company examples. “ The workshop is designed to be really hands-on, ” says Knight. “ It includes some theory as a foundation, but attending is focused chiefly on the practical application of accomplishments and techniques.

Participants are presented with the four indispensable leading communicating behaviours outlined in the FAME theoretical account to assist steer them during the workshop ‘s treatments and exercisings.

* Focus: Great leaders bring a clear focal point to concern issues and put a few clear precedences, which they repeat and reinforce systematically. They identify clearly what they want employees to believe, experience and make and be after how they can accomplish this.

* Articulate: Great leaders can turn a vision into words compactly. They paint a image of what they want to accomplish, turning “ direction speak ” into apparent speaking. They make messages memorable and guarantee that everything they say tantrums together in an overall image.

*Model: Great leaders are title-holders of the values they stand for. They lead by illustration, model the right behaviour, and challenge unacceptable behaviour.

*Engage: Great leaders engage people by adding context and doing the connexions between their docket and the person ‘s docket. They are experts at listening, facilitation, inquiring effectual inquiries and managing trouble.

he overall aims of the FAME workshops are to assist senior leaders to:

*understand what MAN INFRASTRUCTURE expects from its leaders ;

*analyze personal communicating strengths and failings, and how to utilize these to prosecute employees ;

*make communicating more compelling ;

*see things from the employee ‘s point of view ;

*better connect the organisation ‘s docket and their squad ‘s docket ; and

*apply the four cardinal elements of the FAME theoretical account in work state of affairss.

FAME aims

Harmonizing to Knight, the FAME workshops are non needfully about developing leaders on tactical communicating accomplishments, every bit much as they ‘re about increasing leaders ‘ consciousness of personal communicating manners and behaviours. “ We do n’t claim that any one manner is ideal, ” she says. “ Alternatively, we highlight the positive and negative facets to a assortment of different manners and behaviours and discuss which are most appropriate for certain state of affairss.

Top tips from Diaqeo ‘s acquisitions

Having developed the plan and administered it for the past two old ages, Knight portions some helpful advice:

*Get input from co-workers around the concern. Keep meetings or teleconferencings with a assortment of communicators and cardinal stakeholders during the planning procedure to hear their thoughts and acquire their support.

*Tailor the plan to your company: Although Knight worked closely with advisers to develop the FAME workshops, she feels adamantly that one can non take a cookie-cutter attack to developing plans. “ You have to walk a all right line between holding the plan being consultant-led, and doing certain it ‘s developed for your concern, ” she says. “ Take your company civilization into consideration, aim your one-year aims and usage specific illustrations from your company. ”

*Get buy-in from senior leaders. Sketch an action program to win over cardinal senior stakeholders early on. “ The right sort of action program is of import because it will do you see the concern instance from the position of different stakeholder groups, ” says Knight. “ It besides helps you prepare an effectual scheme to win them over. ”

*Pilot the plan to construct support: Runing a pilot on a choice group of leaders is good for two grounds. First, it gives you an chance to repair anything that did n’t work good before you start presenting it to bigger groups. 2nd, every bit long as the plan goes good, you can utilize the positive feedback to win over doubting senior leaders.

*Administer the workshops to squads of leaders who work together: “ The workshops are most powerful when you run them with an integral executive squad, ” says Knight. “ They begin to understand each other ‘s communicating manners and larn how to work together as a squad to maximise their strengths while back uping each other in practising the constructs.

The consequences and the hereafter

During the first twelvemonth of FAME, the top 10 per centum of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE ‘s leaders went through the workshops. “ So far, we ‘ve had merely positive feedback from senior leaders, ” says Knight. “ They all seem to bask the workshop and take a batch from it. ”

DLF was chosen as the leader in the ‘Building & A ; Construction – Real Estate ‘ class, in the 2nd NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards held in New Delhi on July 27 2007. This award reaffirms DLF ‘s leading place and underlines the part made by DLF in the existent estate sector.


Talking on this juncture Mr Rajiv Singh, Vice Chairman, DLF Ltd said “ aˆ¦We at DLF are committed to keeping our leading place in this turning and of import sector of the Indian economic system. We do believe consequent transmutation of the economic system through the reform procedure. Real estate sector shall lend greatly to bettering the life style and criterion of life of a huge bulk of the Indian population and during that procedure shall lend a big sum of gross to lend for the procedure of state edifice. We are honored to have this award. ”

The award saluted concern leaders whose grim chase of excellence has fuelled India ‘s journey to the head of the universe economic system.

Since its origin in the twelvemonth 2002, Maninfra has achieved important growing in grosss and net incomes. Dedication to excellence, outstanding record of timely bringings, client service that exceeds outlooks, a strong committedness to quality, safety and environment and an firm civilization of transparence and unity, have earned it an enviable repute in the industry today.

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