1. Chapter 7 distinguished between transformational. magnetic. and transactional leading theories ; which one of these best describes Kevin Plank? Explain and back up your reply.

Kevin Plank displays more of the transformational leading theory. In each presentation that Plank presents he refers to passion. vision. and people. He had the passion to get down up with a new merchandise and to travel up against a elephantine like Nike. He has the passion to construct a great merchandise and continue to do it better. The people. his squad. are the anchor of his company. There is a trust between himself and his squad members that carries over into the work that is expected to be performed.

2. What is the grounds in the instance that occupation enrichment is a cardinal portion of the manner work is done at Under Armour?

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At Under Armour. employees are known as teammates. They have a “get-it-done” attitude. no affair what obstacles stand in their manner. Solutions to any jobs are expected to be resolved with full support from the squad. Under Armour has made the teammates have certain duties and outlooks of the work to be performed. They form natural working groups and they give the teammates more autonomy with the duties that are set Forth.

3. Travel to the cyberspace and look up “Good leading traits” . In your sentiment. what traits make a individual a good leader?

In my sentiment. the traits I think of that make a individual a good leader are honesty and unity. No 1 can esteem person that lies and puts his or her demands foremost over others. It is of import to hold good ethical motives and moralss. Another leading trait that is of import is communicating. A leader has to cognize how to pass on with his or her employees. A good leader has good communicating manner and will acknowledge the demand to be unfastened to alter with their manner on an as need footing. It is besides of import to be able to listen to others to acquire their penetration. A positive attitude is besides of import.

4. Who is the best leader you know and why?

The individual that I consider the best leader that I personally know would be my female parent. She started out at 16 with me. She has held two occupations in her life-time and receives a great trade of regard from her supervisors. employees and equals. She worked her manner up from dish washer in the dietetic section with no accomplishments and merely her GED. Now she is one of the chief supervisors for Mercy Rehabilitation services. She has shown that with difficult work and finding that person can progress and travel frontward. She has ever spoken to her employees with regard. She went to school through online classs to have the necessary grades to progress. She possess honest and unity. she has her ends set and the thrust and desire to achieve those ends. She will work right aboard her employees scouring soil off the land if need be.

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