I think
that anything we imagine for the upcoming 10 years is going to sound like straight
out of a science fiction novel or movie.


We now live in an era where you can order groceries, manage your bank account and send
people gifts online, it’s nearly possible to exist only interacting through

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technologies encourage exponential shrinkage in personal interactions. Yes, those
technologies make life easier, (as it is much more convenient to interact with
an application then to deal with incompetent individuals), but let’s face it this
make us less sociable.


Technological advancement have conquered and resolved the barriers of time and
geographical limitations, shirking the planet we live in giving access to
billions of information, cultures and civilizations. Technology plays an
essential and important role in industrial and developing countries. Furthermore,
changing drastically the cultural norms and behavior of individuals altering
their lifestyles and needs, changing dramatically our social daily interaction,
through gadgets and social media platforms- this change isn’t always for the
better yet in this case its inevitable.  


Social media will be the foundation of the future communications but it will
look much different.


Smart mobile
phones were the first steps toward the on-the-go future of social media and new
era of social communication, and in the near future we will see additional reliance
on new gadgets that will serve and cater to the new and future needs created in
the generations to come. Something that was interesting to see as a concept was
the google glass – I can even think that due to our technological advancement in
biotech, it’s not farfetched to see it evolving into an imbedded device in our
bodies, these gadgets will connect us to everything around us. I know that
sounds crazy, but what we’re seeing now in the industry is at the tip of the
iceberg in terms of sharing our personal experiences, as currently we have started
to scratch the surface of uploading information to the brain using electrodes
as per studies published by Researchers from HRL Laboratories, who are based
in California. With that mentioned once the technology is acquired I think we
will be able to share everything from a taste, to a sensation even a smell. I
think a shared consciousness and a version of telepathic communication is all
very likely


I would
Imagine the shopping experience at an e-commerce store with a friend, virtually
trying things and conversing in real time with that friend, all while on the go
in different places. Then have Amazon delivery drone drop your purchased items
to your doorsteps.


We have
already seen high personalization of messages and feeds, the-pre AI (Artificial
intelligence)  are built on more
humanlike algorithms, all part of a more sophisticated and specified, distinct
social platforms. those developments will definitely continue in the future. We
might start having AI friends (example people that have a full conversation
with Iphone Siri ,or Google Alexa) limiting our social interaction with real
humans, as those AI will be more customized to suite our personality and social


These days
and I know many can relate to what I am going to say –  All we do all week is look at our phones,
reading articles, liking posts, sending emails/tweets/messages/posting pictures
and not to forget online gaming.

It starts
from early hours in the morning from when we check the phone in bed and it
continues during the day, at lunch breaks, in outings with friends, at lunch
and dinner times with family and friends. I is just never-ending we crave the
need to stay connected to stay plugged-in.


In the
future, this will only continue yet it will enable us to see share in different
ways for instant we will “disconnect” by putting on Oculus virtual
reality glasses (Oculus is a company that specializes in virtual reality
hardware and software products, it was recently acquired by Facebook at 2.3
Billion dollars) when I get home—and suddenly we will be sitting at the VIP
seating area at the Santiago
Bernabeu Stadium watching a live RealMadrid C.F  match with our Facebook friends.

can’t make it to the beach in Florence on a Friday night after a hard day of
work, but we can achieve a very similar emotional effect of being there via
Oculus glasses while on our terrace with a glass of wine. VR will help us
disconnect from reality and by putting us in a new, fully immersive world, and
it will transform every industry—concerts, sporting events, education, tourism,
travel, business meetings, doctor appointments and more.


In effect, we
will have less time and attention for the people around us. Most of people will start living their life in virtual world
rather than real world.  



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