I recently
got a job as a System Engineer in a consultancy firm. My job deals with a wide
range of projects and encompasses many modern technologies including the
artificial intelligence. As a system engineer I am supposed to work on
developing new apps, websites, work on security of the network and debug and
develop the code for any particular purpose it might serve. My job is also
under the threat of AI takeover as automation has begun to be used in processes
of software testing and development. But unlike the dinosaurs who succumbed to
the onslaught of meteorites, I plan to adapt to the growth and development in my

companies understand the shift in the topography when it comes to influence of
AI in various jobs. As a result the organizational structure is being
restructured, hiring practices are being changed and HR practices are being
revaluated. The companies don’t see AI as a replacement to the people, but as a
substitute in those areas where human capacities of empathy, communication, on
the feet thinking, and creative problem solving are not needed. “What we
concluded is that what AI is definitely doing is not eliminating jobs, it is
eliminating tasks of jobs, and creating new jobs, and the new jobs that are
being created are more human jobs,” says Josh Bersin, principal and founder of
Bersin by Deloitte. By “human”, he means the jobs which include the skills
mentioned above. The key to this established harmony between men and machines
will be the ability of men to understand the machines better i.e. a better
education of AI is needed so that it can be properly implemented.

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Openness and
transparency have become an important issue in today’s date. They apply to science
as well, as the current technology is based on many open source materials. This
helps the tech giants as many people can see the basic code and resolve the
bugs before the code is implemented. This is being reflected in AI as well as
many modern day technologies are available as open source material which can be
studied and learnt from. It can act as a very educational matter for helping
the engineers as well as the employees. For example, Amazon’s Alexa, the voice
command response system and Google’s Tensorflow, an image recognition system
are open for exploration and even improvement. The key to survive this  revolution will be our will to learn and
adapt. We live in the age of internet and the knowledge is only a click away
and all we need to do is reach out. Don’t be a dinosaur. Adapt.

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