I learntthat Students in Dyson believe that whatever they do is worth doing to its veryhigh standards.

The students use their academic accomplishments to succeed in theschools small and accepting community. Having this positive mindset would havea transformational impact on me and the communities as well. The onething that caught my attention was that every fall, when the market goes aroundlooking for new full-time interns, the world’s top employers go to thegraduates of Cornell’s Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics andManagement as well.

In theDyson school for Undergraduates, I would take advantage of its flexible degreerequirements which would give me ample opportunities to develop my education. As theDyson school have one of the smallest 4-year undergraduate business program inthe United States, I would be able to easily get to interact with otherstudents from all around the globe and get to know each other. I would alsodevelop a lasting mutual respect for each of their talents and views. DysonSchool gives me this opportunity to work together with the students, teachers,the alumni staff and various employers to achieve outstanding results. Personalachievement and worldwide connections have a sense of belonging to something ofgreat meaning in Dyson, as this is a highly ranked undergraduate businessprogram which would opens doors for a lifetime of success and accomplishments. I havebeen involved in various business work experiences – Destiny International LLC, Dubai, UAE (E-Commerce Company): 2016Worked with the e-commerce division of the company for 20 days Internship;learnt about the overall ecommerce work flow process from sourcing to shipping.

Worked in Procurement, marketing and advertising, customer care and logisticdepartment to understand each of the department’s process and procedures.  Trianz Holding Private Limited, Dubai, UAE (www.Trianz.

com – IT ServicesCompany): 2017Worked with the IT Consulting & Services company as internship; As part ofthe internship worked with the IT services team to understand the completeSoftware development life. Worked with the software engineering team tounderstand the process of how a customer requirement is captured and translatedto software design and development.     I would like to pursue Businessprogram at the Cornell SCJohnson College of Business as it is a  well known institute for Business management.

Since I would like to continue my MBA post the under graduate program I chose Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. This course of study would help me develop a strategic mindset, as mostof the business have competition. It would allow me to be proactive in mystrategic response as well. A strategic mindset would allow me to lead themarket with various developing products. Developing, launching and witnessingconsumers buying a product is the goal that I would want to achieve and mycourse at the CornellSC Johnson College of Business will help me in this.


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