“I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated.

But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality.” To this day we still hear that women are less than men. Due to the efforts of Alice Paul, women are now able to vote. She was born and raised in New Jersey to a Quaker family. She decided to go to a training school in England where she then became involved in the country’s radical suffrage movement. During this time, Alice Paul served as a leader for women’s rights. She is the most important woman who left a legacy on women in our country to this day.

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She was an american women’s suffrage, activist, and she fought for the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.            Alice Paul is one of the best known women’s suffragists in the world. She wanted each and every women to have equal rights. She didn’t like the idea that your rights were based on your gender, race, or ethnicity. Paul was so determined to change laws for woman, so she went back to college at the University of Pennsylvania. Alice Paul worked with many different movements for suffrage. The first movement she was active in was the National American Woman Suffrage Movement (NAWSA). This organization was created by merging together two major rival organizations for women’s rights.

In 1916, Paul decided to create a new suffrage campaign called the National Woman’s Party. This organization was formed by two suffragists, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns. This group also fought for women’s suffrage. Throughout Paul’s tactics to gain suffrage for women, she was also an activist.         Alice Paul fought for the equal rights of woman from day to night. Alice Paul is known as an activist for women’s rights.

The day before the inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson, Paul organized huge suffrage parade that included more than five hundred woman suffragists. During her first campaign with the National Woman’s Party, she was arrested and put into prison. During her seven month imprisonment, Paul was active in hunger strikes. The doctors threatened to send her into an insane asylum to be force-fed due to her hunger strikes. This led to President Wilson getting offended. Finally in 1917, he announced his support for women’s suffrage.

Many women still march in parades today for equal rights. For example, women are marching in L.A. to gain equal rights. Although Alice Paul did her best to gain equal rights, unequal rights still continue in the world today.         Throughout Alice Paul’s tactics to gain suffrage, she was a key figure in the approval of the 19th amendment. When Alice Paul was arrested, many people didn’t realize what was actually happening to her in prison.

After a while people finally started figuring out what was happening, and took support in the woman suffrage movement. In 1918, President Wilson announced his support for the suffrage of women. In 1920, Congress finally passed the 19th amendment allowing women the right to vote. Paul felt a sense of relief, because women could now vote just like men. She still felt like there was more that she could do to give them an equal rights today, woman still don’t have all the rights that men do such as equal pay on average women earn 83% of what men earn. 

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