I kindly ask you to consider my application for the Directorof Enrollment and Marketing position at the San Diego French-American School. Iam amotivated and driven professional with a solid background in multicultural andbilingual schools. My qualifications and achievements prove I will be avaluable asset to your team. Backed by my superior organization and leadershiptalents, I am prepared to excel in connecting with a broad range of individualsto drive SDFAS interest and enrollment.I have been praised for being energetic, proactive, collaborative,creative, versatile, and a strategicthinker with superiorinterpersonal skills. As the Dean of Students ofthe high school at FASNY, I foster highethical standards and confidentiality.

In addition,I love innovation and am attached to develop best practices. I am processoriented without losing sight of the set goal. I demonstrate superiorwritten and verbal communication skills in French and in English able todeliver high-impact presentations.For more than 15 years, Ihave hired, coached and directed teams conducting evaluation and deliveringfeedback to improve performance. I am a team player and demonstrate daily theability to motivate others. Over the years, I learn how to efficiently lead andinspire.

 I possess a vastknowledge of the French curriculum from Nursery to 12th grade,having worked in preschool, primary and secondary schools. I understand the culture of the schools I worked for and thebroader educational environment. AtFASNY, I am working closely with the College Counselor Department and am aware ofthe expectations of Colleges and Universities worldwide. At ISTP, I have workedin liaison with transition schools ensuring the placement of our students inthe best private and public schools locally and worldwide. I am an enthusiastic advocate of the cognitive, neurological, andsocial benefits of bilingualism.

I have witnessed what a bilingual school likeSDFAS bring to a child with a balance between inquiry-based learning, criticalthinking and analysis skills to develop inductive and deductive reasoning.Working closely with the Admission Department at FASNY I am akey person for the integration of new families. Approachable and knowledgeable,I am always willing to go outside of my job description to help students andfamilies feeling welcome. I always enjoymeeting with prospective parents and new students, demonstrating care, warmth,and listening to what each individual is looking for to better meetexpectations. I have been working withexpatriated as well as local families and I have always been interested in trying tounderstand changes that will challenges the school. I am always willing to brainstorm to find initiatives to developnew pipelines to accelerate enrollment.

At FASNY, I am in charge of the relationwith transition schools when expatriate are relocated. I send students’ fileswith recommendation letters, organize mandatory testing and make sure the newschool knows about our curriculum to ensure the best placement. I have beenconstantly working on retention, establishing strong relationships with studentsand families. Since I have started as a Dean of students of the SecondarySchool the number of students went from … to …

with departure of studentsonly due to relocation.Sales and marketing were central to my first position at FASNY.I supervised the recruitment and admission process for the summer program forthree years in a row and exceeded admissions goals and quotas. In the last fiveyears, as part of the leadership team of the Secondary School, I have beenregularly involved with the communication and marketing departments. I amdirectly involved in the internal communication, helping with the editing ofthe weekly newsletter sent to the students and parents and the weekly bulletinsent to the teachers. My background in Sciencesand Mathematics give me the necessary skills to use tools to research, collect,present and interpret data and statistics.

At FASNY, I workclosely with the registrar and often use the data base for the Service des Examens as well as formaintaining file on students, organizing the career fair, and handlingabsences. I also work closely with theCommunication Department on the content of the school webpage. I have helpedFASNY to go from a paper based data management to a digital approach. I havebeen involved in the creation of new digital forms, new website and often givefeedback on how to improve existing products. I have helped to centralize the process to makeit more efficient. Having experienced the challenges ofthat transition, I am better equipped to anticipate problems with synchronization of different departments.

I always have been cost consciousand run financially viable programs. With empathy and faithful to the corevalues of FASNY I have developed academic support programs for students fromlow-income families using Financial Aid provided by the school within theallocated budget. With a demonstrated commitment to achieving school goals, Iam looking forward to help shape the vision of the enrollment strategy at SDFAS. I would be proud to be part of the growth of your school and to develop itsvisibility locally, nationally andglobally.I welcome the opportunity to further discuss this position and myqualifications with you. Thank you for yourconsideration.Respectfully yours,

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