I want to begin saying that I’m going to talk about a value, good value that it is important to have. A universal value that I think it will b fabulous that all have and practice it. I also think that all people practicin these value it can be better; it can stay with harmony, with peace. I like kno people with these, because they motivate me to be like them, I mean wit these value. These value that conduce to have a better life that is easy to notice in the person that have it. And see it with motivation is important, to follow and maintain an upright life.Coherence, the value that inspire others to be like you, if youhave it, because it reflects strength in life. So, live doing what we say is important to don’t be adversely affect, and also because it helps to live better, to have peace, a better life, that reflects in your actions. Avoid the violence, that already exists, a great example is the wars.When Pope Francis calls Christians to be coherent, he alwaysreaffirms continuous dependence upon grace. To him, those who ostentatiously claim their identity as Christians only to live in daily incoherence, dim the supernatural dynamic, whereby both becoming aChristian and acting as a Christian are the result of grace and not our own feat of strength. Christian incoherence, then, is scandalous because of this, and not because of rigorous perfectionism.It is amazing see people with coherence. There are many people that already motivate me to be like they, because I see a sweet and truly happy heart, and that because they live with coherence, saying what they want and think, an also is good, it helps others. In P. s. practice I saw people that really helps, that they reflect harmony because they are doing right things, good work, like the Mrs. of the old’s people home, that they stay with the old people searching what they can do for the oldest.Probably all values conduce to practice and have the others, but coherence, the value that I will talk about, is one that conduce to practice and have many more values than others.I argue that it is largely inevitable that common law legal systems are not coherent, but that each legal system will comprise areas of coherence. I examine whether it is possible to improve coherence through legislation or adjudication but conclude that any coherence attained through the former may be temporary and achieving coherence through the latter is difficult both in principle and in practice.In looking at the value of coherence, I contend that while coherence may have various intrinsic and instrumental benefits, its value should not be overstated; many of the benefits which coherence is said to provide are present in legal systems where it is lacking; other benefits depend on the awareness of a countrys citizens and I suggest that, outside of extremes, citizens are probably unaware of the degree to which their legal system is coherent. Moreover, full coherence may lead to characteristics which are undesirable in a legal system.I like these value because sometimes I think we all need to be like, because if we promote something that we don’t do it doesn’t serve, because we don’ t reflect the value in our work. We need to be example of others to conduce them to good ways, ways of justice, ways that conduce to the real happiness, the only happiness that God can give us we want to have confidence of others we need to give it to them, we need to treat others like we want to be treated; probably this phrase, now at days, is so repetitive, that seems like a simple group of words, and maybe we don’t give importance to. Probably is annoying for many people, to listen, read it or only remember but it need to be remembered with enthusiasm, with the motivation to applied correctly, to do good work, work that serve, work that anyone notes. If someone notes ways to play are broad enough to allow flexibility and growth and narrow enough to focus strategy and decision making

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