IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service IaaS givesus the computing facilities, virtual or physical machines. By paying therequired amount, third parties allow users to install their virtual server ontheir systems. However, IaaS users need to manage their data, OS, applicationsetc.

Examples are Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Windows Azureetc. PaaS: Platform as a Service PaaS gives us operating system,programming, database, web server etc. it is just a layer on top of the IaaS.

In this all networks can be monitored by third party however developers onlytake care of applications.Examples Googleapp, Apache Stratos sec. SaaS: Software as a Service  SaaS uses theinternet to deliver applications to its users. We don’t need to buy or downloadapps to use it for examples Gmail, on PCs majority of the users use webbrowsers to access it.

Examples Gmail,Facebook etc.·        Compute Cloud Services: – Cloud Services help users toinstall and manage Virtual Machines and Applications without the need ofphysical machines. It means we will focus more on apps not on hardware, willsave money and meet our demands.

It comes with health monitoring and loadbalancing. without compromising anything. Moreover, we can test ourApplications before bringing it into action. Virtual machine: Most important feature is that wecan create windows virtual machine in seconds. We can also encrypt our data,can easily protect our data and machines from hackers or from viruses.

It also supportsLinux, Windows SQL Server, Oracle, IBM and SAP.  ·        Networking VirtualNetwork: -In Azure we have our own Private network. We can set our own IP addresses andDNS Servers and Connection is secured with IPsec VPN or with ExpressRoute. Trafficin one or more regions of Azure always stays in Azure network it is not onInternet.

So, as we are using our own private ip addresses and subnets it is sameas we own a datacenter.

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