I am assured by a very reliable source that “alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for 29% of the total vehicle traffic fatalities in 2015″(Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility).  This means to say that 71% of all vehicle traffic fatalities are sober-related. It is the sober person, the one without alcohol flowing through his veins, who is the bad driver. It is these sober drivers that are causing the majority of senseless deaths in America.Yet, there is no public awareness campaigns raised about the dangers of sober driving. There are no organizations created to end sober driving, support those affected by sober driving, and encourage underage drinking. There exists no Mothers against Sober Drivers, no Students against Sober Drivers, no Sober Drivers Anonymous. There are no announcements on tv urging people not to drive sober, no campaign slogans such as Friends Do Not Let Friends Drive Sober. Sober drivers who can think clearly and make logical decisions are the leading cause of death for America’s drunk drivers.I will now propose my own thoughts, which I hope will not be subject to any disagreements.I therefore humbly offer for the American public’s consideration that the two hundred four million Americans who have yet to drive while under the influence, be legally required to. Any person, be it a man or woman, young or old, must be legally drunk in order to be allowed on the roadways of the United States. Drunk driving shall be made mandatory, and sober driving hence illegal. It is my belief that this proposal will greatly improve the safety of roadways with its many added benefits. Firstly, as I have previously observed, drunk drivers create a safer road environment. Most people drive better drunk than sober; they drive more safely, more slowly, after a few drinks, correcting for the impairment.Secondly, drunk driving creates a better driving experience. Life on the road has never been more of an adventure. The driving life has always been confined and mundane. There are lanes that cannot be crossed, speeds that cannot be ignored, properties that cannot be damaged, U -turns that cannot always be made. But the blurry vision, coupled with a loss of inhibition under the influence, serves to make the driving experience much more thrilling. Now, one can easily swerve from lane to lane, show a blatant but acceptable disregard for speed signs and stop signs (even knocking down a few), and make U-turns on the highways. For an added challenge, the lack of coordination livens up the act of fitting the key into the ignition and even strolling to the car. Alcohol impairs coordination, vision, judgement, as well as causes blackouts, no doubt the best state of mind to drive in.Thirdly, drunk drivers are more likely to survive in the event of a car crash. One of the most common phrases uttered after a car crash is, “and of course the drunk driver survives.”  I have been assured by a very knowing source that drunk patients has a 73 percent greater chance of survival than sober patients (Buzzfeed). The medical research even shows that the drunker the victim is, the higher his or her chances of survival. One reason for this phenomenon is drunken injuries, especially those incurred during car crashes, are likely to be less severe, due perhaps to increased relaxation or limpness at the time of an accident. I can think of no valid objection that may be introduced to antagonize this proposal other than that the health of the American public would plummet from the necessary alcohol in the body. But that in itself is negligible compared to the myriad benefits. There is no better solution to making the roadways safer, therefore let no one utter a word about other such measures, such as educating children about the dangers of drinking and driving, enforcing harsher penalties on those individuals

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