Human society as
we know it today would not have been the way it is had it not been for key
figures and social reformers throughout the course of history, who have strived
to make the world a better place. Implementing effective reforms is necessary in
order to improve the world. Looking in retrospect at past reforms, including such
institutions in the present day; it is fair to say they lack legitimacy to
varying degrees and are ineffective in addressing the challenges of living in
the 21st century. As a social reformer and advocate myself, I can
say that these factors both play a role in the development of society and
nations. Yes, I know that humans are not perfect and that social norms that are
ingrained into the structure of the society are often biased and against
specific social standards. But as a fellow social reformer who is distressed by
the misconducts and injustice evident in world, a reform movement to bring
about gradual change in the society by addressing issues and basic rights is
important. My role as a feminist, and civil rights activist urges me to make
the world a more equitable and civilized place.

            As a motivated advocate of human
rights, my decision to move from the field of mathematics into the political
world, gave me a chance to implement various reforms including those that
focused on education and equality. However, the issue that held the greatest
focus of my work was being an advocate for the rights of women. I still feel
that this is an issue that has an impact on society. I strongly disagree that
women innately possess distinct natures – specifically that their role should
be in the domestic realm. The idea that women should stay in their domestic
roles rather than in the public simply for the reason that they are born with
more exposure to “sensation, flawed rationality and weaker sense of justice” is
completely irrational.

            For this reason, I feel that it is
important that we implement a reform that introduces equality for both genders
– eliminating any distinguishment of a separate sphere ideology. Throughout
history, particularly during my time in the political field, the separation of
each gender was naturally done – meaning it was exhibited in a way that was relative
of each gender. Women who tried to seek roles and employment outside domestic
duties often found themselves being identified as unnatural and being opposing
forces in the culture. I feel that in some cases today this is a view that is
exhibited in various circumstances. The legal status of women is and should be affirmed
as belonging to both spheres, and this goes both ways. It is unreasonable to
associate gender with a particular role that we are “inherently” inclined to be
more susceptible towards.    

            Gender differences/limitation do not
exist on the grounds of inherent traits rather social circumstances such as
level of education and inclusion. The idea of natural equality does not exist,
but is simply a socially constructed ideology. Equality of all people whether
it be gender or race is mandatory in order to bring about any further changes
in our world. Natural rights should be implemented so that 1) Civic rights of
women are the same as men. 2) Women are viewed as accepted figures in both the
domestic and public realm. Those who disagree with these statements are doing
so rather with authority rather than using legitimacy and reason. It is not
possible to distinguish differences between the two genders that would show how
one gender is more inclined to one role over another. The idea that women are
by nature “weaker” is a belief that has existed for centuries that has no
scientific reasoning behind it. 

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