The following questions address the major issues that you should know from this chapter.

Please make sure that you thoroughly answer each question. Each question requires that you explain/describe/discuss the answer. 1. What are the 7 basic categories of Human Resource activities?Briefly describe what each category contains. Strategic HER Management: Maintains competitiveness through planning, metrics, and technology EYE (Equal Employment Opportunity): Compliance and diversity with laws that affect all other aspects of HER activities Staffing: To provide lifted workers to fill a Job in a business or organization.Talent Management and Development: to provide different types of training , as well as succession planning ,career planning and, performance management Total Rewards: Compensation in pay, incentive and benefits Risk Management and Worker protection: Health, Safety, Security and, disaster recovery planning all have to meet legal requirements Employee and Labor Relations: involves the relationship between employer and employees and how it must be handled legally and effectively. 2. The textbook describes the concept of organizational culture.

In your words please explain this concept and why it’s important. The concept of a organizational culture to me meaner that everyone within an organization needs to have the same opinions and views so they can maintain a certain stability within an organization. Its important because it will provide an all around better outcome for employees and employers alike as well as better products and customer satisfaction. 3. Use your words to explain the concept of productivity. Why do you think HER is concerned with this? Briefly describe four methods used by HER to enhance productivity.To have better products and more of it using less cost.

You want to be the most effective and productive in human resources and if affects the profits. 4. There are four basic types of challenges that affect the management of human resources in business. For each one of those (listed below), explain the importance and describe some of the specific challenges that are faced. A. Economic and Job Changes: Challenges are faced when the economy goes down because people lose jobs and become less available. The Jobs that do remain require a lot more training and education.

. Globalization: This faces a challenge because in HER Management your main objective is to lower cost and increase productivity, but at the same time we need Jobs to remain in the US c. Workforce Demographics and Diversity: Them importance of demographics and diversity is to make sure non discriminatory practice are being followed according to law. D. HER Technology: This serves two purposes one is administrative and the other is strategic HER planning meaning the technology is being used in place of Just intuition or opinion .What are the three basic roles of human resource management in an organization? How NAS the importance tot each role changed over time? Administrative: based on clerical administration and recording keeping Operational and Employee advocate: Managing most HER activities and serving as champion for employee problems and questions Strategic: Helping to find the best option to fix a problem with a solution 6. What does it mean for an organization to have a strategy? Why should the HER strategy and overall organizational strategy be closely related?It meaner for the organizations to grow and survive, how to compete successfully and follow its proposition.

They should be closely related because the main objective of bit should be to succeed as a whole. 7. We will discuss an organization’s strategic planning process in class. You will take notes on this then.

8. Organizations will, at times, have too many workers or not enough workers. The text describes methods used to deal with these. Use your words to briefly explain the different methods used.Managing a talent surplus is one method used and in this teeth Her basically has to pick out the person with the less amount of skills to complete a Job with good quality Reduction in work hours or Compensations: this method take s pay cuts out of 401 K or health benefits and makes temporary layoff s amongst all employees Attrition and Hiring Freezes: increased work load and and stand still on hiring after an employee quits retires or passes away but the remain employees still have to complete the task with less help Voluntary Separation Programs: Offers employees the opportunity for early retirement or training in a efferent field Just offers a way out without resorting to layoffs Workforce Downsizing: Layoffs within a company that are a temporary fix because it leaves surviving employees over worked and under paid.

9. Explain the concepts of Return on Investment and Benchmarking; explain how these apply to the evaluation of HARM effectiveness. It lets HARM know the what they can do to improve themselves by looking at a similar organization and comparing to maybe pick up ideas or better options for them. Return on Investments Just let you know if your money or “profits” is being used to its full potential or best use of funds.

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