I, Tejaswini Kulkarni, after an
intense level of thinking, decided to pursue masters to enhance my skills in
the field of computers. This desire flowed down naturally from my rigorous
approach to attain in depth knowledge, ultimately following the path of contribution
to the prospering technological change in the world. To nurse my aspiration to
innovate in the field of research and development I am applying to the
University of Southern California.

When I look back on my childhood
days, I thank my mother who introduced me to the world of Mathematics. Her
notion of a considering a child with a high score in mathematics as intelligent
turned out to be a boon for me. Awards in various Science and Mathematics
examinations boosted my confidence to solve the complex problems quickly,
innovatively and not only restricting to academic courses. Topping the school
in the 10th grade carved my path towards top institutions for
further education.

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Deeply fascinated by the
programming classes which I underwent during my vacations and zest for
exploring new vistas of knowledge have inspired me to choose the field of
Computer Science for my undergrad education at B. V Bhoomaraddi college of
Engineering and Technology. Coding never made me feel exhausted. “For” loops
and “conditional statements” swirled around my eyes until a solution was found.
My interest in the programming courses not only fetched me awards at National
and International level competitions but also gave a room to expand my
knowledge in the areas of nonfunctional requirements like performance and
memory usage. I found true contentment for being asked for the notes by my
fellow mates who found my programs as the benchmarks. I loved my work, enjoyed
leading the projects, guiding and distributing the work among the team members
which ultimately led to erection of award winning projects. The subjects like
Operating system, Computer Organization and Architecture, Compilers educated me
the underlying the architecture that a computer is built upon and the way load
balancing and scheduling techniques are handled. My flair for these courses,
coupled with instructions from eminent professors and hard work helped me in
getting Outstanding (S) and Excellent (A) grades in most of the courses.

Being the first at computer engineering
department to get a job offer, gave me enough time to get involved in
extracurricular activities helping in the placement drive, involving myself in
the discussions with the entrepreneurs on the design of their new products and
about their corporate affairs. Picking up the opportunity to carry through
internship at Informatica, helped me learn Informatica Data integration tools
like Power center and B2B as well as build an application that fetched
unstructured data from various sources and provide a single structured report.

In this modern technological world
quality of data gains the top predominance. I consider myself fortunate to
contribute to this field. My work at Informatica facilitated me to learn the
importance of correctness and conformity of the data. I was fascinated by the
logic that uses match and merge of data from varied sources to create a golden
record. My involvement in the Product information management sphere availed me
to comprehend data management across various channels in the format that is
expected. My enthusiasm accompanied with proficiency in programming, database
and performance management learned during the undergraduate courses enabled me
to handle the projects at client locations in Hong Kong, Germany and various
cities in India. With a goal of customer success hitched with recommendation of
best practices and better solutions exalted me as a trusted advisor. The
appreciation from the clients for the quick resolution of issues bagged an
outstanding 5/5 ratings and awards from Informatica team ultimately cheering me
to work on much challenging projects. With my expertise on the tool
functionalities and capabilities of programming additional features, I was
confident to carry out the training program for the partners and the internal
team. My participation in the Informatica world-wide conference at Las Vegas in
2016 and 2017 benefited me to stay abreast of new technologies.

My 2.5yrs of work experience in
Informatica and the professionalism it has offered, bestowed me to gain
knowledge in data integration, data quality, database, web commerce, JAVA, REST
APIs and other booming technologies widely used. I now look forward to broaden
my skills in programming coupled with the knowledge of Data mining, Data
analytics and Big data. Having done my undergraduate studies at undoubtedly one
of the best undergraduate institutions in India, I would consider it my
privilege to be able to pursue my masters at USC and avail of the excellent
infrastructural facilities and opportunities it has to offer, as well as
contribute to the ongoing research activities. My interests specially match
with the courses and research works carried out by Prof. Anna Farzindar on
Natural language processing plus the data mining and Prof. Saty Raghavachary on
database and programming.

I am aware of the high expectations
and dedication from the students, by the University. Carrying the bucket full
of experience, I feel confident that I would be able to meet the requirements
to spearhead innovations with enthusiasm, hard work and time management. As the
graduate program in USC aligns with my career goals, I am very much excited to
be a part of this institute and enjoy my stay at California.

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