The Raelian religious order was founded in France in 1973 by a journalist.

Claude Vorilhon ( Rael. ) Active in eight-four states. the sect claims over 60.

000 members. The Raelian religious order formed a cloning company called: Clonaid.For a heterosexual twosome. possibly it is the decease of their kid or a desire to take precautional steps in instance their kid dies immature or out of the blue. The safeguard would be to continue samples of cells belonging to a kid still populating so that they could be used for organ fix or cloning in the hereafter. if necessary. Or it may be twosomes fighting with birthrate jobs and hankering for their ain kid.A 2nd ground for organizing this company must be fiscal.

When Clonaid began. it charged $ 50. 000 for trying and hive awaying human cells. in a service known as Insuraclone.

Clonaid besides intends to clone pets of affluent individuals who want their dead pets brought back to life. The same service will be offered to racehorse proprietors.Their message is unmistakable. The lone chance of life after decease is by agencies of cloning.For Rael.

cloning will enable world to make ageless life. The following measure will be to straight clone an grownup individual without holding to travel through the growing procedure and to reassign memory and personality in this individual. Then. we wake up after decease in a trade name new organic structure merely like after a good night’s slumber!The differentiation between generative and curative cloning. In curative cloning. the cloning of human embryos is to bring forth root cells to help in handling degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s and Muscular Dystrophy. By replacing new root cells for those cells that have been lost.

it is hoped that people enduring from these degenerative. and presently incurable. conditions can be helped significantly. if non healed.We are alone. with each individual possessing the same self-respect and worth. Human life begins at construct ( Jeremiah 1:4-5 ; Psalm 51:5 ; 139:13-16 ) .

What is cloning? A procedure that makes exact reproduction of familial stuff. A figure of phases can be identified with respect to the procedure of human generative cloning and here is an illustration of one such procedure.At phase 1. the purpose is to obtain 400 eggs which are female cells. These eggs are obtained from up to forty female givers. Doctors take from each giver up to fifteen eggs.

Phase 2 involves taking cells from the individual who is traveling to be cloned. In phase 3. the cell nucleus incorporating the Deoxyribonucleic acid. that is. the familial stuff found in all life beings. is removed from each egg by agencies of a bantam acerate leaf.Phase 4 involves puting the DNA-free eggs in contact with the cells of the individual being cloned. An electric charge is so used to make a daze in order to blend together both sets of cells.

Usually. some eggs divide to organize embryos – a term used to depict the human progeny in its earliest signifier in the first eight hebdomads from construct or fusing.Over a short period of clip. phase 5 involves several eggs being implanted in up to fifty foster female parents. from which nine or ten gestations can ensue.

The gestations may stop because of abortion or abortion when serious. frequently extended. defects are discovered.This procedure of human generative cloning is termed nonsexual reproduction because all the cistrons of the ringer are derived from a organic structure cell of merely one individual. By contrast. in normal sexual reproduction a child benefits from having an equal figure of cistrons from each of its parents. And in this normal procedure.

there is no demand of unreal aid to blend the male and female cells together.In construct or fertilisation. the male sperm ( cell ) and the female egg blend together. A proficient name for what is at that place. after merger. is a fertilized ovum ; it is a new cell. genetically complete. and includes all that is required to organize us as alone persons.

“The merely extra demand you needed so. and so have done of all time since so. has been nutrition. ”Not merely are human embryos exploited but many of them are intentionally destroyed in the pursuit for both generative and curative human cloning. Cloning worlds can take to high foetal loss.Even in the instance of the curative cloning. it is necessary for scientists to make the embryo ab initio.

Scientists so destroy the embryo once the karyon or needed cells are removed.The intent in curative cloning is an admirable 1. perchance replacing a kidney or skin tissue in a ill patient.Christians. with others.

welcome the chance of get the better ofing degenerative diseases like those mentioned above. but must it be at the cost of killing the embryo once the needful cells have been removed?Christian medical physicians prefer an alternate manner and point to the late developed research with respect to adult root cells.Peter Saunders studies that these have ‘already been used successfully in worlds in the intervention of intestine. tegument and bosom disease and in other mammals for a much broader scope of unwellnesss. ’What this means is that curative intervention can be given to patients without utilizing and destructing human embryos. That is first-class intelligence.

For Saunders. the grounds is “good” and “growing all the clip. that grownup human cells may be a simpler option to utilizing embryologic root cells without the practical and ethical jobs built-in in the cloning of human embryos. ”It is clip to underscore our three Bible rules:1.

Human life begins at construct. If you question this scriptural rule so see the statement in the Old Testament about the prophesier Jeremiah: “Before I formed you in the uterus I knew you ; before you were born I sanctified [ lit: “set you apart” ] you ; and I ordained you as a prophet…’ ( Jeremiah 1:5 ) . One can non get away the decision that the embryo in the uterus is a individual ; it is known to God even before construct and God as Creator is the 1 who “formed” the kid.

And for that kid. as for Jeremiah. God has a intent. By contrast. cloning processs assume that embryos can be destroyed once they have served their utility. A turning figure of Christians are persuaded that the devastation of embryos in this manner besides violates God’s bid to us non to kill ( Exodus 20:13 ) .2. Humans.

even in the uterus. are made in the image of God ; accordingly. each homo has worth and self-respect.

Cloning ‘constitutes unethical experimentation on a non-consenting homo topic. ’ Peoples can be cloned simply to obtain ‘spare parts’ . so embryos are treated as a agency to an terminal. a trade good instead than an single. Commercialization and development will be possible particularly in roll uping embryos which are non needed but kept in freezer storage.

The moralss of human cloning ‘tend to be wholly useful and utterly self-serving. ’God institute matrimony for a adult male and adult female ; in that loving. confidant relationship. God intends that kids should be conceived and born.

Children are a heritage of the Lord ( Psalm 127:3 ) and it is the Lord who opens the uterus. They are the fruit of a loving. matrimony relationship ( Ephesians 6:1-4 ; Colossians 3:20-21 ) . It is now possible through cloning to convey a new homo into the universe by utilizing the familial stuff of one individual instead than two as God intended in matrimony. In cloning processs. there is no indispensable difference between cell merger methods mentioned earlier in the chapter and CNR. which is cell atomic replacing.

Although utilizing different methods. both involve the debut of a cell nucleus into a de-nucleated cell. Male sperm is non required in either process.‘God ordained that his image in human existences ( Genesis 1:27 ) was to be passed on in the context of a loving committed matrimony relationship. through sexual brotherhood ( Genesis 2:24 ) and that kids should be reared. protected. disciplined and educated within the context of a stable household relationship.

We disregard his wisdom at our hazard.Rael teaches that about 25. 000 old ages ago. extra-terrestrial existences called Elohim created all the varied signifiers of life which exist.Cloning.

for Rael. is the lone way to immortality because worlds have no psyche.‘It is appointed for work forces to decease one time. ’ God’s Word declares.

‘but after this the judgment’ ( Hebrews 9:27 ) .

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