I am very pleased to have this opportunity to warmly recommend Mr. Bauyrzhan Aigarinov for admission to your university. He is an outstanding person of exceptional promise who can contribute substantially to your program.I had known him since he was employed as a specialist at the Tax department of State revenue committee of the Ministry of finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2014. At that time, I worked there as a Senior Specialist and Bauyrzhan was introduced to my sector. Our chief directed me to briefly elaborate about our department’s aims, its main operations, and his personal responsibilities. While I was doing so, his intellectual and analytical skills not only impressed me, but our chief as well. More importantly, since our team needed assistance due to a number of projects and letters which we received from the local community, Bauyrzhan managed to work effectively with a lot of paperwork despite his short amount of experience in working within an office setting. Moreover, Bauyrzhan was always admired by our department’s authorities because he was capable of easily solving any task which our sector was confounded by. What I can also vouch about him is that he is a very serious and industrious person; it is safe to say that he has never procrastinated on any of his tasks. Even though there were times he had to work overtime, he always finished any job in a precise manner. As a result, Bauyrzhan was promoted to the position of Senior Specialist in 2015, and became one of the most reliable workers in our department.In addition to his discipline in the office and his strong work ethic, Bauyrzhan treats everyone with great respect. He is a strong advocate for his work environment and for his career. His approaches his work as efficiently and carefully as possible. As a result of his ability to complete tasks with unerring accuracy, his coworkers view him in a positive light. Furthermore, Bauyrzhan once organized a conference for our department on the theme of “corruption and human rights”. His conference touched the staff of our department and he was later rewarded by the chief. His small conference was akin to a TED Talk and I consider it as one of my most memorable memories of him. As his colleague I would say that he is able to prove himself to be a person of character. In my experience, gifted, young people like Bauyrzhan are few and far between. I would highly recommend Bauyrzhan as a future student of your university, and I am certain that he will make great contributions to the program.

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