i never thought that I would become a call girl but I need the money for all these student loans. My friend was always coming to school with all kinds of money and gifts. When I told her that I was having some problems she said about what she does and that I should try it. I said no way at first I was scared but she said it really isn’t as hard as you think it is. It is not like you have to enjoy all of it you just have to look at it like its paying the bills. She said that it is not all just about sex some of the guys just want someone to spend time with because they don’t get the time they need at home. She asked me to just try it one time with this guy named Chris. I said okay she told me he is not all into sex he likes to take care of the lady he is with.That night I got all dressed up in the sexy dress that I got a few weeks ago. We met at a local restaurant where he made a reservation. When I walked in I was so nervous I had never been to a place like this before. It looked like all the people in their were millionaires or something. i asked for table ten, the hostesses started to walk me over there. He turned around and I was in shock this man was fucking hot. Why would he need time to someone like me when he could have anyone and do anything he wanted. He smiled and winked at me and told me to come have a seat he even pulled the chair out for me. I sat down and we talked well into the night about everything from his wife, to my school loans. He told me that he can not leave his wife right now because of her being sick and just needed someone he could spoil and at the same time get to have fun with not just sex.I told him that I would love to spend time with him even if it was not for the money. He actually was a nice guy, we met a few more times and he started to make the payments on my loans and even gave me spending money. We did end up having sex a few weeks later but it was slow like making love and I loved every moment of it. I love being able to take care of a man the way he needs to be but at the same time respecting his privacy. Now who can complain when they are a call girl but at the same time a sugar baby!

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