I am pleased
to recommend Ms. Sumitra Dudani for Doctoral Programme at your institution. I
have known her since she was in 1st year of B.Com (Hons), 2012. I
taught her Financial Accounting & also oversaw her Accountancy project
“Mergers & Acquisitions-A case study on Reliance Industries Ltd &
Reliance Petroleum Ltd”


project work I was impressed by the self-study & analysis she made of the
consequence of merger of the subsidiary along with its holding company, the
operational benefit it would provide and how share valuations of each company
will get affected. Her research was done thoroughly and efficiently. In debate
competition on the topic, “Should a dictator be given tit for tat?” she was
creative enough to speak against the motion & cogently justify her point.
In another instance, she was spontaneous enough to explain us a chapter called
“marginal costing” in a precise way during an interview being conducted for
selection of students for the scholarship.

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She would
raise logical queries & enthusiastically come up with innovative ideas for solving the sums which helped other students
understand the subject in depth. She actively participated in seminars
conducted by the college & provided an insight into the topic at hand. She
even helped us arrange funds & clothes for the victims of Uttarakhand Flash
Flood in June 2013. She has a personal charm and willing attitude to take along
her friends in her initiatives & because of which she was adored by her


I have seen
her growth in the last six years. She is a dedicated & hardworking girl who
has well managed to share her knowledge with others through teaching &
self-education. I have been a witness to the leap she has taken in her life.


She was definitely among the top 10% students of
her class which was demonstrated not only through the class discussions but
also through her marvelous performance in
her academics. I firmly believe that she has the potential & passion to
pursue research. I strongly recommend her for admission into the doctoral
programme at your reputed institution.

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