Organizations, and more peculiar human resource direction faces many new challenges in our modern-day universe. Human resource direction is a cardinal activity in any organisation and is going more of import for its development and success.

A Work is going more diverse, demanding and dynamic.A Employers seek more flexible and adaptable staff, possessing accomplishments to run into the of all time so changing demands of the work environment. On the other manus, employees besides have higher outlooks for the work offered to them.A Changes in the content of work in organisations are tendencies that require alterations in the traditional theoretical accounts for human resources management.

A The key that distinguishes one organisation from another is exactly its strategic policy for its employees.Consequently the inquiry in actuating employees and accomplishing their belonging to the organisation became one of the chief requirements for organisational efficiency and success.A To last and win, organisations have to accommodate to the dynamically altering environment, they must trust on their staff ‘s accomplishments and abilities, every bit good as on their attempts, their desire to accomplish something in their life-time.To actuate employees means to direct them into certain way, to set about the necessary stairss and the consequences of the attempt will shortly follow – the company will travel up and to the right. The chief intent of motive is to accomplish a sense of a common end among forces and to guarantee that there is a harmoniousness between the wants and demands of the organisations and the wants and demands of employees. ( Armstrong ) Consequences for the organisation in missing motive of employees are high degree of turnover and low efficiency.A Each organisation spends resources to instruction, preparation and professional development of its employees.

A But non every organisation is able to do its members to utilize their possible and gain return on what is invested in them. A If organisations are unable to actuate their employees, to prosecute them, do them experience portion of a larger whole and give significance to their lives at work, they are doomed to failure.In this paper I am traveling to analyse the state of affairs and the motivational methods applied in the Bulgarian company named “ Kendy ” . The analysis is traveling to include policies adopted by the company that made the company so successful, and turn out that motive of employees is the key for “ edifice ” a profitable concern.“ Candy Ltd is a household company founded in 1991. It started deriving popularity in the market with its soluble drinks “ Step Drink ” .A The merchandise scope has bit by bit expanded to nutrient addendums and medical specialties, probiotics as “ Lactoflor ” , soluble vitamins “ Supravit ” , “ Vegas ” , spices “ Picantina ” , soups and mashed murphy “ Chef ‘s Best ” , etc.

In 2004 Stockholders of “ Kendy ” invested in another company called “ Lactina ” , which is situated in the Bulgarian town Bankya.A It develops and produces modern organic merchandises – probiotics for human-centered intents, monocultures of lactic micro-organisms for enrichment of nutrients and drinks.AAbout 80 % of the end product of the two companies is exported to Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Algeria, Vietnam and other states. ( Todorova ) But what make this company different than other companies in the same industry are their motivational methods used by its directors.Today an of import motivation factor for employees is to hold a guaranteed salary.Wages must guarantee the populating criterion of employees to run into their demands and decently reflect the work done and attempt that staff make in transporting out the work. A company policy of “ Kendy ” is to hold a consistent wage construction that is above the industry norm.

It is surely a tradeoff for the company but this sort of strategic determination increases non merely the quality of the merchandises but above all the motive of employees. This manner the company can keep on to the valuable workers and forestall them to exchange to their rivals. An chance is given for a rise in the terminal of every twelvemonth based on the public presentation of single workers and hence those who have a positive appraisal are rewarded with increased wages.This type of merit-based wage gives the chance for persons to increase their public presentation.

( Fein, 49-51 )Policy inducements are besides expressed in “ Kendy ” as a fillip to be given in transporting out an activity that benefits the company. These fillips are given every 3 months to employees, who have distinguished themselves with outstanding recent public presentation, including high degree of production and being punctual ( Todorova ) . This is a manner to maintain path of recent public presentation and increase motive. ??he likeliness of actions that leads to a certain type of wages is increased. This necessarily leads to a desire of employees to reiterate the actions that led to this inducement. And this goes frailty versa. When an employee does non get by good he will non be rewarded, which in bends leads to an internal demand and desire to alter, transporting out a success both for the company and for the worker himself. ( Thorndike, 221 ) This method is widely used in the United States and has late being introduced in states like Bulgaria.

I have personally experienced the effectivity of this method while working in a concatenation of supermarkets called “ Shaw ‘s ” during my summer work and travel. It was chiefly aiming pupils like me. When I was making a good occupation and non being late for work I was rewarded with a fillip in my payroll check. Bonuss might change in size depending on the company ‘s capacity, but has been proven to be valuable in actuating employees.Having discussed the extrinsic wages of the company such as fillips and rewards it is of import to advert some of its features that makes it alone for the industry.

I am speaking about the little policies that have big impact on the employees ‘ behaviour and motive. “ Kendy ” is forming team-buildings and cocktail parties every twelvemonth for its employees abroad ( Todorova ) . Team-buildings are “ designed to assist work groups improve the manner they accomplish undertakings by heightening the interpersonal and job work outing accomplishments of squad members ” ( Robertson and Porras ) . This manner employees bond with each other and work together as a squad, as a whole. On such occasions the ambiance among co-workers is informal, and makes it easier to interrupt the boundaries between employers and employees. Work becomes different than a deadening everyday action for the remainder of their lives that is a must in order to last.

Every director must endeavor to win in continuing his human resources and are those small alterations that motivate the employees and makes companies like “ Kendy ” so successful.In “ Kendy ” we could state that they have successfully implemented two content motivational theories.A Through investings of more than 15 million, the mill meets the tough European standards called Good Manufacturing Practice ( Todorova ) .A Furthermore, the mill continues and will go on to present new engineerings and run into the demands in production. On the one manus the immense investings could be regarded as two of the three early motive theories – Maslow ‘s Theory of Hierarchy of Needs and Two-factor Theory of Herzberg.

Looking at the Maslow ‘s theory, these investings are coincide with the motivational theory, as the 2nd degree in the pyramid of demands, harmonizing to him, is the security and the protection of the person ( Maslow ) .A Through these investings in the production installation of “ Kendy ” , the company corresponds to the standards of safety ( Todorova ) .The limitation of physical contact of employees with machines is minimized due to the modernisation of machinery and this provides extra security to the employees.A Certain conditions which are created in the company through monolithic investings lead to more motive among staff.The 2nd motive theory that could explicate what is go oning in the mills of “ Kendy ” and “ Lactina ” is Herzberg Two-factor Theory. H?µrzberg theory accepts the construct of the importance of Maslow ‘s demands, but goes farther by offering the claim that non all employees demands are motivational.AFirst, there are external conditions of employment, which if lacking or being deficient lead to dissatisfaction of the workers.

A These external factors are called hygiene factors.A These include: payment, working conditions, position, company policy, quality of the proficient control, quality of interpersonal relationship between co-workers, directors and subsidiaries, and societal benefits.Second, there are internal on the job factors, whose presence helps to construct degrees of motive, which may take to greater efficiency in work.A These conditions are called motivators.A These include acknowledgment, disputing work, duty, personal growing, deriving experience, development and so on.Herzberg reduces the five degrees of demands of Maslow ‘s theory into two distinguishable levels.

A Hygiene factors that correspond to the lower degree demands of Maslow ( physiological, and safety ) .A They are chiefly preventative factors that lessening dissatisfactiontion.A In other words, non holding the hygiene factors in a occupation lead to high degrees of dissatisfaction, if present, they create “ no dissatisfaction ” . Hygiene factors do non actuate the person to better activities.

Incentives are tantamount to the higher degree of demands in Maslow ‘s theory.A These are factors that motivate people to work effectively.A Harmonizing to Herzberg, the presence of such factors challenge one ‘s motive, and when these factors are losing, the degree of satisfaction beads to zero.A The absence of these factors will non impact the dissatisfaction.Summarized Herzberg theory, it states that single satisfaction is a consequence of the occupation, but his dissatisfaction – from working conditions.A Challenging work satisfies him or her, and the everyday work does non dissatisfy him.

A On the other manus, the bad conditions of work dissatisfy the worker, and the good conditions do non dissatisfy him ( Herzberg ) . And in “ Kendy ” investings have gone into that way – working conditions are great, displacements of workers purely regulated, as employees are divided into five groups, with designed agenda for each working rhythm, when, who and how much toA work and rest.AFor motive of staff is important pecuniary reward.A Under such conditions, working people in the company are extremely motivated.A Pay is a factor in motive, but it is most of import and only.To meet all the demands of the European Union, the company has introduced non merely to pattern strict control, but high hygiene requirements.A Access to supermodernite production halls and is purely limited.A Everyone must go through through a particular closet, which leaves your jacket and set on disposable apron, hat and fictile slippers.A All this talk of a rigorous procedure subject workers in the endeavor, which could besides be considered as a sort of motivation.Behavior during the work processes and conformity squad brings together a good squad agencies and motivated squad.The fact that the company meets all the most recent demands of the European Union means that the security of employees is really high.A This leads to more motive and group activity among employees of the company.Law Torndayk consequence is confirmed in our instance, as the company continues to germinate in a positive way, while higher criterions comply with hygiene, cleanliness and security of its employees

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