I will give you small introduction about what I going to do now? Our second assignment is an “Essay Writing”. They gave us four essay questions. Choose one of that essay question and we have to answer it. I choose the fourth one. It is Psychological. I hope to describe what is Psychological? Characteristics of Psychological, small description about factors of Psychological, how Psychological affect to communication in organization like this.First of all I hope to describe what is communication? Communication is, the process of sharing information between individual through common character system, marking, of behavior. In this communication wants to physical ability to speak, especially if it was cannot be processed, they cannot be fully communicated. Always we have to improve this skill. And also communication is very important for all organizations. Sometimes the method of communication must be taken into account personality traits, age and style. Communication in many forms. They are, verbal (sounds, language), non–verbal (body language, facial expression), aural (hearing and listening), written (emails, blogs), visual (signs, pictures) like this. An employer needs to good communication skills. That’s why communication is important for an organization. Communication helps managers manage their jobs and responsibilities. Organized work requires effective communication with others about their work. Similarly, managers should effectively communicate with their subordinates to achieve their group’s objectives. It cannot be controlled without written and verbal communication. For example, In an interview, an employer-friendly employer is an answer to the questions, he or she heard more than a word, exchange of information and communication, It may be indicative of the employers about how to deal with the candidate or interviewer at the interview. Supervisors, contemporaries and customers confront conflict. Verbal communication is also decisive in the interview. There are many importance have in communication. They are, communication helps in smooth working, to increase management side of organization and helps to develop a human personality etc. Next I will go to describe what is noise? Noise means, external and unwanted information that interrupts transmission with transmission signals. Transmission of noise can reduce energy and impair overall communication efficiency. In communication, the sound can be created by radio waves, lightning and bad connections. Communication noise is different than noise. Communication noise means, Communication is influenced by effective communication that can affect the interpretation of the conversation. Voice communication can have a powerful impact on interactions with others and analysis of our own communication skills. I include some characteristics of noise. They are sound pressure, frequency, duration, time of the day, location, intermittency etc. And also there are have four types of noise. They are physical noise, physiological noise, psychological noise, semantic noise. I hope to describe psychological noise. Psychological noise is very interest for all organizations. I will describe what is a psychological, characteristic of psychological, how factors of psychological, interference communication in organizations like this.What is Psychological? Psychological means, human mind and behavior. It means human mind or psychological phenomena is considered as the subject of psychology. There are five major characteristics of psychology in communication. They are emotional stability, Solid sense of personal ethics, Strong communication and interpersonal skills, Open-mindedness, Patience and steadfastness. The first one is emotional stability. Professional in the psychology industry can work with people. In here we have to learn about these things. They are resolving problems and face to challenges without emotionally. The second one is Solid sense of personal ethics. Confidentiality is an exception to handling critical information about the client or the client in dealing with the relevant terms. Clients will provide us with plenty of personal information. Furthermore, we can safeguard our customers from self-inflicted damage and ensure that we cannot harm others and it is our responsibility to ensure that information. This is requiring balance intelligence and a reliable sense of general intelligence. If we engage in psychological research, we need to make sure that our actions and results can influence our lives, that we are not free from loyalties and wrong things. The next one is Strong communication and intrapersonal skills. Many people works with different groups in different background. When they try to get a customer’s trust it is very important for empathy. On this occasion it is very important for trust in the customer’s trust, positive and professional relationship. If they intend to fulfill the roles of the psychology field, they have excellent communications capabilities in a researcher, policy analyst. They must always believe that they are always trustworthy and reliable. The fourth is Open-mindedness. Here they will deal with new experiences and concepts that conflict with their own visions. They may have to deal with people who are opposed to them. It is important to learn and train with an open mind to find the best solutions to a certain condition. They will have to deal with ethics to find the best solutions from the customer’s point of view. They will have to face the open mind with an open mind to put the customer first. The next one is Patience and steadfastness. When dealing with challenges in behavior, we should not expect to find prompt solutions. One person varies with a unique environment. It may be take time to find practical solutions. However, there may be emotional barriers to emerge from the underlying problems. There should be a time to generate the correct data and analyze the information accurately. It is important to make sure that the customers who come under the extreme pressure of the psychology field are determined by the essential characteristics needed to provide special services. These things are major characteristics of psychology. Psychological is useful for improving our communication skills, building self- confidence, to developing relationships and enriching careers like wise.Next I would like to describe what is organization and how psychology affects to communication in organization. An organization is a deliberately organized person or group to achieve a common, common goal, or goals. Business organizations range from one person to tens of thousands. And also organizational behavior is, to study the impact of organizational behavior in organizations in individuals, groups and structures for the improvement of efficiency of an organization. Now let’s see how psychology affects to the communication in all organizations? “Psychological concepts” have been studied by other psychologists to illustrate how communication can change attitudes not only of changing attitudes but also of how to change the cause for change. Among their needs are the rumors of communication detect, the impact of “dangerous messages,” the source of eminent sources, and the pressure of collective agreement on personal opinions. The psychology is focus on human behavior in employment setting. For example, it involves communication, human behavioral change, motivation, and leadership research like wise. And also these are the psychological barriers of communication in organizations. The psychological barrier is to develop one’s own abilities without interrupting a person. This means that a person can do something. But they are uncomfortable, because they are not mentally conscious. They are self-image, group identification, selective perception, closed mind, state of health, poor communication skills like this. We have to solving all kind of psychological barriers. Next I hope talk about factors of psychological in organizations. There are different types of factors having in psychology but I will talk about only few major factors. They are learning, motivation, personality, emotions, perception, training, leadership effectiveness, job satisfaction, individual design making, work stress, work design, employee selection, performance appraisal and attitude measurement like wise. Let’s see these factors how affect to the organizations? The first one is learning. Learning means “changing a human behavior through training or experience”. When learning a teacher and students, psychological components of the teaching process are prepared, encouraged, and facilitated in a variety of ways by the learning process. For an example, the child learns to deal with others by observing it. Parents do not directly teach this behavior. But the child emulates others by following different ways. Observing in this psychology is a matter of fact. The second one is motivation. It is a process of animating people to act towards achieving goals. Psychological factors may be money, success, recognition, job satisfaction, working for such groups to animate public behavior in the smile target. Motivation we can describe in three stages. They are need feeling, an encouragement in which needs have to be awake, if satisfied with needs, we can satisfy purpose. Therefore, we are motivated by a psychological miracle; it means, these individuals want a plan of motivation to build needs. The next one is personality. It means personal differences in the patterns of thoughts, emotions and human behavioral thinking. Personality we can divide into two subjects. We can understand differences of personality characteristics, such as nervousness of society. Second one is how understanding    different parts of   person in psychology combine together as a whole. Personality can be influenced by the type of personality type of communication, leadership, and those who work within the organization. The fourth one is emotion. Emotion refers to state of thoughts, physics, and feelings of external expression or behavior. How emotion affect to the communication organization? For example, some employee cannot do their works because he couldn’t understand how to do this works? So in that time we can get emotional and help him to do their works. If he did bad thing we should not help him because it’s wrong. We have to understand in what time we can get emotional in our workplace. The next one is leadership effectiveness. It means Leaders are productive when their followers achieve their goals well, and when adapting to changing demands of external forces, leaders are effective. Leaders design, preserve resources, allocate resources, and correct the mistakes. Create designs that can be tailored to the good leaders, distribute the resources in the proper way, distribute them effectively  for the right tasks, and check organizational defects to correct them before problems turn out. . For an organization that is needed efficient and productive, at all levels there must be a good. Next one is perception. It means recognition and interpretation of perception can be identified. It also includes how to respond to information. We are able to understand sensitive information in our surroundings. It can be used to interact with our environment. Understanding allows us to get sensitive information and make it meaningful. Employees can already set an opinion because of the bitter experiences they had in the past, and they might have a different opinion about their dictator lock. For example, an employee or team of people is most sensitive to their approach, is at least sensitive to their problems, and their bosses must tolerate a problem and constantly pay attention. And also the other one is an employee selection. It means pressure from clashing demands in one job. The overweening work of the controlling employees will affect how much tension is working. While every work has a basic tension, real work is harmful and an emotional reaction to the worker’s demands for employers.In the above I describe lot of things in psychological. Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior in the workplace. The company assesses a unique team and organizational dynamics to identify solutions for the well-being and performance of its employees. I think psychological is very important thing for communication in organization because it helps for developing a human behavior, to find out the problems in their workplace and give to a solutions of those problems and to improving the performance of the organizations. Organizational psychologists speak of productivity issues. For example, job seekers can get diversified job opportunities, increase productivity and demonstrate institutional psychology. It can be directed to a different process of product manufacturing processes. In addition, I think employees can improve productivity with the opportunity of social interaction with other employees and management. I can say that an organization can be human to identify psychological problems of employees. So what I’m thinking psychological side very important for communication from an organization and to maintain the organizations very clearly.

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