I needed the toilet. Excusing myself, I lolloped over to the
outside bathrooms and found an empty stall.

Locked? Check.

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Release at long last. Sitting on the toilet I began to wonder if
going to the bathroom would always be this awkward. It was dark in the stall so
my eyes began to close. Right! All done. Flushing the toilet with a loud whoosh
I turned around to unlock the stall door.


I twisted the lock. Nothing. Not even the tiniest smidge of a
budge. Twist and push was my next attempt. Also nothing. Next, I wet the lock. Nothing
either. In fact it just made the lock even more slippery. By the time I was
done, my fingers were raw and bloody. When in looked at the lock again I
noticed there was blood on the lock too.


I began to panic. Tears of terror and desperation started to
stream down my face. A scream bubbled up my throat and was unleashed without a
second thought. My mouth dried up. In trepidation I wailed my mother’s name. The
only reply was the chirp of the surrounding crickets. With a bloodcurdling
shriek my father’s name came up next. Silence…


Shivers crept down my spine. I crawled back onto the toilet seat
and began to whimper. In my feverish five year old imagination the floor turned
to snakes and spiders and they began to slither towards me. The whimpers turn
to wails and then to howls.  As I gazed
up at the roof it dawned on me that I could be stuck here until nightfall.


The calls of a woodland kingfisher eventually penetrated my sobs.
Calming down, I began to listen to the sounds of the bushveld. The cicada bugs
with their high pitched squeal. The shuffle of a mongoose ad the chirp of a
meerkat. Suddenly, the roof began to rumble and a troop of monkeys romped all
over the thatch. The helmeted guinea fowls let out their cackling call.


My mouth filled with a metallic tang and I realised I had bitten
my lip to stop myself from crying out from the pain in my hands. It was
excruciating. All of a sudden my ears pricked up at the slightest of thuds…
Footsteps. And they were coming closer too! At long last I heard the voice of
an angel, in the form of my mother. I screamed for her…


She told me that help was coming soon. Before I realised what had
happened I was hauled over the stall wall and set free. I raced to my mother
and hugged her with all my might. Her strong smell of magnolia filled my nose.
At last I was safe.

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